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    Conclusions The third method embodies the evaluation of patients to nursing work much better, judges the merits and shortcomings of nursing work much well and more scientifically, predict the implied and potential demands of the patients, thus promoting the continuous advancement of the quality of nursing service effectively.
    Then, the paper gives its views that by the new evaluation method, the library benefits can be estimated scientifically according to the quality defined by users, which will foster a culture of excellence in providing library service to put the users and libraries in a win-win situation.
    It has a profound historical significance for enlightening us to widen the ideas, reforming musical educational pattern, educational idea, teaching way and promoting the further development of educational-system reform in China to summarize and analyze the better achievements of musical educational theory & practice abroad and to absorb and use scientifically them in accordance with the situation of China.
    Protecting and Developing Dujiangyan Project scientifically
    Analyze performance scientifically with statistical method
    How to Review a Research Paper on Educational Experiment scientifically
    How to scientifically choose spraying equipments
    Actively and Scientifically Carry Through Mental Health Education
    Scientifically Summarize Historical Experience and Accelerate the Development of Socialism in China
    科学地总结历史经验 推进我国社会主义事业发展
    On How to Develop the Traditional Wushu Scientifically
    To Turn the Campus Environment Green and to Scientifically Develop and Make Use of Athletics Courses Resources
    With the rapid development of computer techniques and the social informization, it's necessary and magnificent to make computer in use of the process of education surveying and assessing, to standardize the development of education informization through scientifically establishing the education informization assessing system by exactly definiting its elements.
    Though developing this study, we can scientifically forecast the effect of plugging water and optimize the technology of plugging water, supply decision-making gist for exploitative scheme and oil production engineering programming.
    在此基础上,根据不同地质条件和开发状况的油井堵水的效果预测和经济评价结果,确定出油井堵水成功的技术政策界限。 通过开展此项研究,可科学地预测堵水措施的效果,优化堵水施工,为油藏开发方案及采油工程规划提供决策依据。
    Hence, it is of great significance to make a thorough study of the efficient functioning of theory of political system reform, to understanding of the strategy position of it scientifically and to promote actively the political system and economic system reform in 21 the century.
    而政治体制改革的重要原因就在于中国目前的政治体制在一定程度上缺乏有效运行,严重阻碍了经济体制改革以至整个社会的进一步发展。 因此,深入研究政治体制的有效运行理论,对于科学地认识政治体制改革的战略地位,积极推进21世纪的政治体制改革和经济体制改革,具有重要意义。
    This paper is based on the analysis of the problems in evaluation, following the spirits of the quality education and the curriculum reform, and combining the theory with practice to form the new evaluation standards and contents, then we can evaluate the classroom teaching scientifically.
    At the same time, the fully using of digital map helped to scientifically set the location of shots and detectors, and the quality control was carried on in the distribution promptly to check up the cover frequencies of underground bin, azimuth and offsets to make sure the completeness of seismic data in city area(Burg,J.B,1964;Brown,A.R,1992;Sherff.W.C,1990).
    Based on serving the citrus industry, study was carried out to systematically compare the varying characters of multi-index under drought stress and scientifically determine the reasonableness of the indexes for use.
    In order to meet the demand of marketing and management of enterprises, it is necessary to control inventory scientifically.
    It is necessary to scientifically assess ecological benefits and tourism suitability of national environmental quality in forest parks for developing forest tourism resources.


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