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science and
    As a result, his political design has reached such a high level in science and practice that it has become an important model of China's reform & opening upand socialist modernizations as well as a new outcome in scientific and socialist practice.
    它是解困性与示范性、继承性与创新性、实践性与理论性、现时针对性与科学预示性设计的有机统一 ,从而使他的政治设计的科学严谨性和实践生命力达到了极高的境界 ,成为中国改革开放和现代化建设的根本范式和科学社会主义宝库中的新成果
    For a rational development of modern science and technology, it is necessary to seek the melting and mutual construction of Marxism and modern science and technology.
    马克思主义是人文精神与科学精神的精致结合。 为使现代科学技术得到长足、理性的发展 ,应该实现马克思主义与现代科学技术的融通与共建
    Be sure to insist on “Three Represents” thought, resolving the disjoint phenomenon of various theories and practice, science and thought.
    要切实以“三个代表”重要思想为指导 ,解决马克思主义理论教育中出现的种种理论与实践、科学与理想相脱节的现象
    Strengthening ability of administration construction to party,is it build a party for the interests of the people,to rule by Science and democracy. The party in power controlling political power according to law is a new demand put forward in the new period.
    With the development of practice and the times, it is endowed with some new meanings, including constant theories innovating, leading development of science and technology, forcing market economy, highlighting scientific administration, administration of farmers and workers, administrating according to law, providing people with more excellent cultural and ideological products, persisting in system reform and innovation guided by the ideology of advancement, etc.
    science and art are the apotheosis of free efforts;
    科学和艺术是自由活动的典范 ;
    The author points out the basis of the development outlook of science, and considers the development outlook of science as one of changing with times. The essence of development outlook of science is a harmonious development outlook focusing on human being.
    While the progressive development is currently challenged, and developmental concept of humanism shows its internal contradiction, the scientific development is granted new meanings in response to the historical changes, i.e., the realization of the heritage and creativity of the socialist development, unification of the science and value, and of the purpose and process.
    在当代,进步论的发展观受到挑战,人本主义的发展理念呈现出内在矛盾。 科学发展观因回应着时代变化具有了新的内涵,实现了社会主义发展观中继承与创新的统一,科学性与价值性的统一,目的合理性与过程合理性的统一。
    In a new historical period,Deng Xiaoping set forth the scientific theory of "science and technology are primary forces of production",establishing a brand-new standpoint of developing science and technology,enriching and developing Marxism,providing powerful ideological weapons for the construction of socialist modernizations in our country.
    Scientific theory includes natural science and social science.
    That economic development by science and technology was in conflict with humanism was the major background in which the theory of scientific development of "man being the root" was put forward.
    Deng Xiaoping held that technology is the first productive force,bringing forth the view that science and education,social science and natural science should go hand in hand in their development.
    Hu Jintao is in favor of "the view of scientific development" and "constructing a harmonious society",which implies the harmonious development between natural science and humanities.
    并提出建构世界科技伦理体系的主张及哲学社会科学与自然科学“四个同等重要”思想。 胡锦涛提出包含科学与人文协调发展含义的“科学发展观”及“建构和谐社会”主张。
    The Chinese Marxists have inherited and further developed the classical Marxists' view on the relationship between natural science and humanities.
    Modern rationalism had once proved western capitalist reasonable in theory. It had promoted the formation and the development of western science and humanist spirit.
    “Science and technology is the primary productive force”. The base of constructing the harmonious socialist society will not exist without the progress of science and the development of economic.
    holding high the banner of science and insisting on the direction of advanced culture;
    It is proposed that Marxist theory plays a role of guidance of science and value in social engineering,and social engineering in turn propels the development of Marxism theory.
    On the level of history and era,aiming at specific situation of China,Mao Ze-dong expouded the concept of culture,the relationship between culture and politics and economy using the standpoint and methods of Marxism,and on the basis of this,established the culture of new democracy creatively which was characteristic for China,revealed the content and character of new democracy,that is the culture of nation,science and populace;
    毛泽东站在历史与时代的高度,运用马克思主义的立场、观点和方法,针对中国的具体国情,阐述了文化的概念,文化与政治、经济的关系,在此基础上创造性地建构中国式的新民主主义的文化。 揭示了新民主主义文化的内容与特征,既民族的、科学的、大众的、世界性的文化;
    Marx and Engles' ideas of science and technology were important components of Marxism.


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