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    The Research on the Relation of Structure Character of Web-based Learning Community and Learning Performance
    With the development of economic in the city of Shanghai, there are many changes in the grass root communities where the structure is differentiation and integration.
    From several aspects of form of historic view, status of function and usage, structure of community, this article constitutes the estimate system and puts forward theory and modes on conservation and renewal.
    The second chapter introduces the community development, structure and functions.
    The next chapter describes the environment, structure and function of the community, and analyzes the universality of community life.
    The Intergration and Stratification of Village Community Structure in Modern Shandong
    A Paradigm Discussion on Social Structure of Urban Hui Muslim Minority: As the Case of Beijing
    The community structure and social life of the market towns in the Tai Lake valley in the Southern Song Dynasty——Study on the market towns in the Tai Lake Valley in the Song Dynasty(Ⅳ)
    Unlike the traditional expert/expertise identification systems which use text analysis asbasis, we find the helper candidates according to community structures and rank themby the relationship analysis between them.
    基本思想是利用组织内各种消息构成的信息流网,以基于edge betweenness centrality思想的社区发现办法找出自组织社会网中的社区结构
    Thirdly, it advances a method to evaluate the feature selection performance of the artificial immune network model, through comparing the antigen network before data selection and the community structure of the artificial network model after data selection.
    By means of the analysis of community features, the control of target model, and the selection of related ways, it's accessible to find a new-pattern efficient conformity model and system, to accelerate communities' positive motive and harmonious development.
    笔者认为,社区整合既是社区存在的一种状态,也是社区一体化的过程,是社区诸要素相互协调成为一个整体并有效发挥社区功能的过程和状态。 社区形态、社区结构、社区制度是高度相关的对应关系,决定了社区整合的实质是按社区结构正向分化的方向,将社区要素关系重新制度化的过程。
    For the difference . of ages and backgrounds, community conformity model is changing all the time.
    Social stratification is not very clear in the village, and memory of community is disappearing gradually.
    Meanwhile, property management is involved into community services, which leads to a chang that two new community orgnizations, property management corporation and masters' committee appear. This thesis makes an introduction of the two and discusses the relationship between them.
    It is in the course of input of external motivity and regulation of community inner structure that the structure that the previous balance of inner structure in community has been broken.
    Using the variationist sociolinguistics theory, we investigate the speech community of Kundulun, Baotou, a city of PRC. After quantitative statistic analysis of a sample including 21 informants, this paper interprets the constrain effects of nasal variation from the language internal and external, and then describes the structure of this special speech community.
    在真实时间的框架下,文章运用变异社会语言学理论调查了包头昆都仑言语社区,通过 21 名讲话人样本的定量统计分析,从语言内外角度解释了鼻韵尾变异的制约因素,进而描述了包头昆都仑言语社区的结构。
    On these discoveries the thesis then gets, nasal variation as a change in progress slows down its speed in evolvement and the structure of Baotou speech community shows a direction toward stratification model.
    Utilize, build such respects as view , planning management , fire control public security , environmental sanitation , community's structure , employment, social security ,etc. are appeared suddenly out in the city where there are enormous difference with the city. It influences the outstanding problem that the coordinated development, function of city of our country are promoted and citizen's life quality is improved further, which have caused the extensive concerns of the governments at all levels and various circles of society.
    The typical characteristic of community structure of Jianshe Village is that social stratification appears gradually,memory of community is disappearing, and several rural elites exist in the village,but among them there are no dominative rural elites.
    Corresponding with the sole interest colony the community structure of city is also simple, forming the community pattern of Danwei community primarily and neighbor community for auxiliary.


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