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    Optimum parameters of magnetic abrasive machining for inner surface are obtained,which are:magnetic induction strength B = 1.2T, machining clearance A = lmm,machining durationt =4min.
    得出了内圆表面磁性研磨加工的优化参数为:磁感应强度B<1.2T,加工间隙△=1 mm,研磨时间t =4 min,工作轴向振动频率f=10 Hg。
    By working on the relationship with weld shape, quantity and dimension of inclusion and microstructure, the optimized electromagnetic parameters (electromagnetic stirring frequency, magnetic induction intensity) have been found.
    2. magnetic field dependence of strain A.
    And the dependence of magnetostriction, magnetic flux and dynamic magnetic parameter on magnetic field were measured by using multiple parameter magnetic measurement system.
    Because of ferromagnetic elements, magnetic induction B and magnetic field H is non-linear, which is the main cause that high inrush current occur during the transformer energisation.
    Through solving the boundary value problem, the magnetic vector potential A is gained. And the expression of magnetic flux density B is got by making use of the relation of magnetic vector potential A and magnetic flux density B. Finally, the equation of the magnetic flux lines is given by way of describing the distributing of the magnetic field.
    According to the structure and principle of electromagnetic oil production equipment, the distribution situation of the magnetic field of the device has been analysed and computed, the calculation formula of the relevant parameters (the Intensity of Magnetic Induction B , Inductance L ) to the magnetic field has been derived , carry on calculation of magnetic force and sport analysis of characteristic of the electromagnetic oil production equipment at the same time.
    The computing model equations which include the magnetic flux intensity B of the solubility and the supersolubility of oleic acid and linoleic acid in methanol are first presented by analysis of the experimental data in the article. By analyzing the error of the computing model equations we can make sure that all of the equations are very credible.
    Based on the Biot Law and combined with the Concept of Solid angle, calculating the line integral of current-carrying clcsed circuit which generates magnitic induction B around many closed circuits 1:(1) The integral circuit 1 cross the current-carrying closed circuit L;
    以毕奥定律为基础,结合立体角的概念,计算载流闭合回路L产生的磁感应强度B沿以下几种回路l的积分: (1)积分回路l穿过载流回路L;
    Dynamic magnetic properties of Sendust alloy microalloyed with boron, chromium and maganese were investigated in this paper.
    In this paper we introduce the vector potential C_μ for the electric displa--cement vector D and magnetic induction B, accomplish the quantization of elec-tromagnetic field in nonlinear media by using the method of canonical quanti-zation, and obtain the self--consistent theory.
    Magnetization curves and magnetic permeability of amorphous alloys FeCoNi-SiVB,FeSiB,FeCrSiB,FeCoSiB in the hydrostatic pressure range of 0. 0001-2. 4GPa were investigated. Besides,the relation between pressure and the maximum magnetic permeability UUUUmax of the four alloys was obtained with accurate fitting of the polynomial and comparing of computer one by one.
    we have studied the magnetic parameters dependence on the frequency fand the magnetization field B for four amorphous alloys.
    The results also indicate the effect of the treatment for the compound fertilizer is best when the magnetic induction (B) of the un-uniform steady magnetic field ranges between 100-150mT.
    The initial ratio of the Mn to Bi and Dy (Sm) raw material is 2:1:0.10. After annealing (350-425°C and for 4 hours) the films has the hcp structure with NiAs type, the c-axis is perpendicular to the plane of those films, the remanent magnetic induction Bt≈3.4-6.5 kG, the intrinsic coercivity Hc≈3-8 kOe, the maximum magnetic energy product (BH)max=13.39MG·Oe.
    The paper stadies the electric intensity E and magnetic induction Bin the equation of electric field force F=qE and Ampere force dF= Id l×B.And the examples show that never do we neglect the effect by other part of the force system while evaluating the receiving force of its certain part.
    In calculating the magnetic flux density B between two blocks of parallel block capacitors, there are two common solutions, one of which is not correct.
    After diffusing at 1150℃ the core loss of the sheets treat-ed by PCVD Si - deposition reduces more about 55 % andtheir flux density increases 5. 42 %.
    The present paper expounds the Biot-Safar Law and deduces formulas for magnetic induction intensity B induced by several typical electric currents, thus giving out convenient methods of solution.


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