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    It will bring the vitality to collage moral education to understand the influence of the information society correctly,to grasp the connotation of college moral education accurately and to utilize modern scientfic achievements efficiently.
    The idea of this design approach is based on the fire growth characteristics,building and occupancies features using the principal of fire safety engineering,so as to achieve a good cost efficiency.
    性能化设计思想是以危险性和经济性评估为手段 ,利用现代科技成果来指导建筑防火设计 ,根据建筑物的火灾发展特性、建筑及其使用人员的特征来确定建设防火设计 ,从而实现消防安全和投资等的统一。
    The advanced computer technology and traditional mechanical fabrication should be utilized in curriculum system reformation of mechanical department.
    On the other hand,modern achievements in both science and technology provide a new way to solve theseproblems.
    Therefore,the study of the Crime of Business Defaultis not only the need of protecting achievements ofmodem technology, but also the need of acceleratingthe promotion and the development of the society.
    e, the problems in MIS were brought about with the up growing information technology.
    Agriculture standardization demonstration ereas is very important pathway, which could utilize high-teches well and increase agriculture economic benefit.
    Second, along with the development of society and the application of modern scientific and technological achievements, not only danger sources but also the dangerousness of unpremeditated crimes is increasing greatly.
    how Hunan embroidery satifies the demand of modern life in content, workmanship and material, and adapts to the taste of modern sociey by comprehensively using modern science and technology results.
    Wemust change our traditional ideas, and vigorously promote the modernization of education, theintroduction of modern scientific and technological achievements, and the effective use of moderneducational technology media, thus reform classroom teaching to enhance teaching quality.
    In agricultural development, regardless of the depth development or the breadth development, all need to depend upon the science and technology, need the study, the introduction and the use of modern science and technology results.
    The trend of cooperation of authors and editors in future and the influence of modern science and technology on editing are also discussed
    并探讨了编辑与作者的合作将走向一体化的趋势; 同时论述了现代科技成果和科技手段对未来编辑工作的影响,指出了编辑工作的未来,任重道远,尚须努力。
    The study of chaos is a crystallization of achievments of contemporary science and technology.
    The author further pointed out that hospital administrators should renew their conception and make use of modern technology to carry out hospital construction;
    认为医院管理者要不断更新观念 ,善于利用现代科技成果 ,推动医院的全面建设 ;
    Both the danger source and the level of danger increase sharply along with the development of society and widespread utilizing of moden science and technology.
    随着社会的发展和现代科技成果的广泛运用 ,不仅致险源在激增 ,而且过失犯罪的危险性也大大增加了。
    The modern science and technology has been applied in many fields such as reservoirs,dams and electric generators. In this paper,the author first analyzes some problems in the application of the science and technology such as the application range,related science fields,present situation of development and benefit,and then gives some suggestions for application of science and technology in hydroelectric plants.
    水电生产科技应用具有较高水平,从水库、大坝到电站都充分应用了人类现代科技成果. 文中对水电厂科技应用范围、相关学科技术、技术开发现状、水电厂科技发展方向和科技应用产生的效益等进行概括和分析,并在此基础上针对水电厂科技应用中存在的不足提出 6 点建议.
    (3) They didn' t apply the achievements of modern technology to their training.
    And the opinion is put forward that learning psychology theory with Chinese characteristics should be formed on the basis of psychology theory with the help of brain science and by focusing on learning potentiality exploitation.
    提出了学习心理学研究应以心理学理论为基础 ,借助脑科学等现代科技成果 ,以研究学习心理机制和学习潜能开发为中心 ,从而形成具有中国特色的学习心理学理论的主张 ;
    Developing countries possess as tremendous potential for quickening development. It is just comparative superiority that forms on the basis of relatively rich resources, tremendous market potential, cheap labour cost.
    后发国家也具有其加快发展的后发优势 ,这就是在资源相对富集、市场潜力巨大和劳动力成本低廉基础上所形成的比较优势 ,并在充分发掘和利用其比较优势、大力利用现代科技成果、积极吸纳先发国家成功经验中所形成的跨越式发展态势。
    Based on the usage of modern technological achievements,modern teaching media is a carrier of transmitting and storing teaching information during teaching process.
    现代教育媒体是运用现代科技成果发展来的 ,在教育过程中传递和存储教育信息的载体 .


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