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    2) The chamber was calibrated with some standard sources of known activities. The calibration factor for relative measurement is 24.62 Bq/pA. Through many times of periodic measurements of the same radon source, the stability of system fits in with requirements.
    2)由已知活度的标准源定出相对测量的刻度系数K值,K=24.62 Bq/pA,对同一个监测源以半年为周期进行多次测量后得出稳定性符合要求;
    Based on the theory analysis above-mentioned, according to the given parameters, we designed the three dementions figure of the tri-eccentric butterfly valve.
    The third is going form the known zone to the unknown zone in teaching.
    Combined with the actual future of work area, the total idea that we recognize and evaluate the buried hill reservoir by integrated geophysical exploration method is that obtain a geologic interpretation result with new ideas by using of gravity and seismic joint inversion interpretation techniques from point to line and from line to pane and from know to unknown.
    Study the statistics of human dimension measure data, finding theways and means to calculate the unknown dimension of bone and joint from known date, estimate the Chinese body bone and joint size, set up a simple solution to make up the Chinese stick-man.
    4. Forming feature from compass data.
    Both MIVM and the regular solution model have a significant feature which can predict the thermodynamic properties of multi-component solid alloys from the corresponding binaries. MIVM needs only the corresponding binary infinite dilute activity coefficients, whereas regular solution model has to use some continuous analytical expressions of experimental data of the binaries, so MIVM has a simpler method to evaluate.
    Reconstructing the geometrical model of the object from the sample points carries on the foundation of analyzing, calculating and drawing of the object.
    Reconstructing the geometrical model of the object from the sample points carries on the foundation of analyzing, calculating and drawing of the object.
    The currentsettlement can be concluded by known factors when predicting.
    A waverider is a configuration designed such that the bow shock generated by the shape is perfectly attached along the leading edge at the design condition.
    The real-time algorithm to reconstruct time-domain signal from givenpower spectrum has practical value, it can be used in the hardware-in-the-loopsimulation of some signals, such as radar clutter signal, random vibration controlsignal and noise signal.
    Based on the research of the modeling and depth migration method of the isotropic media, we study the modeling and depth migration method of the anisotropic media, and optimize the traditional arithmetic, for knowing elastic wave propagation properties of the anisotropic media and more accurately describing the space distributing of the geologic objects.
    Finally, we do modeling about the known attributes of oil & gas and fulfill the reservoir single scan line of some oil filed H_2 and its appraising and forecasting. These conclusions get good comments of some experts.
    In this program, the higher-order basis functions of group SO(2) were constructed with the lower-order basis functions.
    This method can also be used directly to determine the design dimensions from odd and even mode impedances.
    In this paper, a set of equations for retrieving phase from two intensity distributions in the image plane or some other plane of an imaging system was obtained by the exactly mathematical derivation. The equations are completely analogous to the algorithm suggested by Gerchberg-Saxton[1,2,4] and Misell [3].
    We point out that, if the transformation between two wave functions is performed by unitary operator and one of the wave functions is absolutely square integrable, the phase reconstruction from the known intensity distributions in any two planes of an imaging system can be achieved using GS algorithm.
    One of the fundamental problems in linear time-invariant multivariable system theory is to obtain minimum realization from a given transfer matrix.
    From this,based on the reference [1],we analysed the influence of rest contact time and slip speed on coef- ficient of friction.


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