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line rate
    The main function characteristic of the commercial chip PM3388 of ten port Gbit Ethernet chain interface and inside structure, are introduccd in this paper the design of chain interface system of Ethernet based on PM3388 chip is explainedand realized, test result indicates the system meets 10×1G Ethernet frame performance demand that it is processed by line rate.
    A Way to Achieve Line rate Forward Ability of PIM-SM
    Parallel packet process architecture of line rate router and performance analysis
    The employing of network processor and HSIPBG proved to allows the solution for firewall working line rate in 1G or higher broadband with high performance and expansibility by experiment.
    During the implementation of the firewall, we first built an IPforwarding system, which could forward packets at line rate in a giga network.
    我们首先实现的是利用微引擎进行高速IP转发的IP转发系统:在Intel IXA SDK提供的源码的基础上进行修改和连接,初步实现防火墙各微引擎功能模块,使系统能够在千兆网络环境下线速转发所有数据包。
    After theoretical analysis using packet classification perspective and considering advantages brought by the hardware platform, assistant data structure for each microblock and its lookup flowchart are introduced. The design is validated by tests under critical circumstance respectively to each module. It also proves that the system could generally run well in the line rate.
    The pre-positive system’s standard line rate test is also performed in the simulation CDMA packet network system, and then this thesis evaluates the test result and makes some improvements.
    The test results indicate that our device function correctly in the above environment with the line rate performance, and this pre-positive system can satisfy the requirements of the whole mobile Internet supervision system.
    During the implementation of the firewall, we built a system which could forward packets at line rate in a Giga network.
    Network processor has powerful line rate packet processing capability and flexible programmability.
    This paper proposes a routing lookup algorithm that can be realized by hardware in a pipeline fashion. OC768 line rate can be supported in the worst case.
    Analysis shows that the reconfigurable feature of this architecture can accommodate the changing of the intrusion modes and process the network packet at line rate.
    In core routers QoS has a higher requirement to priority queue performance. Diff -serv is expected to have OC-768(40Gbps)line rate,large available queue length and less least delay.
    Enlightened by radix sort algorithm,it proposes a int-serv suitable priority queue algorithm based on radix sort method in this paper with properties below:(1)OC-768line rate,no limits of priority levels,available queue length and acceptable least delay.
    ATM is famous for its complex technologies and high cost. Technologies such as IP, Gbit line rate router and MPLS have impacted ATM so much. Hence it hasn't been widely used.
    Meanwhile,at the CSIX interface,the CFrame should be constructed according to the actual size of the last cell of each IP packet. Above principles can guarantee forwarding IP packets at line rate.
    This article focuses on packet filtering firewall used on gigabit network and presents a packet classification algorithm called HSBIPG(Hash Search Based on IP Group). Then we analyze advantages and disadvantages of this algorithm. Finally, we implement a line rate gigabit packet filtering firewall using this algorithm on IXP2400 network processor and it proved to be feasible and efficient by experiment.
    针对千兆网下包过滤防火墙,提出了HSB IPG(Hash Search Based on IP Group)包分类算法,并分析了算法的优缺点,基于该算法用IXP2400实现了线速千兆包过滤防火墙,通过实验证明了此算法是可行和高效的。
    The test result indicates that this interface has reached line rate performance of ten gigabits.
    It is a great challenge to forward packets at line rate as the line rate grows rapidly.
    Then the forwarding engines are verified by xilix FPGA and the results show that the architecture is correct and the packet can be forwarded in 2.5G line rate.


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