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the community
    An Analysis on the International Experience of Residents Autonomy in the Community Organization System
    An Investigation on the Relationship between Guangxi Young People and the Community in the Early 21st Century
    The Cultivation of Master Consciousness in Juvenile Community and the Construction of the Community Culture
    Integration with the community is the effective way and the ultimate objective for the urban migrant workers' social adaptation.
    On Improving the Community Youth's Ideological and Political Work
    A research on the community integration and adaptation of urban migrant workers
    From the Community Corrects Sees after the Young Criminal Is Released from Prison Meets the Question
    First, it is the community that serves as the background for the formation of these teenagers' religious values, and religious atmosphere in the community as a whole emerges a trend of desalination and affect the teenagers' religious values greatly.
    首先,社区为青少年宗教价值观的形成提供了背景,整个社区的宗教氛围有“淡化”倾向。 这一倾向对青少年的宗教价值观产生了重要影响。
    Section A: Comparing and analyzing how much the youths are satisfied with the school education, family education and the community education, this thesis concludes four social educational types, then probes in the inner and outer reasons of its formation.
    and b) efforts in community mental health should be more attached to primary prevention and focused on individual with the precondition that the training of the community workers be developed.
    The conclusion of criminal causes made by the shortage of social support demands public polices worked out to prevent the juvenile delinquency, and to formulate the new prevention notion for them to offer essential social support. Meanwhile, guided by this conclusion, the social supporting system must be constructed on ground of the community inorder to maintain the existence and the development of the youngsters, coordinated sets of government measures must be taken to ensure its formation and operation as well.
    This text is right in terms of case interview, the young criminal's basic train of thought of life is investigated to releasing from prison, analyse reason and consequence that they can't meet the society , summarize the experience and lessons, offer reference for popularizing the system of correcting of the community to draw lessons from .
    In the 21st century, as we put forward constructing the lifelong education system and establishing a learning society, the adult education scholars and the community education managers cannot help but pay more attention on how to develop community education for migrant workers as well as how to promote community education development rapidly.
    The following methods are used in this paper on the community education resource development: literature research, questionnaire survey, scene observation, visitation and discussion.
    The author holds that the revival of the village clan culture during the Reform Period of China has its deep - rooted social and economic canses. Though it will definitely hinder the development of village politics and modernization, it still plays a somewhat positive role in stabilizing the community and uniting the people at the initial stage of socialism in China.
    Dealing with the basic forms and foundamental contents are two important aspects in improving the Community youth ideological and political work.
    We should pay more attention to the basic forms and contents in order to meet the requirements of the development of the community youth ideological and political work.
    Therefore, to establish the effective and capable community trade unions' organizations is sure to give full scope to its irreplaceable function in promoting the economic development of the community, safeguarding the rights and interests of staff and workers and establishing stable and peaceful community interpersonal relationship.
    Carrying on trade union work in building communities, the community trade unions in Dong Cheng District have made an active explorations in promoting the work of organizing trade unions in the new enterprises and asserting the legitimate rights of workers and staff in communities.
    东城区社区工会将工会工作融入社区建设 ,在推动社区内新建企业建会 ,维护社区内企业职工合法权益等方面做出了积极探索
    Clan activities has been universal in our country due to the deep-rooted clan ideas, the living style of members of the same clan, the community cultural lag and so on.
    由于根深蒂固的宗法观念、“亲族聚居”的居处方式、社区文化建设落后等原因 ,我国农村的宗族活动已成为一个较为普遍的现象。


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