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    Identification and Corresponding Genes Chromosome Location of del1 Mutant That Was Deficient in Resistance to Herbivores in Tomato
    番茄(Lycopersion esculutum)抗虫缺失突变体def1的鉴定及相应基因的定位
    Some of the clones were sequenced and five new genes were found which were named UL33、UL34、UL45、UL46 and UL47.They showed homology to the corresponding genes of the members of Alphaherpesvirinae by sequence alignments on a certain extent.
    选取部分克隆进行序列测定,获得5个UL片段基因,分别为UL33、UL34、UL45、UL46和UL47。 序列比较显示,它们与α-亚科疱疹病毒其他成员相应基因具有不同程度的同源性。
    Methods To amplify the class1,2 and 3 integrase genes in 184 gram negative bacilli from medistream urine by polymerase chain reaction with universal primer of 3 genes.
    Results Specific HBV gene fragment was obtained with self-designed primer.
    The further sequence analysis showed that 12S rRNA and 16S rRNA gene of Sichuan black bear had a higher evolution rate,which had more differences than that of American black bear,brown bear,polar bear,spectacled bear and panda,but Sichuan black bear had more homology with American black bear.
    通过进一步的序列分析表明,四川黑熊的12S rRNA和16S rRNA基因有较高的进化速率,与美洲黑熊、棕熊、北极熊、眼镜熊及大熊猫的相应基因相比较有较大差异,其中与美洲黑熊的同源性相对较高.
    The gene were sequenced and compared with those of other IBV strains from China in GenBank. The results showed that the nucleocapsid genes of strain W and C9001 shared 88.0 % nucleotide identity and 89.5 % amino acid homology.
    Influence of insulin on neuronal apoptosis after cerebral ischemia reperfusion in the Wistar rats and regulation of related genes
    Three Bombyx mori Genes,chi,gluE and fruA,Encode Proteins Homologous to Microorganism and Primary Analysis of Horizontal Gene Transfer
    Variety of differential display on gene and corresponding gene′s clone following corneal alkali burns in rats
    1. Blasting in the genebank with the 300bp v62 gene difference displayed between MDR cell line SGC7901/VCR and its parental cell line, we found that there were several genes showing high homology with it.
    hspA sequence of MEL-HP27 had high homology from 95.76% to 97.46% as compared to the nucleotide reported in Genbank and putative amino acids homology was from 95.76% to 97.46%.
    MEL一HP27 ureB基因序列与GenBank公布的Hp相应基因序列同源性高达%. 08%一98.30%,氨基酸序列同源性98.77%一99.82%。
    It was found that one EST was preferentially expressed in the intact ovules of Xu142. Its corresponding gene, GhABC1, encodes an ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter protein.
    该EST相应的基因GhABC1编码一个ABC转运蛋白(ATP-binding cassette transporter)。
    CYP11B2 is a gene to be tested for association with EH, especially salt sensitive hypertension.
    In this study, T-DNA insertional mutagenesis and RNA interference (RNAi) strategies were used to create rice mutants, and functional analysis on corresponding genes and their expression patterns were carried out based on their mutation phenotypes.
    . The special primers for PPARγ, C/EBPα, ADDl, LPL, AP2, adipsin and P-actin were designed respectively according to the reported gene sequences. Then genome RNA was extracted from the subcutaneous adipose tissue of pigs and the target gene mRNA amplified through RT-PCR with special primers.
    Based on the gene clone, the suitable anneal tempreture, MgCl_2 concentration, and cycles in PCR system were discussed and the optimal semi-quantitative RT-PCR methods were constructed to detect the amounts of all genes mRNA expression in pigs.
    Southern blottingreveals that this gene is wheat genomic gene.
    Southern印迹分析结果表明TaMRE-BP cDNA片段的相应基因存在于小麦基因组中。
    [2] At protein level, the concentrtion-effect curve and optimal concentrations of SP's effects on fibroblasts intrinsic growth factors protein synthesizes were similar to and its peak time points (16h-36h) were later to that at gene level.
    Reclamation, purification and linkage of them respectively, then sequencing and analyses of according gene structure were made, results show that the complete sequence length of corresponding PCR product from Brussel Sprouts, Kohlrabi and Kale are 1665bp, 1650bp and 1650bp, containing the first two exons and introns and 22bp of the third exon.
    Since some Shigella flexneri 2a genes, including yphF wcaJ dam alkA cysG yaiC IS600 citC aroD CPO198, possibly related to virulence were isolated by using in vivo expression technology (IVET), these genes mutants were constructed and the relationship between these genes and the virulence of this pathogen was researched.


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