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    The Role of Methionine-enkephalin and Antibody Against Opioid Receptor on Signal Transduction System in Mouse NS-1 Cells
    Cellular signaling in rapid intestinal epithelial restitution: implication of polyamines and K~+ channels
    The Pulsed Electric Field Effect on the Cell Signal Pathway Mediated by Insulin
    2. Serum containing Gongliuqing could antagonize the effect of IGF> IGF+E2, IGF+P, IGF+EGF on proliferation of uterine leiomyoma cells , which hinted Gongliuqing capsule acted on cell signal transfer pass of estrogeon/progesterone receptor and Growth factor receptor.
    CD2 plays an important role in the differentiation, maturation, activation and apoptosis of T lymphocyte. The CD2 cytoplasmic domain contributes in a central way to CD2 function.
    CD26/DPIV was functionally associated with T cell signal transduction processes which were capable of transmitting signals to T cell activiation.
    Therefore, It suggests that the possible mechanism of the inhibition of tumor growth by anti HER2/neu specific antibody probably through interfering with the activation of signal transduction system.
    Conclusion Low frequency vibration can stimulate signal transfer of osteoblasts,increase the NO and PGE2 release,thereby can be used to improve the osteogenic function of osteoblasts.
    结论 适当频率的振动可诱发成骨细胞的信号传递 ,促进成骨细胞增殖 ,增加NO和PGE2释放量 ,增强成骨细胞的成骨功能。
    Binding of CsA to CyPs leads to a complexes which inhibits communication in T cell.
    CyPs与CsA结合 ,阻断T细胞信号传递而实现免疫抑制。
    PLSCR1 was also shown to interact with several protein kinases including c-Abl, c-Src, protein kinase Cδ as well as some other proteins such as onzin, suggesting the roles of PLSCR1 in cell signaling.
    The characteristic of SH-PTP2 expression and its significance in hyperplastic scar formation
    Cellular signal transduction in ischemic/anoxic preconditioning
    Two important novel genes, a putative GTPase DRP and a LIMdomain transcription factor DATl, were selected fOr further studies basedon bioinfOrmatic ana1ysis.
    GF14 widely occurs in plant species functioning as aregulatory protein in cell signal transduction. A partial sequence, 413 bp in length , was cloned from the bulbs of F.
    3. More genes were down-regulated after SCI, especially those involved in signal transduction protein sy
    3脊髓损伤后,以编码细胞信号传递蛋白、蛋白翻译合成及能量代谢相关蛋白的基因发生差异表达为主。 4脊髓损伤后表达抑制的基因多于表达升高基因。
    To learn the functions of increased expression of Aiks kinase in liver tumor, first we should know their positions in the cell signal transduction network and their cascade orders.
    We further showed that, in hippocampal slices, neuronal signaling toboth astrocyte and NG2 glial cell exhibited LTP-like plasticity following tetanusstimulation of Schaffer collaterals (Sc).
    我们发现,神经元LTP 的诱导依赖于星型胶质细胞所分泌的NMDA 受体co-agonist D-丝氨酸。 我们还发现神经元到星型胶质细胞和到NG2 胶质细胞的信号传递都可以诱导产生长时程可塑性。
    Macrophage colony stimulating-factor (M-CSF) and its receptor (M-CSF-R), a pair of signal molecules, play important roles in stimulating the survival, proliferation and differentiation of monocytic lineage cells. Encoded by the proto-oncogene c-fms, M-CSF-R contains a cytoplasmic protein tyrosine kinase domain.
    nm23 gene, a normal human structural gene, which encodes a protein with nucleoside diphosphate kinase enzyme activity, plays an important role in the regulation of cellular signal transduction, proliferation and differentiation.


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