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    The main function characteristic of the commercial chip PM3388 of ten port Gbit Ethernet chain interface and inside structure, are introduccd in this paper the design of chain interface system of Ethernet based on PM3388 chip is explainedand realized, test result indicates the system meets 10×1G Ethernet frame performance demand that it is processed by line rate.
    The author has mainly finished the following study and work:1. The hardware design of the security gateway based on Network Processor IXP425 and PCI Encryption Card SafeXcel-1741. IXP425 as one of the latest Network Processor, which has a two micro core structure, integrating an XSCALE core works at 533MHZ and three Network Processing Engines, can process the data from network at wire speed.
    1、基于网络处理器IXP425和PCI加密卡SafeXcel-1741的安全网关硬件设计。 IXP425作为新一代的网络处理器,采用双内核结构,集成了一个工作频率高达533MHZ的XSCALE核和三个网络处理引擎,具有线速处理网络数据的能力。
    This paper analyzes the iuput and output processing flow in the 10G LAN convergence interface board, realizes line speed disposal of 10G with pipeline processing architecture, and realizes a high speed table lookup pipeline by "FPGA+TCAM+SRAM" which can implement the lookup speed at 100 million searches per second.
    (?) 分析10GLAN汇聚接口板FPGA的输入、输出处理流程,采用流水线技术实现了输入、输出的10G线速处理,并采用FPGA+TCAM+SRAM方式实现输出查表,达到了100MSPS的查找速度。
    Network processor is one core technology of next generation network and will become the core component of new types of backbone devices such as routers and switches.
    Processor hierarchy are used for guaranty that bottom hierarchy can provide line speed and high hierarchy can have enough cycles to process data needed a large amount of transaction times.
    Based on network protocol processing, NP is a new type of RISC processor with special architectural features that are optimized to perform packet-processing functions. This type of processor has emerged to cope with the ever-changing networking applications that are becoming increasingly complex, and will be the core component of new types of backbone devices such as routers and switches.
    Tests indicate the PBT algorithm instance in Network Processor can enable searches at wire speed of up to 50 complicated, intersecting gateway rules, or up to 1000 nonintersecting rules with irregular domains of application.
    Besides we deduct the CRC-32 implement circuit mathematically, which has the line-speed calculation capacity. So we can clear the two obstacles to implement LC-ATM interface.
    Also in the rapid growing broadband IP network, such as SONET, the data queueing management is widely used on dealing with huge traffic streams and different service classes in a wire speed.
    同时伴随着SONET 等这些宽带IP 网络的应用,对庞大的数据和流量类型进行线速处理成为迫切的需求,传统的数据队列管理技术已经不能满足需求。
    The test results indicate that our device function correctly in the above environment with the line rate performance, and this pre-positive system can satisfy the requirements of the whole mobile Internet supervision system.
    Programmable network processors provide system flexibility while delivering the high-performance hardware functions required to process packets at wire speed.
    Analysis shows that the reconfigurable feature of this architecture can accommodate the changing of the intrusion modes and process the network packet at line rate.
    Network processor is a specific chipset for processing network packets at line-speed.
    The article introduces a new design of wan card based on IXP1200 network processor. The design, which makes full use of the strong capability of processing data and flexibility of network processor, realizes it and we can depend on requests to add new functions and characteristics.
    本文提出了一种基于网络处理器 IXP12 0 0的以太网上联卡设计方案 ,利用网络处理器强大的数据处理能力和高度灵活性 ,实现对数据的线速处理 ,并可根据需要增加新的功能和特性
    The article introduces a newdesign of wan card based on IXP1200network processor. The design,which makes full use of the strong capability of processing data and flexibility of network processor,realizes the high speed and we can depend on requests to add newfunctions and characteristics.
    文章提出了一种基于网络处理器IXP1200的以太网上联卡设计方案 ,该方案利用IXP1200网络处理器强大的数据处理能力和高度的灵活性来实现对数据的线速处理 ,同时也可根据需要增加新的功能
    In comparison with the traditional technique it not only holds the well expansibility,but also lightens the load of CPU,the most important is enhances the process speed more.
    The programmable network processor provides not only the hardware function of processing data in line speed but also has tremendous system flexibility .
    The test result indicates that this interface has reached line rate performance of ten gigabits.
    Test resulte shows that this application fit the design requirement of 10 ports Gbit ethernet frame line- speed processing.
    It uses several FPGAs to implement the VPN functions and place a general-purpose processor outside the data path to do the system management and configuration function.
    它的特点是用FPGA方式完成VPN网关的实时处理,而将通用处理机置于数据通路之外,完成系统配置和管理功能。 这种构架的VPN实时性好,可以线速处理IP包,而且易于管理。


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