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free state
    A surface state of the Hg 0.69 Pb 0.31 Ba 2Ca 2Cu 3O 8+δ superconductor was performed by means of sputtered neutral particle mass spectroscopic (SNMS) and Auger Electron Spectroscopic (AES). Results of analysis indicate that there are neutro free state of Hg and oxidization state of Ca on the sample surface, the Pb enriched regions formed on the surface layer. They probably play a role in surface instability and flux pinning effect.
    The piezoelectric properties of A[Pb(1-3x/2-y)LaxCayTiO3]+B TiO2 ceramics were investigated. A high tC ceramics of the third harmonic has been obtained by replacing a proper quantity of Pb with La and Ca, and adjusting TiO2 in free state, and doping Bi, Ce and Cr ions. The ceramics meet the high tC requirement of chip components.
    通过对A[Pb(1-3x/2-y)LaxCayTiO3]+B TiO2系统陶瓷的研究,采用La、Ca适量取代Pb和调整适量游离态的TiO2,并通过Bi、Ce、Cr掺杂的办法,得到一种具有较高tC能满足片式元件温度需求的工业用三次谐波PbTiO3陶瓷,同时对改善PbTiO3陶瓷材料tC的机理进行了初步的探讨。
    The DSC curves of free state and the encapsulated state complex were measured in the condition of air, and the observed active energy of oxidated reaction were obtained through Kissinger method.
    The result indicate that the active energy of encapsulated state is smaller than that of free state.
    In the prepared powders, carbon exists mainly in a free state and can retard the decomposition of WC. Preparing ultra-fine grain WC-17%Co feedstock powders has greater sintering degree than coarse ones under identical process conditions.
    Playing an important part in viral invasion human body T cell,at the same time existing free state style,Which activate many fundamental immunocells nonspecificly in vivo,through an way similar to super antigen thus strengthen demic harmful effect of HIV.Objective Study the effect of peripheral-blood lymphocyte inhibition (PBL) induced by the recombination expression of GP120 in patients with rheumtoid arthritis ,to search a new way of biotherapy of RA.
    在病毒侵入人体T细胞的过程中发挥重要的作用,同时它还存在游离态的形式,通过一种类似于超抗原作用的途径,在体内非特异性地激活一些主要的免疫细胞,从而大大增强了HIV对人体的危害作用。 目的旨在研究重组表达的gp120分子对RA患者外周血CD4+T细胞活性的影响,为RA的生物治疗寻找新的途径。
    It is true that the short-sequence graphites exist in free state in eutectic molten iron at the lower superheating temperature.
    Three years' experiment resuits show: 1. The carbon of total humus in plow layer soil under plastic films is less than that of in check among the three states carbon containing in total humus carbon, the percentage of the tight state is the highest, that of the joining state is lower and that of the free state is the lowest.
    46 samples were collected and analysed. The results are as follows: 1.SiO_(2) in coal and rock dusts in all three mines is in free and binding states,It is found that the Datai mine ranks the first and the Mentougou mine the second in terms of free SiO_(2) content. 2.Free state SiO_(2) in three mines is crystalline,binding state SiO_(2) is in koalinite,illite,etc.
    本文对京西王平村、大台和门头沟煤矿的研究中得知,三个煤矿的粉尘中均含有游离态 SiO_2和结合态 SiO_2,但二者含量不同。
    ④the phase state of biogas migration is free state aqueous state free state from top to bottom;
    The results show that, when xylene is used as solvent,more than 90 percent of nicotine in the EC is in free state,and that the nicotine exhaused in nicotine oleate forming is 10 percent at most. The main function of oleic acid is to adjust the EC pH,and then to control the decomposition ratio of cypermethrin.
    That was the change of environment made the arsenic accumalated in strata converted from non-free state to free state arsenic and meanwhile by the action of hydrodynamic forces,so got it into the ground water.
    because of high speed counterflow in the melting pool,the carbides formed exit in the melting pool as a free state or resolidify isolation after dissolving into Ni base alloy.
    The results showed that the Eley-Rideal model could fit precisely with the experimental data, and the reaction takes place between H_2O_2 adsorbed on Ti active sites and propylene in free state.
    检验结果表明拟合效果较好,反应符合Eley Rideal机理,丙烯环氧化反应发生在吸附态的过氧化氢与游离态的丙烯之间。
    Adding element Bi to eutectic crystal and hyper-eutectic Al-Si alloy and forming multiple unit Al-Si-Bi alloy, whose crystallization typify the monotectic transition. Beacause of the insolubility and self-lubricity of Bi and its spreading in the basal body at the homo-dispersion free state, the wear resistance of hypereutectic Al-Si alloy enhance considerably.
    The experimental results show that the particle size of starting WC powder significantly influences sintering process and phase constituent,organic binder added into the raw powders promotes sintering process,and the added carbon exists mainly in free state in the prepared powder and is effective in preventing the formation of η(Co_3W_3C) and other non-WC phases.
    添加有机粘结剂能促进粉末的烧结; 添加碳粉(主要以游离态存在),可有效抑制超细WC粉烧结时η(Co3W3C)等有害相的出现;
    The existing mine gas in coal bed occurs mostly in the free state,the adsorption state and the dissolved state.
    The results show that major Bi is free state is uniformly distributed in β phase, and a few Bi distributed about crystal boundary make more and more Bi particle, which improves the cutting performance. It is concluded that the Bi can completely replace Pb, obtaining free-cutting brass.
    Results showed that the anti-bacterial performance(activity as well as stability to circumstantial temperature and pH)of free state A14 and B12 are better than that of conventional single quaternary ammonium salt,benzylalkylammonium chloride,while the anti-fungal activity are better than 2-(4-thiazolyl benzimidazol).


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