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    The Vibration Suppression Control of Flexible Spacecrafts
    Feature Extraction Algorithm for Spacecrafts Based-on Mathematical Morphology
    Pursuit-evasion Barrier of Two Spacecrafts Based on the Sightline Coordinate System
    Because the second generation star sensor has no attitude accumulation error, high pointing accuracy, fast fault-comeback ability, and completely self-determination guidance capability, it draws lots of attention. It is becoming the prior choice of the attitude measurement instruments for the current spacecrafts and the future ones.
    Then, for Remote Agent in "Deep Space One", which is the first intelligent autonomous control system operating in the spacecrafts, the configuration, function, system architecture and realization of Remote Agent are analyzed and discussed respectively. The fundamental ideas, the technology points to be solved, and the concerned realization for the intelligent autonomous control of spacecraft and its propulsion system are obtained and summarized.
    随后,针对“Remote Agent”智能自治控制系统,通过对其结构、功能、系统构成和应用实现等方面的剖析,总结出对空间飞行器及推进系统进行智能自治控制的基本思路、需要解决的技术难点及其相关的实现问题。
    Now, flywheels systems are elected as the actuators of attitude control system with high precision for most spacecrafts.
    In this paper the approach of variable structure control strategy (VSCS) is applied to the control problems of large flexible spacecrafts taking the nonlinear forces into consideration.
    This paper gives a multivariable reference model feedback design method for automatic docking system of two spacecrafts using the multivariable frequency domain theory, starting from the flight characteristics of the final approach phase during RVD between two spacecrafts in space.
    In the light of more and more titanium alloy material being used to produce important components of spacecrafts and problems existing in traditional jointing process,a fully shielded welding equipment has been developed.
    This paper deals with the large angle attitude maneuver control of spacecrafts.
    Because of violent temperature variations on the external surface of spacecrafts,the structural assembly exposed in space has a lot thermal deformation so that the pointing accuracy of the sensors mounted the assembly will drop evidently.
    外热流环境的变化会引起空间飞行器表面温度的剧烈变动 ,使裸露在外空间的结构组件产生较大的热变形 ,从而影响结构及相关敏感器的指向精度。
    When used in spacecrafts, carbon fiber/epoxy resin is affected severely by many factors of space environment, especially the atomic oxygen effect. Experiments were constructed to investigate the atomic oxygen erosion effect of this material with a ground based simulation facility, and as a function of temperature change.
    碳纤维 /环氧树脂用在空间飞行器上时 ,面临着空间环境中各种因素特别是原子氧效应的影响 ,因而在地面模拟设备中对这种材料进行了原子氧剥蚀效应试验研究 ,并且考察了温度变化的影响 .
    To solve the nonlinear attitude control problem of a class of spacecrafts, the strongly coupled dynamics model is decomposed into some subsystems and the coupling between the subsystems, unmodelled dynamics and exterior disturbances are regarded as the uncertainty of the system.
    针对一类空间飞行器的非线性姿态控制问题 ,首先通过变换将其强耦合模型分解成若干个子系统 ,把各子系统之间的耦合、未建模动态和外界扰动视为系统的不确定性。
    The simulation results show that under the noise level of 0.03 pixels error the calibration accuracy of 1 arc-second can be obtained by the scheme and it can meet the demand of high-accuracy attitude-measurement of modern space spacecrafts.
    仿真结果表明在 0.03 像素误差的噪声水平下该方案能够达到 1″精度,可以满足现代空间飞行器的高精度姿态测量要求。
    In the research of relative pose for spacecrafts based-on machine vision,the feature extraction algorithm was the basis of relative pose.
    A feature extraction algorithm for spacecrafts based-on mathematical morphology was proposed. Infused organically the attitude and orbit(information) of spacecrafts,structuring elements were reconstructed dynamically in feature(extraction) of this algorithm.
    The simulations show that this algorithm is a valid method to solve the problems of spacecrafts feature extraction. It is also especially valuable for the thought of structuring elements selecting dynamically to use in correlative research fields


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