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gasoline octane
    The state of art and existing problems of fuel qualities including gasoline octane number were discussed.
    It has also been found that slurry oil withdrawal and separated injection of fresh feed and recycle oil contribute to both gasoline octane number and total yields of desired liquid products.
    USY catalysts and various promoters are recommended to enhance bottoms cracking and boost gasoline octane, etc.
    Increases in throughput, resid blending ratio and gasoline octane as well as drop in coke yield can be obtained after the catalyst mixing.
    ZSM-5 series medium-pore shape selective zeolite catalysts are increasingly used incatalytic cracking processes due to domestic demands for gasoline octane number and gaseous olefins.
    On the base of a scientific and comprehensive analysis to the shortcoming of SYP2102 gasoline octane value testing instrument. A great improvement is made on it to meet to the octane value measurement in highland area perfectly.
    According to the technical renovation in our works,this article reports that by adoption of RAG series catalyst of ARGG technology and proper change in main operation parameter,the product distribution improves,the LPG recovery efficiency achieves 30% and gasoline octane number attains 91.5(RON).
    采用RAG催化剂。 改善了产品分布,产品液化石油气的收率30%,汽油辛烷值达91.5(RON)。
    In this paper, a static Double Parallel Feed Forward Network combined with a linear dynamic model isproposed to model the gasoline pipe blending system of a refinery And the optimal controller based on the neuro-intemal modelis designed to optimize and control the gasoline octane number on real time. Simulation control results on gasoline-blending process prove the effectiveness of this novel controller.
    It was pointed out that the catalyst with low hydrogen transfer activity,which is generally used in residue cracking,needs high catalyst/oil ratio,and residue cracking and enhancement of gasoline octane number also need the same.
    指出渣油裂化一般采用氢转移活性低的催化剂 ,这种催化剂需要在高剂油比下操作 ; 对渣油的裂化和提高汽油辛烷值也需要高的剂油比。
    A novel calibration algorithm, PCRRANN (principal component regression residual artificial neural network) method, was proposed based on the intrinsic non linearity of the prediction of gasoline octane number, and then applied to the calibration of the prediction model of the near infra red measurement of gasoline octane number.
    根据汽油辛烷值预测体系本身的非线性特点 ,提出主成分回归残差神经网络校正算法(principalcomponentregressionresidualartificialneuralnetwork ,PCRRANN)用于近红外测定汽油辛烷值的预测模型校正。
    Methyl tertiary butyl ether(MTBE) is a new gasoline additive used to increase gasoline octane value and decrease the exhaust of some harmful pollutants,but there is still debate on its toxicology.
    [目的 ]甲基叔丁基醚 (MTBE)是一种新型的汽油添加剂 ,常用来提高汽油辛烷值和减少汽车尾气中有害物质的排放。
    The paper introduces the resistant vanadium cracking catalyst (CHV 1),the series of heavy oil catalytic cracking catalysts (CC 20D) for producing more diesel oil,and an enhancing FCC gasoline octane catalytic cracking catalyst for Daqing feed(DOCP) which were developed successfully by SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Processing,as well as their effect for commercial application.
    介绍了石油化工科学研究院近年先后成功开发的抗钒重油催化裂化催化剂 (CHV- 1)、多产柴油的重油催化裂化催化剂 (CC- 2 0 D系列 )、提高大庆类原油 FCC汽油辛烷值的重油催化裂化催化剂(DOCP)以及它们在工业上应用的效果。
    After isomerization, gasoline octane number (RON) has increased 27.5 units, and antiknock index has increased 24.9 units. This shows that isomerization is an effective process to increase gasoline octane number.
    直馏汽油经过异构化反应后 ,辛烷值RON提高了 2 7.5个单位 ,抗爆指数提高了 2 4.9个单位 ,说明异构化工艺是提高汽油辛烷值的一种有效的工艺。
    After the first two measures have been adopted, light oil yield has increased by 1.29 percent point with the same gasoline octane value.
    采取前两项措施后 ,在汽油辛烷值基本不变的情况下 ,轻质油收率提高了 1.2 9个百分点
    The paper introduces advances of high quality clean gasoline production technologies in recent years including gasoline sulfur reduction,gasoline olefin reduction and gasoline octane number enhancement.
    Computer software for process simulation can be used to predict C 6 to C 9 aromatic yield distribution and hydrocarbon composition of reformatted gasoline under varied operating conditions, and to calculate the product gasoline octane and temperature profiles in the reactors with the maximum deviations between calculated results and practical value less than 5 ℃ and 1.5 RON respectively.
    编制的计算机模拟计算软件能够预测计算装置生产工况 ,得到碳六至碳九的芳烃产率分布和产品烃组成 ,并预测重整汽油辛烷值和反应器温降 ,计算结果的偏差分别小于 5℃和 1.5RON
    In the paper gasoline octane number is determined by the near infrared spectroscopy method.
    采用近红外光谱法测定汽油辛烷值 ,方法简便、快捷 ,具有好的重现性。
    Evaluation was made when TOM OPAL 878 L made up 46% of the catalyst inventory in the system. The result shows that TOM OPAL 878 L has evident effect on reducing gasoline olefin. Volume percent of olefin has been reduced from 49.7% to 42% without gasoline octane number decreased and the product slate has been improved.
    该剂在占系统催化剂藏量 46%时进行的标定结果表明 :该剂具有比较明显的降汽油烯烃效果 ,汽油烯烃体积分数由 49.7%降到42 % ,下降了 7.7个百分点 ,汽油辛烷值没有降低 ;
    The (evaluation) of the pilot sample in the small fixed bed showed that the developed novel catalyst had nearly the same performance of reducing olefins with the contrast catalyst, the diesel oil yield increased 2.1%,light oil yield increased (0.69%) and total conversion decreased 1.72%, without any sacrifice in gasoline octane rating while exhibiting good reaction performance of low coke yield and high diesel oil yield.
    The experiments on the measurement of gasoline octane numbers by near-infrared spectroscopy, where the importance of each training sample was characterized by the geometrical distance from the test sample, show that the measurement accuracy is improved with the proposed weighted support vector machines.


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