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the result
    In order to have an optimal water level control,this paper gives the result of fuzzy controller and integralcontroller export in phase.
    The result shows that the cathodic process of cerium (Ⅲ) ion in the melt consists of two steps: Ce~(3+)+e~-=Ce~(2+) and Ce~(2+)+2e~-=Ce.
    The result show: the risetime, FWHM and fall time of the single φ80mm × 800μm PIN detector is respectively 23,62,94ns; With the numbers of PIN detectors increasing, the time respond is slower; When the number of PIN detectors is six,the risetime,FWHM and fall time is respectively 40,306,652ns.
    实验测量结果表明:单个φ80mm×0.8mm PIN探测器的波形时间响应前沿、半高宽、后沿依次约为:23、62、94ns, 随着构成的探测器阵列的单一PIN探测器数量增加,阵列探测器的时间响应越来越慢,单一PIN探测器数量达到6 个时,时间响应前沿、半高宽、后沿依次约为:40、306、652ns。
    The result is satisfied with experiment and calculation.
    Compared with other methods, the result of the monolayer critical problem is quite closed to that of P3 or 54approximation.
    X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis show that the UO2 is major intermediate resultant of reaction and the final product is U3O8.The experiment of CO2 and U(UO2) is done and the result shows that there is a chemical process of dissociation of the CO2 in the reaction.
    XRD物相分析结果表明UO_2为主要的中间产物,最终产物为U_3O_8。 U(UO_2)与CO_2的实验结果表明反应过程中存在解离生成CO的化学过程。
    The result in simulative experiment show: the decontamination efficiency (DF) of directness coating method on the surface of metal was from 99% to 87% with processing temperature increasing;
    采用制备的导电可剥离膜进行了模拟去污实验。 结果表明:对于人工沾污的金属样品,采用直接涂膜去污时,随着处理温度的升高,去污效率从99%到87%之间逐渐变小;
    The result show the effect of isotopic segregation is the key fact in the configuration of the liquid layer.
    The error propagation in two-filtermethod was also studied and it was found that the influence of uncertaintyof diffusion coefficient D and sampling flow rate q on the result of determ-ination of ~(222)Rn decreases significantly with the decreaae of the parameterμ(μ=O.06πDL/q,where L is the length of sampling tube).
    文中还分析了双滤膜法测~(222)Rn 的误差传递问题,结果表明,随着μ值(μ=0.06πDL/q,L 为采样管长度)的减小’D和取样流速 q 的误差对~(222)Rn 浓度测定结果的影响也显著减小。
    Based on the experimental data, a calculated expression isobtained as follows: W/μ=0.0095Re_(0.979) This experimental result is very close to the result of T.
    根据实验数据,得出了下列计算式: W_″/μ=0.0095Re~(0.97) 本实验结果与T.
    The numerical results of FEL-2-A have been compared with those of FRED and the experimental data of LLNL (TE01). The result is satisfied.
    The result shows that after working gas injection,the density increases and plasma performance is improved.
    The temperature range for obtaining dense pyrolytical carbon layer with density of1.90±0.10g/cm ̄3 is between 1360 ̄1420℃ The result of experiment which is designed according to the data obtained matches up to the expected value.
    The possible cause for the result is discussed.
    The application of Japan SANNO high pressure water jet device to decontaminate the plastic ground , painting wall surface , ceramic tile ground , stainless steel covering, carbonsteel covering,cement mortar ground and terrazzo ground in process rooms of nuclear reactor is introduced ,as well as the experimental process,the result and the evaluation on decontamination effect.
    The result shows that this injector can produce Φ1 mm×1 mm CH4 pellet with avelocity of 450 m/s,with good repetition and integrity, and with divergence angle less than ±0.3.
    In topcolor assisted technicolor scheme,we calculate the correction of the neutral color octet PG boson P 0 a to top quark production at the Tevatron. The result is that the PG boson P 0 a can significantly enhance the top quark production cross section.
    The result shows that the effective local ΛN potential,as an approximation,cannot offer a reasonable explanation of the empirical data, while the non-local ΛN potential,also as an approximation,can provide a reasonable range of the binding energy of 5 ΛHe and correct ordering of the energy levers of 4 ΛH, 4 ΛHe.
    结果显示 ,近似的等效定域ΛN相互作用位不能给出正确的超核结合能 ,而非定域ΛN位能给出超核5 ΛHe结合能的合理范围以及超核4ΛHe和4ΛH能级的正确顺序 .
    The result of experiment shows that the dependence of LiF(Mg,Cu,P)thermoluminescent dosimeter’s response on LET of the ionizing particle is very significant.
    实验结果表明 :LiF(Mg、Cu、P) TLD的响应对致电离粒子LET的依赖性是显著的。
    The result shows that the concentration of Al 3+ in solution and the acid consumption increase rapidly under microwave comparing with normal leaching condition.
    结果表明 :微波辐照溶解与非辐照相比 ,Al3+浓度成倍增加 ,酸耗也随之增加。


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