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light colour
    Study on light colour assistant reagent of rubber
    Polymerization of A Poly(α-Pinene) Resin with Light Colour and High Softening Point
    Higher occupational physical activity and frequently eating vegetables of light colour might serve as independent protective factors of DM, with ORs 0.89 and 0.50 and PAR% of -19.20% and -269.5 % respectively.
    职业性体力活动强度高和多食浅色蔬菜可能是DM患病的独立保护因子 ,其OR值分别为 0 .89和 0 .50 ,PAR %分别为 - 19.2 0 %和 - 2 69.5%。
    Development of Light Colour Phenolic Paper Copper-Clad Laminate
    Through a large number of experimentel data the paper has prored that having been treated by means of light colour the solar radiation would be greatly reflected, subsequently the highest temperature on the outside surface would be 20~30℃ lower than that of black colour.
    With rich superfine turpentine from Pinus massoniana as raw material and methylbenzene as reaction solvent, terpene resins (Softening point>110) in light colour (Gardner's color< 6 ) can be obtained by cationic polymerization in the temperature range of o? 5- with anhydrous A1C13 as catalyst and suitable amount of auxo-catalyst, after the procedures of hydrolysis, filterization, washing and distillation, etc.
    以马尾松优级松节油为原料,无水A1C1_3。 作主催化剂,另加适量共催化剂,甲苯为溶剂,在温度0~-15℃范围内进行阳离子催化聚合,再经水解、过滤、水洗、蒸馏等工序,可得软化点110℃以上浅色(加特纳色级≤6)萜烯树脂。
    A study was made on compounding and processing technology for manufacturing. the moulded PVC/NBR/BR roll with light colour. The influence of the blending ratio ofPVC/NBR/BR, and the compounding ingredients, such as stabilizers , fillers and curativeswas discussed on the performance of the rubber/plastics roll.
    itanium white mutual-complementing material belongs to substitute of brightening series ant used as reinforcing agent for light colour products.
    This article describes different variate tests of using decrement RX-90 resin andgual guantity RX-80 resin to substitute coumarone resin in making black rolledsoles, light colour moulded soles and white colour welts, The proper substitution ratiowas determined by the tests. Trial production proved to have good results, not only reaizing economical benefit, but also relaxing the tensity of demand of coumarone resinon the market.
    The light colour NBR compound is prepared by using NBR--26 made by lanhou chemistry lndustry company,selected CV-25 blended with anti-statie agent SN and precipitated silica with surface treatment by shenyany chemistry Factory. The Properties of vulcanizate as followings:V.R<1×108Ω·cm,Akron abrasion 0.02cm3/1.61km,Hardness(Shore A) 82,tensile Strength 20MPa,elongation at break 300%.
    Structures of oil and gas passages are mainly closed extensional structures which appear to be light colour zones with low water content in remote sensing images;
    The formulation and process of novel light colour hardner for polyurethane were introduced.
    This paper introduces a new technics of producing light colour phenolic paper copper-clad laminate and summarizes the main effects on the laminates colour.
    本文介绍了一种生产浅色覆铜箔酚醛纸层压板的工艺 ,总结了影响层压板颜色的因素。
    For creating the plenty space and bigger space, this article discussed how to opening the interior space and putting all kinds of transparent or light colour material in small space.
    A method for preparing phenolic emulsions with a light colour (phenolic resin emulsion technology) representing a practical solution to the dark colour problem of penolic resins is described.
    Cd occurs mostly in dark colour sphalerite,Ge and Ga in light colour one,the content of Se does not change in different colour sphalerite.
    Cd在深色闪锌矿中而G e和G a在浅色闪锌矿中相对富集,Se在不同颜色闪锌矿中含量几乎不变。
    Testing results show that the colour fastness,especially to wet rubbing,is lower in comparison with light colour fabrics.


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