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    The Development of Optical Fiber Current Sensor at Present and in The Future
    Current Situation of Packaging Improvements
    A Discussion on the Current Management Pattern of Tourism Enterprises in China-A Summary of the Symposium on Tourism Work
    Russia: Current Economic Situation and Policy Measures
    Germany: the Current Political Situation
    Energy source is one of the very important factors for Chinese economic fluctuation. Under the current macroeconomic policy goals,Chinese energy price goes up by 10%,and this leads to about(0.29%) of inflation rate,(0.35%) up of general price level,0.34% of output gap and accumulatively(0.41%) loss of output.
    The HTGR supercritical (SC) steam cycle plant coupling the existing technologies of the current HTGR design with operational experiences of the SC fossil power plant (FPP) will achieve high cycle efficiency, 45% and above,which is 30% higher than that of the existing PWR plants (with net efficiency of 33%).
    This paper expounds the concepts and features of digital reference service,and connecting with the practice of digital reference service,advances the functional module that the construction of digital reference service system in current university library should possess and the developing direction of service.
    Starting from the core and features of humanized service of library,this paper points out the problems existing in current humanized service of library,and advances several paths for implementing the humanized service of library.
    This paper expounds the necessity of strengthening the humanized service conception in the network time,points outs some shortages existing in the current service of the library,and puts forward some countermeasures for realizing the humanized service under the network environment.
    Under the current form of government-led,enhancing credit and overcoming the credit crisis of the government will mainly depend on the government's independent conduct namely conscientious Government.
    Based on the analysis of the current problems of library resource sharing, the paper points out that market mechanism is the reasonable and confirmative driving force , and puts forward the new library resource sharing pattern leaded by market mechanism.
    58.6% cases showed their uneasy about current situation of food safety.
    This article reviewed the literatures about research advances of MSCs plasticity in maintenance and repairment of CNS tissue and possible mechanisms,and the current challenges that adult MSCs studies faced with.
    When using the bypass circuit breaker as transformer′s and the reverse,the current,voltage circuit switch and protection trip switch of the microprocessor-based transformer protection are manual.
    The measuring precision of the current system is close to ±0.1 mm/m,and the building of the system has been built up on the whole,which can measure the real objects,and its measuring precision and automatization degree are famous.
    The current solutions are designed for single-base-station sensor networks,such as μTESLA and multilevel μTESLA which can not meet the requirements of multi-base-station networks.
    In light of current application condition of solar energy in building in our country,the author proposes the design method of combining solar energy collector with building and the suggestions for it,and illustrates the integration application of solar energy collector in building,in order to quicken the development of applied technique combining solar energy with building.
    This paper introduces two kinds of the current mainstream VPN:SSL and IPSec VPN,and makes a comparison of the two kinds of VPN by the deployment of management,security,scalability,access control and economic.
    文章介绍了目前主流的两种VPN技术:SSL VPN与IPSec VPN,并在部署管理、安全性、扩展性、访问控制、经济性五方面作了对比。


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