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    A Formula and It's Result of the Number of Complete Binary Tree
    The result shows that a decision tree can be quickly built by calculating each attribute's information gain for each sample in a test set,and it can effectively avoid subjective affection.
    The following conclusions are proved:(1) Let X= Πσ ∈ΣXσbe │Σ│-paracompact,then it is weakly subortho-compact if Πσ∈FXσis weakly subortho-compact for every F∈[Σ]< ω.
    文章证明了如下结果:(1)如果X=Πσ∈ΣXσ是│Σ│-仿紧空间,则X是弱subortho-紧空间当且仅当F∈[Σ]<ω,X=Πσ∈F Xσ是弱subortho-紧空间。
    It puts forward the function one direction S-rough sets,discovery and applications of investment risk F-laws by using these results.
    Results It is get that PQ(respectively,P-Q) is Drazin invertible if and only if Q0(respectively,I-Q0) is invertible.
    The superiority of the algorithm is tested through cases and the simulated result shows that it has high efficiency,rapid speed of convergence and strong capability of global search.
    On the basis of sectors data, it has been found that the direct effects of FDI on Shanghai′s TFP development are stronger than the effects of FDI technology spillovers on Shanghai′s local enterprises.
    The result shows that the contribution rate of the human capital is greater it of the physical capital,but their difference in contribution rate is not very big.
    It is show that the bipartite Ramsey number br({C4,C6},K1,n) can be bounded by n+n1/3+2/3+On-1/3 from above,and br({C4,C6},K1,q3-q+1)=q3+1 for each prime power.
    It concludes that from 1990 to 2004 the TFP of 216 cities has increased,however,economic growth disparity has been relatively enlarged.
    In this paper,the multifractal analysis about sample paths of Brownian sheet W={W(s):s∈RN+ is discussed.The Hausdorff dimension results of fast points determinded by rectangle increments of Brownian sheet is obtained,and it is shown that for any T>0 and 1≥α≥0.
    Results It proposes the structure of second-order HMM(HMM2) on condition that observation noise is not independent of the Markov chain,and obtain the Baum-Welch algorithm of the model on condition that multiple observations is not independent.
    结果给出了在观测噪声和马尔可夫链不相互独立条件下二阶隐马尔可夫模型(second-or-der HMM:HMM2)的结构,获得了在多观测序列不相互独立的情况下HMM2的Baum-Welech学习算法。
    At the same time,it compares the analysis result with the technology development strategy object to review the reasonability and practicability.
    Abstract We give sufficient conditions under which for a sequences of nonnegative weakly convergent random variables when their (2+δ)th moments are finite andα>0.It generalizes Kaluszka and Okolewski's results~([2]) and gives complete proofs for their Theorem 3 and Theorem 4.
    This paper first obtains global asymptotic stability for a kind of third order rational difference equation. It solves the open problem 7.5.2 given in [M.R.S.Kulenovic and G.Ladas,Dynamics of Second Order Rational Difference Equations,with Open Problems and Conjectures,Chapman and Hall/CRC,2002], and moreover proves that there do not exist periodic solutions for this kind of equation;
    本文首先获得一类三阶有理型差分方程解的全局渐近稳定性结果,解决了[M.R.S.Kulenovic and G.Ladas,Dynamics of Second Order Rational Difference E-quations,with Open Problems and Conjectures,Chapman and Hall/CRC,2002.] 中的公开问题7.5.2,并证明了这类方程无周期解;
    Compared experi-mental data with weight Banzhaf-coleman value and Shapley value, it showed thatthere was perfect consistency betheen experimental outcomes and theoretical solu-tions by introducing concept of weight Banzhaf-coleman value.
    通过引入Banzhaf-coleman势值的概念,将实验数据与Banzhaf-coleman势值及Shapley 值对比,显示出实验结果与理论解有着较好的相容性.
    It is interesting thatthe results are evidently coincided with the known results in Harrison & pital (1996)when negative arrivals are poisson streams instead of the general renewal arrivals.
    The existence of the risk of economy system results from the uncertainty of man and economic environment. It is the striking problem faced by economy control engineering. Some results and developments of research on classical economy control engineering, roubust economy control engineering and finance control engineering were introduced.
    The results show that WACD(2,1) model fits the series of liquidity very well, and it can be used to describe and forecast liquidity in our security market.
    A Judgement Result and It's Application of Nonnegative Linear Operator on Hilbert Space


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