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a scientific way
    Objective To seek a rational method of estimating the demands for medical services so as to work out regional health planning in a scientific way.
    目的 探求科学合理的医疗服务需求估计方法 ,以便科学地制订区域卫生规划。
    This article reexamines the inherent peculiarity of campus culture and analyzes in a scientific way those factors related to the construction and development of campus culture.
    本文对校园文化的内在特质进行了重新审视 ,科学地分析了校园文化建设与发展中的相关因素
    It is necessary to carry forward the scientific outlook on development in promoting China’s MF industry, to clearly define the traditional MF and the modern one and to push forward the modern MF in a scientific way while developing the traditional MF in a rational way, so as to put forth scientific evaluation on the development status of MF industry, work out resolutions to MF problems and improve the theoretic system for MF study.
    从研究情况分析,如何把科学发展理念落实到中国物流产业发展,正确认识物的流动理论(Material Flow,简称MF)以及如何正确认识和界定传统物流和现代物流、科学地发展现代物流、合理地发展传统物流,从而对我国物流发展状态进行科学评价,提出我国物流产业发展的对策措施等等问题,尚缺乏较完整的理论体系。
    It is the important basis and the jumping-off placespringboard. of our country's education work on ideology and politics to analyze in a scientific way the changes of our country's social structures and its effects on the education work on ideology and politics.
    If the grid system itself or the administrator wants to schedule and optimize the grid computing in a scientific way, there need some good scheduling and optimizing schemas.
    (4) Identify the railway passengers' current needs accurately and precisely through the research on consumer behavior which helps to forecast their potential needs, understand those target consumers better, and position, segment the market in a scientific way. Provide the consulting service in the view of consumer psychology for East China railway enterprise's marketing strategy and tactics.
    Deng xiaoping, under the guidance of dialectical materialism ,revealed the nature of socialism in a scientific way with a creative application of the following logical ways of thinking:i) the way of rethinking and comparison.
    在社会主义本质论断的形成过程中,邓小平以唯物辩证法为指导,创造性地运用逻辑思维方法,科学地揭示了社会主义的本质。 在邓小平社会主义本质的思维行程中,其运用的逻辑思维方法主要有三个:一是反思与比较相结合的方法。
    All the ideas raised in the paper are reliable and valuable to implement the fruits of STDC in a scientific way, which enhances the competitive capability of higher institutes, and eventually prompt the whole nation's competitive in the whole world.
    Therefore, it is of great importance to analyze the causes of the urban labor unemployment problem and the reemployment barriers of Jilin province ,learn from other countries with successful experiences in dealing with the problem ,and formulate the employment policies of Jilin Province in a scientific way to solve the unempolyment problem and develop vigorously the original industrial base .
    So we must inherit, comprehend and master shadowboxing essentials in a scientific way.
    Different from the former schools, Marx integrated its concern and study of human being with the revealing of social history law by explaining men and their emancipation in the development of social history while taking men as the "key" for revealing the mystery of social historical law of development. Thus, it revealed human nature in a scientific way and laid a foundation for realizing human orientating.
    Although the strategy of Cooperative Learning Instructions have been used in many subjects, it is up to teachers to practice in a scientific way so that students can understand how to cooperate, how to study during cooperation, and consequently study constructively and effectively by this method.
    There are many difficult points that how to integrate the distinguishing feature into the tariff, how to design the tariff in a scientific way, and how to quantitative analysis the tariff.
    By correctly integrating the universal truth of Marxism with the revolutionary practicein China, Comrade Mao Zedong solved in a scientific way the problem of direction for China's new-democratic revolation.
    Additionally, the author also advances a set of standards of evaluation of the results of sports treatment, and at the same time assumes that it would be a scientific way to evaluate the effects of sports treatment if me can use the test data of modern medical science, psy- chology and biochemistry.
    此外,笔者还提出了一套对体育手段调节治疗效果评估的标准,并大胆设想用现 代医学、生理学、生物化学的测试数据来更科学地评估与评价体育调节治疗的效果, 以期起到抛砖引玉的作用。
    This paper has made a qualitative and quantitative analysis of it,applying in a scientific way the lumped quantitative data and different quantitative data to calculate the results of final exams made in four randon sampling classes and thus proved the advantages of adopting modern educational technological methods to the moral education teaching.
    本文做了定性定量的分析 ,科学地运用集中量数和差异量数全面地对随机抽出四个班级期终成绩进行计算 ,证明了德育教育运用现代教育技术手段的优势。
    In case that no mature source rock samples were available, to integrate the geological characteristics with the evolution history of oil pools should be a scientific way to divide petroleum systems.
    在缺乏成熟烃源岩样品的情况下 ,须结合油气藏的地质特征和演化历史 ,才能科学地划分含油气系统。
    Whether or not select the pillar industries in a scientific way is the key to turn the Inner Mongolia into an important fulcrum of North China.
    能否科学地确定主导产业群事关内蒙古能否在 2 1世纪成为我国北方重要支点 ,而主导产业的选择应建立在比较优势分析基础上。
    In the institution of higher leaning, the key to making the ideoblgical education vigorous is to analyze the problems it facing in a scientific way and stick to the truth of its content.
    高校思想政治教育工作必须树立科学意识 ,并以此对思想政治教育所面临的新情况、新问题进行科学地分析和研究 ,在思维、方法、手段等方面进行创新 ,在内容上坚持其科学性、真理性 ,并贯注时代精神 ,才能使思想政治教育充满生机与活力
    If concept schema is used in a scientific way students can be led to explore the occurrence and development of everything, examine and rectify their conclusions in the process and form scientific research methods.


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