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    Conclusion The study on nursing theory in China is at its preliminary stage,so we need to learn from foreign research in methodology.
    Epithelial cells of tilapia (Oreochromis nilotica) were isolated and primarily cultured as the cells model to research the effect of PSB0201, Rhodopseudomonas palustris, treated as probiotic, on the morphologic characters, viability, livability, permeability, cytosolic free calcium and membranous phospholipase A2 (PLA2) activity of tilapia epithelial cells.
    通过分离和原代培养尼罗罗非鱼(Oreochromis nilotica)肠道上皮细胞,并以其为细胞模型,研究目前已广泛用作益生菌的光合细菌(Rhodopseudomonas palustris)PSB0201对其形态、增殖、存活率、通透性、胞浆游离Ca2+和磷脂酶A2活性的影响。
    In order to study the rationality of hardness ratio for the lead screw-nut pair of rolling mill grinding device used at present,the tribology characteristic of the steel-copper friction pair and the relations between the steel skin hardness and the surface treatment craft under the N150.SW4 lubrication was studied.
    At Intelligent Methods for information audit system is hot spot in the field of network security, and application of pattern recognition and data mining in information audit system is world widely concerned and worldwide studying.
    So we have toknow about the genetic resources by the use of molecular genetic marker in order toutilize them thoroughly.
    Some of the molecules with relation to CRC liver metastasis include CEA, CD44, integrin,MMPs/TIMPs, SleX, nm23, DPC4, maspin, and so on. But the details are still unclear.
    4. The research of metal fatigue fractal dimension measuring is in the study of materialcharacteristic analyzing.
    The study on fanyu-pianci (反语骈词) is still rather weak at present.
    Former investigations are mostly in the development of high quality TE materials and modules, while works on the optimization of TE refrigerating systems were scarce.
    It was been reported that the expression of BCL-XL gene was higher in mononuclear cells and erythroid progenitors of PV patient. But there is no report about the proliferation and apoptosis of CD34 positive bone marrow cells of PV patients in the world.
    ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion) properties of lead candidates with respect to the ADME processes have become the key factors in early phase drug development & discovery.
    计算ADME(即吸收、分布、代谢和排泄,in silico absorption, metabolism, distribution and excretion)研究是目前药物研发中的前沿领域之一。
    There is much discuss about the concept and factor of marketing culture.
    The most tWo popularstandards in DiStributed-Object Technology which are analysed in this paPer areOMG CORBA and Microsoft MTS/COM+.
    Considering some kinds of advance technology, such as IP over ATM, MPOA, IP exchange, MPLS and so forth, MPLS+ATM infrastructure is taken as a satisfying solution of the Guizhou Electric Power Information Network.
    论文在此基础上研究了目前新的网络技术,讨论了IP Over ATM、MPOA、IP交换、MPLS等,着重研究IP技术和ATM技术的结合,最终选定MPLS+ATM作为该网络的技术基础。
    With the goal to meet the requirement of Chinese e-commerce development, this paper analyzes the characteristics of the existing e-commerce payment systems based on the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol and SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) protocol that are widely used in china.
    本文立足于国内电子商务自身发展的需要,研究了目前国内建立在SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)协议和SET(Secure Electronic Transaction)协议基础之上的电子商务支付系统的特点。
    2. The Web-DB accessing technology by analyzing and studying the advantage and shortcoming of a number of current Web-DB accessing technology, ASP technology is adopted for implementing interactive between Web and database in the system.
    2.Web数据库访问技术的选择 分析与研究了目前常用的几种Web与数据库相结合的Web数据库访问技术的优、缺点,采用了ASP技术实现系统的Web与数据库的连接与应用。
    Research on telecommunication of power system is popular in the power industry.
    Basing OMRON PLC, I analyze the key feature of the communication technology of PLC tri-level network(CompoBus/D, Controller Link and Ethernet), study emphatically the HOST Link and the PLC Link network communication system.
    结合OMRON公司的PLC,分析了可编程控制器三层网络通信(器件网CompoBus/D、控制网Controller Link和以太网Ethernet)技术的主要特点; 重点研究了目前三层网络中应用最广泛的HOST Link和PLC Link网络通信系统。
    Objective (1) To study the reliability of four measurement methods (Borden method, Modified Borden method, Angle method 1, Angle method 2) for cervical lordosis.
    目的 (1)研究目前四种常用的测量颈椎曲度方法(Borden氏测量法、改良Borden氏测量法、夹角测量法1、夹角测量法2)的可靠性。
    So, people focus on the study of DNA.


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