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    Human metallolastase (MMP-12) is a MMP, the abnormal expression of which has so far been documented in macrophages associated with many diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA).
    人类金属弹性蛋白酶(Human metallolastase, MMP-12)是MMPs的一种。 现已证实由巨噬细胞分泌MMP-12的异常表达与许多疾病有关,如类风湿性关节炎(Rheumatoid arthritis, RA),骨性关节炎(Osteoarthritis, OA) 等。
    TNF-α is mainly produced by activated macrophages. Many inducers can activate macrophages and induce expression of TNF-α gene transcription.
    Interleukin 12 (IL-12) is produced by antigen presenting cell, for instance, macrophage cell eg. IL-12, a cytokine composed of heterodimers has phenotropic bioactivity and contain two subunits, p35 and p40. And IL-12 can stimulate NK ( Natural Killer ) cells and maturate CTLS.
    Background: TNF-a, a cytokine with complex bioactivity, is mainly secreted by macrophages and T cells.
    It has been proved that TNF—α(17kd,157aa) produced by macrophages and TNF—β (25kd,17aa) , a glucoprotein produced by activated T—lymphocytes, may have the same receptors, with which they combine and put into effect.
    Conclusion: u-PA produced by macrophages immediately activate proMMP-2 and proMMP-9,and control their activity,may play a vital role in AAA formation,dilation and rupture.
    结论 由巨噬细胞产生的u-PA直接激活,并调节MMP-2和MMP-9的活性,在AAA的形成、扩张和破裂中起着关键性的作用。
    Results:The epilentic cells were mainly composed of macrophages and fibroblasts.
    结果 :人工晶状体表面主要由巨噬细胞和成纤维细胞组成。
    Conclusion u-PA produced by macrophages may immediately activate proMMP-2 and proMMP-9, which play a pivotal role in the formation and development of AAA.
    At 3 and 6 h after lesion, iNOS was mainly produced by neurons. At 12 and 24 h after lesion, most of iNOS was produced by macrophages. But at 72 and 120 h, most of the iNOS was produced by glia cells.
    In terms ofits biological effects, IL- 18 is thus closely related to andacts synergistically withIL- 12. Analysis of amino acid sequence and structural motifs,however, classify' IL-18 as a member of the IL-i family of cytokines.
    Human Tumor Necrosis Factor a (abbreviated as hTNFa) was selected as target forign gene and it is a sort of multi-functional protein cytokine, which was generated by macrophage or monocyte under stimulus.
    本研究用人肿瘤坏死因子α(Human Tumor Necrosis Factor α,简称hTNFα)作为外源目的基因。 它是由巨噬细胞和单核细胞受到刺激后产生的一种多功能蛋白质细胞因子。
    Objective TNF-a, a cytokine with wild-ranging bioactivity, is produced by macrophage and activated T cell.
    研究背景 TNF-α是一种生物学活性十分广泛的细胞因子,它主要由巨噬细胞和活化的T细胞产生。 它通过与细胞膜表面的受体结合而发挥效应。
    Since 1962, when Gross and Lapiere discovered the first MMPs-collagenase, man had discovered various of MMPs in succession, where MMP-2 has a strong degradational effect on extracellular matrix, it is secreted bymacrophage, smooth muscle cells and endothelial cells and so on. MMP-2 will degrade the fibrous cap and collagen in the basilar membrane when it is increased in the plaque, and it is one of the important factor to make the fibrous cap thin and accelerate atherosclerosis's development.
    自从 1962年 Gross和 Lapiere发现第一种基质金属蛋白酶一胶原酶以来,人类陆续发现了很多种基质金属蛋白酶,其中的MMP—2对细胞外基质具有极强的降解作用,它由巨噬细胞、平滑肌细胞以及内皮细胞等分泌,在动脉粥样硬化斑块中憎多时降解纤维帽及基底膜的胶原等基质成分,是使纤维帽变薄及加速动脉粥样硬化的重要因素之一。
    The HHK scaffold material was degraded into small particles by ubiquitin system at first, and then those particles phagocytosed by macrophages.
    TNF - a, produced in macrophage, T lymphocyte, mast cell , etc, is dose effective in tissue. Low level of TNF - a is beneficial to tissue repair and inflammatory response, while, chronic stimulation and massive release of TNF ?
    It causes degradation of extracellar matrix compound. MMPs is mainly produced by macrophage cells, T, B lymphocyte and fibroblast cells, smooth muscle cells.
    MMP主要由巨噬细胞、T、B淋巴细胞,或纤维细胞及平滑肌细胞产生,巨噬细胞产生MMP依赖于前列腺素E-2(prosostaglandin E-2,PGE2)的作用。
    In patients with fetal death in early pregnancy IAP levels were closely correlated with ratios of TNF-p/ IL-4.DiscussionIAP has a molecular weight of 50000, an isoelectric point of 3. 0, a darbo-hydrate 31.5%.
    IAP是分子量为50000,等电点为3 .0,含糖31 .5%的一种糖蛋白,主要由巨噬细胞、粒细胞等产生。 当机体受到免疫复合物或致病因子刺激时,体内IAP水平显著升高。
    Tumor necrosis factor (TNF), the cytokine secreted by macrophage and lymphocyte, has a close relationship with keratinocyte.
    The activation and wandering of macrophages of milky spots were observed when Chinese ink was injected into the peritoneal cavity of the mice,The resultes of the experiment showed that: the milky spots of diaphragmatic peritoneum of human were mainly composed of macrophages, The shape and size of the milky spot were not the same, The diameter of the milky spot was from 90. 5 to 361.2μm.


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