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    D.B.,A Dead Brother——Analysis on the Deep Text in The Catcher in the Rye
    Russian Images of China:Deep Structure and Phase Metonymy
    The Study on the Deep Narrative Structure of the Decameron
    The writer believes that the deep motivation from Woolf’s modern experimental fictions resides in the revelation of the inner truth as a human being and the probe into the meaning of life, which endows her fictions with a peculiar“inter-interpretable”relationship between the construction of her narrative art and her humanistic concepts.
    Decoding the deep imnlication of The Grape of Wrath
    The conflict beween social consciousness and personal feelingsOn the deep contradiction delineated in Emma
    The Deconstruction of the Deep Structure of Opera Form-On a Tendency Shown in Modern and Postmodern Opera
    On the Deep Meaning of Akutagawa Ryunosuke's Nose
    The Plot’s Deep Level Metaphor of Tempest
    On Rachel Carson’s Deep Ecological Consciousness in Silent Spring
    Rediscovering Thoreau's Deep Ecosophical Consciousness in Walden
    As for Faulkner's particular mechanism when he wove his novels, we should owe it to the author's autonomous complex, his natural endowment, his family'sinfluence upon him and his deep unconsciousness as an individual.
    This dissertation transcends the general discussion of "humanism" in the past,goes into the deep structure of the Western literature,sketches the basic frame of the mother motif of "man",thus deepens the understanding of the connotation of human nature in the Western literature.
    Thoreau抯 ideas also influenced directly or indirectly Muir, Leopold and Deep Ecology.
    Deep Ecology developed all their ideas into an influential environmental movement.
    Their violation of the Cooperative Principles may lead to misunderstanding, but in some occasions, it becomes an important means to convey the deep information from the writer to the reader.
    The causes, of course, include the superficial layer of social reasons, and the psychological factors in the deep layer.
    But they fail to pay due attention to the significant women pulsing in the deep structure of the text.
    In the part of the cultural analysis of deep structure, the writer not only concerned with the injury on Huang Zhenyi owing to the vacancy of Father in the family, but attached more importance to study her rebuffs and expense, paradoxes and decisions, and her healthy and active manner of life as a rebel of trammels of feudal ideas.
    This dissertation puts this novel in the synchronic and diachronic coordinate, adopts the methods of syntheses criticism and goes deep into its deep structure from its outer structure, aiming ultimately at revealing its tragic conscious and its value.


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