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a liquid
    Characteristics of a liquid metal ion source
    用Monte Carlo法模拟计算液态金属离子源的发射特性
    Liquid Composite Molding ( LCM ) is a close operation whereby a dry preform is placed between matched moulds and impregnated with a liquid resin.
    复合材料液体模塑成型技术(Liquid Composite Molding,简称LCM)是指用液态树脂直接浸润模腔中的纤维预成型体进行成型的一类工艺。
    Using a liquid or gel electrolyte as a hole transfer medium, the DSSCs with 4.31 % or 2.75 % global photon-to-electron conversion efficiency was obtained, respectively.
    In the present experiment, the skin and striated muscle in 23 rabbits were frozen for 3 minutes with a liquid nitrogen cryosurgical probe (- 190℃) of 6 mm in diameter.
    Based on design principles for intermediate heat exchangers of the sodium cooled fast breeder reactor and design requirements of a liquid metal sodium boiling test, a high temperature liquid metal sodium-sodium heat exchanger has been designed on the optimization design principles in association with the comprehensive consideration of heat transfer capability, thermal expansion stress.
    The calculation formula of ln r i 0 for a solute element i in a liquid alloy was derived by use of free volume theory and Miedema formation enthalpy model.
    On a liquid medium containing mollase and urea, when stationary cultivation was performed, there were prodced 20 mg-90 mg β-carotene/L medium.
    在含糖蜜和尿素的液态培养中进行静态发酵时 ,每升发酵液中生成 2 0mg~ 90mgβ -胡萝卜素。
    Methods With or without the block of integrin GPⅡb/Ⅲa monoantibody 10E5 and/or integrin α υβ 3 monoantibody 609, the uptake rate of tritium labeled 2 deoxyglucose(2 DG) by platelets activated by thrombin was counted in a liquid scintillation counter. The relationship between the energy metabolism of platelets and platelet integrin was investigated by the course of glucose uptake of individual vivo platelets.
    方法 :用液态闪烁计数方法检测在血小板膜糖蛋白Ⅱb/Ⅲa单抗 10E5及血小板整合素αυβ3 单抗 6 0 9干预与否情况下凝血酶激活后血小板摄取氚标 2 脱氧葡萄糖 ([3 H]2 DG)率。
    A simulation study has been performed for the evolutions of microstructures in a liquid metal Ni sys-tem during solidification process under different cooling rates by means of molecular dynamics method and EAM model potential.
    A liquid biomass suitable to anoxic tank was put into use.
    Pulsating spray drying technique makes use of the unstable hot gas stream generated by a pulse combustor to atomi/e and dry a liquid material.
    The Aqua Clean(ACF32) is a liquid microorganism product produced in Ecological laboratory INC in the USA. The Aqua Clean (ACF32) which contains 32 species bacteria was designed to treat organic pollution waste water from industry, agriculture and living. It has good result on reducing bad smell from water and decreasing COD BOD_5 oil and fat concentration in waste water.
    The magnetic susceptibility variation in a liquid or solid sample can be measured by this device, with the help of an inferred thermometer, we can measure transitions within the sample at different temperatures.
    Based on the fact that during coagulation and fibrinolysis plasma changes from a liquid state to a gel and again from gel to a liquid state with a marked alteration in optical density, a method designated as 'Fibrino-lysodynamicogram' has been developed with which the whole process of coagulation and fibrinolysis can be recorded automatically as a continuous curve by a spectrophotometer.
    The most interesting prediction is that the footballene may be in a liquid state under atmospheric pressure and below 500℃.
    Studies on isotope of stable elements show that the ore hydrothermal from deep crust or upper mantle is rich in volatile component and polymetallic ore-forming elements, especially gold element. The hoe-brine eroded, leached and dissolved femic and ultramafic rocks, and obtained a large amounts of metallic ore-forming elements, then a liquid source bed formed in the depths under impermeable layers.
    This deposit was formed by repeated melting and dissociating of ore magma with composite emplacement which came from sub-alkalic tholeiite of upper mantle undergoing stratiform differentiation in a liquid state in the middle magma house and intruding into the active zone.
    A liquid metal experimental loop for magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) pressure drop andcompatibility studies has been built up in China recently.


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