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    A Formula and It's Result of the Number of Complete Binary Tree
    Three-dimensional Cardiac Simulation Model and It's Computer Simulation——Ⅰ. Implementing Principles of the Model and Simulation Results
    Callus Indument and Liquid Culture of Panax quinque folium and the Effect of MgSO_4 Content on It
    The results showed that panicle quantity types,which was 80% of the plan,main used the 0、0-2、0-3、0-4、0-3-1 tillers. When it was 100% of the plan,it main used 0、0-2、0-3、0-4、0-5、0-2-1 tillers.
    Methyl-furoate is synthesized from furfural by Cannizzaro reaction,acyl chloride reaction and esterification. It showed that the time of esterification is only 2.5 hours and the yield can reach 85.0%.
    The relationship between the main welding parameters and welding quality were analyzed according to the experiment results, and it laid the groundwork for the optimization of welding parameters and the promotion of welding performance.
    After the computer simulation,the result shows that this model accurately fits the 60GHz wave transmission characteristics and it can also analyze them statistically.
    A gel documentation system and QUANTITY ONES software were used to analyze the data results. Results It was testified that four genotypes A,B,C and D of PCR-RFLP were revealed when respectively digested with AluⅠ and BsrⅠ,but the distributions of the four genotype strains showed no difference(P>0.05).
    结果ALuⅠ-RFLP和BsrⅠ-RFLP产生A、B、C、D 4种基因型,但4种基因型在不同耐酸力菌株的分布差异没有统计学意义(P>0.05)。
    It was found that an amaranth complex with a maximum absorption wavelength at 596 nm and a molar absorptivity of 5.75×104 L·mol-1·cm-1 was formed between SQNPT and Cu2+ in Na2B4O7 buffer solution(pH 9.0) in the presence of the emulsifier OP.
    结果表明,在pH 9.0的硼砂缓冲溶液中,有乳化剂OP存在时目标化合物与Cu2+形成一种紫红色配合物,其最大吸收波长为596 nm,摩尔吸光系数ε为5.75×104L.
    It was showed that the stability of TiO_2/ZnO water sol increased with increase of ZnO rate and dosage of acetic acid.
    It was found that the percentage of grafting increases with the increase of initiator,AGES concentration,time and temperature.
    RESULTS YHCE significantly inhibited the temperature rise and the mRNA expression of COX-2.But it had no obvious effect on the mRNA expression of COX-1.CONCLUSION YHCE has obvious antipyretic effect and its mechanism may be related to its inhibition of the mRNA expression of COX-2 in hypothalamus of fever rats.
    结果YHCE能明显抑制发热大鼠的体温上升,抑制下丘脑中COX-2的mRNA表达,而对下丘脑中COX-1的mRNA无明显影响。 结论YHCE有明显的解热作用,其机制可能与抑制发热大鼠下丘脑中COX-2的mRNA表达有关。
    RESULTS The acquired gene was 274 bp and it was inserted into pGEX1-λT plasmid successfully.
    结果PCR扩增得到274 bp的片段,并成功插入pGEX1-λT质粒;
    The results show that dumping contaminated dredged material caused a certain degree of degradation to the quality of the seawater in 90s,which belonged to the second level,and it maintained the good state in recent years,which belonged to the first level.
    It was proved that quite steady results could be achieved by using EcoRⅠ/MseⅠ double enzymes digestion, three selective base primers, 1∶6 (w∶w) EcoRⅠ/MseⅠ selective primers, and 20 μl volume of selective amplification.
    The tested results from the IBM xSeries X206m show that it can improve the efficiency of around 20 times compared with the results of the Domain-free technology.
    在IBM xSeries X206m服务器上测试结果表明,与不用Domain技术测试比较,可以提高20倍左右的效率.
    It is also brought the functionality of fault-tolerant and the ability to add storage resource dynamically. The experiment result proves that,even though the proposed subsystem may bring more overhead,VISA still outperforms traditional storage network system such as iSCSI with Linux MD in both transfer delay and throughput,the increase is 8.2 % to 21.0 % and 8.7 % to 11.9 % respectively.
    测试结果表明:在加入了基于块级的元数据管理功能带来相应开销的情况下,VISA存储网络系统原型与传统存储网络系统iSCSI+Linux MD相比,传输延迟减少了8.2%~21.0%,传输吞吐率提高了8.7%~11.9%.
    It shows that as heating rate rises from 10 ℃/min to 40 ℃/min,maximum mass loss rate and maximum release quantity of heat have risen 3 times and 1.5 times for each other. Combustion characteristic indexes were risen from 13 to 16 times. Activation energy differ 5~30 kJ/mol in different combustion temperature ranges.
    结果表明:随着升温速率由10℃/min增加到40℃/min,其最大失重速率和最大失热量分别增加了3倍和1.5倍左右,综合燃烧特性指数增加了13~16倍,活化能在其不同燃烧区段相差5~30 kJ/mol.
    It shows that aleuritic acid containing in the products can reach 98.50%-99.63%,and the yield of aleuritic acid can reach more than 24.0% even though the saponification time is just only 10 min at 75 ℃ aided with ultrasonic wave.
    结果表明,在75℃、250 W超声强度下皂化10 m in,所得紫胶桐酸质量分数可达98.50%—99.63%,收率大于24.0%。


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