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a liquid
    In this paper, a liquid paraffin as oil-phase is introduced into the system which is called twoliquid phase fermentation system. The yield of penicillin is enhanced by 0. 2 to 0.5 times at two percent oil fraction. The theoretical explantion for this fact is given based upon the experimental data measure for volumtric oxygen transfer coefficients (K_La) and on physical and chemical properties of both oil and aqueous phases.
    A liquid paraffin as oil phase was added to penicillin fermentation process to increase medium oxygen transfer.
    Under the function of ultrasonic infiltration, a liquid metal can permeate into a particulate perform or can be mixed with the particulates homogeneously.
    A liquid organic borate crosslinker, SD2 2, is developed for various plant gum fracturing fluids (FLs). The synthesis and physical characteristics of SD2 2 are described briefly. Six plant gum/SD2 2 FLs are formulated from HPMoyu, HPTQ, HPLJ and HPG and the changes with time in apparent viscosities of these gelled FLs at 80℃ are investigated.
    Through a discussion on 9Ni steel welding of a liquid ethylene storage tank of 10000 m3 in Yang Zhi Petro-chemical Works (See 《petroleum Engineering Construction》 Serial No. 131),welding rod and welding process of 9Ni steel spherical storage tank,this article puts forward some existing and easy-neglected problems and soluton. Futhermore it presents proposal on selection of welding material and its application.
    Assume that the sea bottom is a liquid layer over a porous elastic solid halfspace, using the concept of wave impedance, the phenomenological formula of the reflection coefficient at the liquid layer surface is derived.
    A liquid penetration method for Nb/20Cu composite fabrication is presented. The microstructure and the properties of the Nb/20Cu composite are also investigated in detail. The results show that the electrical and thermal conductivities, oxidizationresistance and mechanic properties of Nb/20Cu are better than those of pure Nb made by powder metallurgy.
    The preforms adapted were carbon felt disks (160 mm od×80 mm id×10 mm thick of each),which have been densified in a liquid carbon source. The liquid precursor used in the present work was composed of CYH and KEE. The disks were heated by radiation which could create an inside out thermal gradient and immersed in liquid precursor in a water cooled chamber.
    预制体为环形炭毡制件(160 m m ×80 m m ×10 m m ),以液态低分子有机物( C Y H 和 K E E)作炭源前躯体,将预制体浸泡在液体炭源前驱体中,利用辐射加热,在预制体范围内造成由内而外的温度梯度。
    The measurement of the running result indicates that its efficiency achieves 90 to 93 percent when using in a liquid state pulverized coal fired boiler and 92 to 95 percent when using in a solid state pulverized coal fired boliler.
    运行测试表明 :用于液态排渣煤粉锅炉 ,其除尘效率达到 90 %~ 93% ; 用于固态排渣煤粉锅炉 ,其除尘效率达到 93%~ 95%。
    C/C composites with density as high as 1.74 g/cm 3 were obtained within 3 hours by the new process. Carbon felt disk preforms have been densified in a liquid carbon source. The liquid precursors studied in the present work include CYH and KEE.
    利用该技术 ,采用碳毡作预制体 ,以两种液态低分子有机物作碳源前驱体 ,沉积时间在 3h内 ,沉积温度在 90 0℃~ 110 0℃范围内可获得密度达 1.74g/cm3的C/C材料。
    A liquid amine ashless antioxidant HAO without phosphorus and zinc was prepared by alkylation of diphenylamine and 12 carbon iso olefin mixture, which can be applied at high temperature.
    以二苯胺和含C12 的混合异构烯烃为原料 ,通过烷基化工艺 ,研制出了适于高温条件下应用的不含磷、锌元素的液态胺型无灰抗氧剂双十二烷基二苯胺 (HAO)。
    Finally, it uses this method to realize a liquid metal molecules movement real-time simulation system.
    Cell surface antigens were analysed by flow cytometry. Hematopoietic cells expanded with hematopoietic growth factors(HGFs) in a liquid culture system and the number of CD34 + cell, CFU-GM and CFU-GEMM were determined.
    将MNC加入含多种造血生长因子的培养基进行液态扩增并检测其CD34+细胞绝对数、粒 巨噬集落 (CFU GM )和多向祖细胞集落 (CFU GEMM )形成能力。
    It shows that the oil collecting film is a multilayer film when a kind of N,N dialkylacylamide is solely used to form a film to compress oil slicks on water surface, and is a transforming film or a liquid condensed film when it is blended into a solution with suitable solvents.
    表明当N,N-二烷基酰胺类物质单独成膜时获得的集油膜为多层膜 ,而当选用合适的溶剂与其配制成溶液以后 ,所成的集油膜则为转变膜或液态凝聚膜。
    A Ag/Al2O3 adsorbent for removal of arsenic from pyrolysis gas and a liquid hydrocarbon stream was prepared by impregnation.
    Compared with the concentration series of seawater, the brine contains extraordinarily high amount of potassium ions, i.e., 25.96 g/L, which exceeds the amount in the seawater at the stage of potassium sedimentation, as well as the quality for comprehensive or singular utilization. Therefore,it is a liquid potassium resource of rarity both domestically and abroad.
    卤水与海水蒸发系列相比,K+含量异常高,达25 96g L,超过海水钾盐沉积阶段,也超过综合利用和单独开采品位,为国内外罕见的液态钾矿资源。
    Moreover, the following sequences for the amount of the maceral-generated liquid products: exinite(1)>exinite (2)>vitrinite. There was a liquid hydrocarbon peak for vitrinite and exinite respectively, with saturated hydrocarbon predominance.
    A simulation study on the formation c haracteristics of cluster structur es during rapid cooling process in a liquid metal system consisting o f 100000Al atoms has been performed b y molecular dynamics method. A cluster-type index method(CTIM)has been used to describe the structu ral configurations of various clusters.
    In this article, a low viscosity epoxy resin curing system under low-moderate temperature is acquired by adopting a liquid aromatic amine made by ourselves. The DSC analysis is used to study the curing reaction kinetics of this resin system.
    采用自制改性液态芳香胺制得一种低粘度次中温固化环氧树脂体系 ,通过不同升温速率下的固化过程DSC扫描 ,研究了该体系的固化反应动力学 ,并据其优化了体系的固化制度。
    A liquid urethane prepolymer encapped with vinyl ether groups(PUE),was synthesized and characterized.
    合成了一种液态聚氨酯乙烯基醚预聚物 (PUE)并对其进行了表征 .


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