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    Research on the Informalisation Planning of Tobacco Industry Enterprises
    Application of Definite Value Adjustment in Energy Conservation of the Tobacco Industrial Enterprise Refrigeration Air-conditioning System
    Next the Paper has researched 15 strongest tobacco enterprises’competitive power condition.
    TO DECREASE PRODUCTION COST BY ADJUSTING PRODUCTION MODE——Case study of a key tobacco enterprise
    As social economy developing rapidly in our times, the entrepreneur-cells of social economy-are faced with, internal and external environment reserving both opportunities and challenges.
    Chinese tobacco industry computer network (Tobacco-Intranet) is composed of the LANs of National level, provincial level, local level, county level tobacco corporations and the company networks of manufacture enterprises, with a large scale and many layers.
    It not only analyzes the purchasing behavior of tobacco consumer, but also elaborates the characteristic and the existing problems of the marketing of tobacco enterprises.
    Developed since the mid 1990's , MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is an executive system facing factory shop which connects with upper-layer manufacturing plan management system and under-layer shop operation control system . As it can carry out the effective integration of production activities and factory management , MES develops into an information and data bridge to optimize production processing, quality control and management efficiency.
    According to the characteristic of the tobacco industrial, combine theactual conditions of Qianjiang Cigarettes Factory, has designed CIMS integratedsystem on the basis of ERP and industrial control;
    根据烟草工业企业的特点,结合黔江卷烟厂的实际情况,设计了基于ERP管理思想、工业控制管理的CIMS 集成系统。
    As China entered the WTO and the demand mode has been modified, Chinese tobacco industry established under planning economic system confronts severe pressure and challenge, especially for tobacco industry enterprises as manufacture units. In order to further development and improve the core competition of tobacco enterprises, it is vital whether or not they can evaluate themselves appropriately, adjust the management mode for the primary production and improve the qualities of operation and products.
    The main characters of the primary production of tobacco enterprises:1) complex manufacturing procedures and excessive equipment categories and amount; 2) very important stage of cigarettes production; decisive influence on the quality of cigarettes products;
    As a medium size tobacco industry enterprise in China, BCF possesses its own unique characters and advantages after many years of development.
    This report in details introduces the important significance of analysis of production management under new development environment.
    At the same time, it provides opinions on relevant general problems regarding the production management of Chinese tobacco enterprises.
    Some realistic questions on the tobacco production management process of the tobacco industrial enterprise were solved.
    In the cost of the tobacco industrial enterprise, the cost of energy takes larger proportion, the project of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning is as one of the main technology of using the energy, there is certain waste.
    Different from new technical application according to the management efforts of every tobacco industrial enterprise, there is different thrift that originally lowers consumption in the space in the energy consumed cost.
    This thesis reach the method operated in systematic energy-conservation of air conditioner of refrigeration through operation and management, combine the characteristic of the industrial enterprise of the tobacco trade to write from a brand-new angle, as to the thing that the energy-conservation of industrial enterprise of tobacco will be practised of great advantagely, will hope to save the energy and work and bring up to a new height.
    First, by the industrial angle, this Paper has summarized the Chinese tobacco industry survey from the Chinese tobacco's production condition, the tobacco industrial management system and the policy as well as finance and taxation policy of tobacco industry and so on.


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