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special condition
    To construct the county GFMIS under the integrate chessboard like pattern of the country, the special condition and difficulty of county must be considered.
    Admittedly or not, we have to do something about it However, the second amendment of the Trade-Mark Law of China on the special condition for entering the WTO, which is an expedient measure, remains deficiencies to be improved in the light of the requirements in law which is beyond any emotional effects, the modernized legality and the development of human society.
    另一方面,由于我国《商标法》第2次修订是在特殊条件下,为履行加入WTO的承诺所作的修改,是权宜之计。 与作为“不受任何感情因素影响的理性”的法律、现代化法制的要求以及人类社会的发展对法律内容的根本要求相比,《商标法》仍存在诸多不足。
    In subjective respect, focus on attention obligation and risk allowed in medical worker carry on the systematic argumentation, And subjective situation of fault carry on the discussion to special condition.
    The legislation in China should adopt advantages of the two models, and amend and develop both of them on the basis of special condition and practical situation of Chinese transforming economy.
    The first part introduces the background of the policy of sympathizing carried out by the late Qing Government and the special condition in the Shunzhi area simply.
    This article uses the method which the real diagnosis analysis and the standard analysis unifies, according to special condition of the mining area in Minetong group, studies the necessity and the feasibility of its implementation multiplication management;
    Facing central china development which is soon arrives, the author thought it is very necessary to know soberly central china area sentiment, the research of central china internal difference, will understand various provinces development the special condition, the basic contradiction and the question, the exploration of future the time development different countermeasure.
    The following problems are discussed in this paper: 1. Gallstones are formed in relation to infection; metabolism, nutrition, hepatic diseases and ascarides which enter the biliary duct, but there is no sufficient evidence of forming stones in the common biliary duct: 2. Fluid dynamics does not give the common biliary a special condition.
    Based on the special condition in the desert region,this paper presented the optimum allocation principle,method,scheme of construction machinery,and obtain obvious technology and economic benifit in practical application
    In accordance with special condition of the coal machinery work, introduces a sort of new oil-holder, which accepts oil water emulsion as power, and fills hydraulic power oil and fluid oil to the mechanical equipment automatically.
    In this paper we’ll give the relationship between comodules and rational modules. and show that the characterization of maximal rational C*-submodule of M* under a special condition.
    The successful experience of erecting large slope and short radius curve beam byusing success-type bridge girder eredtion machine is introduced in this paper' A practical schemefor erecting bridge under special condition is provieded as well.
    Recent studies indicate that endemic arseniasis possesses not only the chronic poisoning characteristic of endemic disease but also the characteristic of bursting into serious disease under special condition.
    The occurrences of the spontaneous ignition of the comprehensive mining coal face at the spontaneous combustion coal-seam under a special condition from the 1301 face in Gengcun coal mine has been analysed.
    Some practical examples of applying longwall ming in the dip under special condition are introduced in detail and it is pointed out that this method also can be applied under the similar situations. 
    Mao Zedong succeeded in building a Marxist Party based on the masses under the special condition of semi-colonized & semi-feudal Chinese society.
    The paper mainly described the diagnosing analysis and balancing treatment of gear vibration trouble of AV50 axial compressor unit. At the same time the principle of vibrating evaluation and alignment method of balance on site special condition is put forward.
    主要讲述了AV5 0轴流压缩机机组增速机振动故障的诊断分析以及平衡处理 ,同时提出了振动评价的原则和现场特殊条件下平衡的校正方法。
    Referring to the development of train control system in China, this paper analyzes the requirement of train control system under the special condition of Qinghai-Tibet railway and proposes an on-board equipment safety protection and control program.
    结合我国列控系统的发展、分析了青藏线的特殊条件对列控系统的要求. 提出了适合青藏线的车载设备的安全防护与控制方案。
    Combining with engineering examples, the paper introduces Erection technique of basin rubber support bridges, discusses in detail analysis of beam body stability, erection scheme, safe measure, control and correction of support error, puts forward《Erecting beam regulations of railway bridges》 in force should make clear about erection technique and safe measures of basin rubber support, suggests adding in chapters and sections of 《Erecting beam work in special condition》.
    结合工程实例介绍盆式橡胶支座桥梁的架设技术 ,从梁体稳定性分析、架设方案、安全措施、支座误差控制和纠正等方面进行了详细的论述 ,提出了现行的《铁路架桥机架梁规程》应对盆式橡胶支座的架设技术及安全措施进行明确 ,建议在《特殊条件下架梁作业》章节中补充。
    For the special condition of Shanxi Province,the paper discussed the factors influencing on economy development and proposed some advice for solving the problem.
    科学技术作为第一生产力对于经济发展的作用是不言而喻的。 就山西地区的特殊条件论述了影响山西经济发展的诸多因素 ,且就此提出了解决问题的设想。


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