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    3-D dynamic finite element method analysis confirms that the rise time and stress level of the stress impulse as well as the specimen diameter have a significant effect on the testing result of CCCD-SHPB(central cracked circular disk-split Hopkinson pressure bar)dynamic fracture test system,and the dynamic fracture toughness under different loading rates can be achieved by changing the rise time and stress level of the stress impulse.
    3维动态有限元分析结果表明,脉冲上升沿时间、幅值及试件直径对CCCD-SHPB(central cracked circular disk-split Hopkinson pressure bar)动态断裂试验系统的试验结果有较大影响,改变脉冲上升沿时间或脉冲幅值可以得到不同加载速率下材料的动态断裂韧度。
    Spectral-element direct numerical simulation was conducted for the wake flow with Re below 175 and the result agreed well with experimental data.
    Numerical Analysis of Effect of Specimen's Geometric Size and Bar's Material on Testing Result for CCCD-SHPB Dynamic Fracture Test System
    In 1996, S. Klainerman and T. C. Sideris [23] showed the same result by applying energy estimates and Klainerman-Sobolev inequalities.
    The critical energy as the equivalence ratio (j)=2 was much more than that as =1. This result was consistent with the experimental one in gas detonation.
    当量比φ=2时所需的点火能量比φ=1时所需的点火能量大得多。 这一点,两相爆轰与气体中的爆轰点火能量的实验结果是一致的。
    The simulation result shows that the low-order model obtained by using mode norms, which keeps relatively important modes, is the better approximation of the original system than that of direct mode truncation, and is helpful to suppress the vibration of structures better.
    Two examples are tested successfully, the optimizing result tally better with the theory.
    Then the influence of different characteristic of structure and earthquake on pushover evaluating result was analyzed. It was demonstrated that different structural and earthquake characteristic had different influence on the results of pushover analysis method.
    Based on the result of FEM, dynamic stress intensity factor of three-point bending specimen is computed by approximate formulas. When specimen is loaded by regular impact loading, for example linear and sine loading, the results are consistent with that by FEM.
    In recent years, with the development of CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics) it has become an important research direction to use CFD to study the mechanism of the flow in the pump and then optimize the design with the simulation result.
    This proves result of finite element simulation is credible;
    First, experimental result validated the hard-sphere model and soft- sphere model.
    In this paper, it is a attempt that the dynamic analysis of structures is carried out against this low frequency part with lesser sampling points of wavelet decomposition, then data, and the results are compared with dynamic computation using the original earthquake record and result to multiple time-step length directly.
    所以本文尝试把由小波分解得到的采样点较少的低频部分用于结构的动力学计算,然后对所得数据进行不同重构处理,并把结果与使用原始地震纪录的动力学计算,以及直接成倍扩大时间步长的计算结果进行比较。 试图找到在各种情况下,既能根据需要尽可能多地减少计算量,精度又符合要求的数据处理方法。
    The result is satisfactory.
    result is similar to that given by Grady.
    When the shear rigidity C→∞, the result in this paper is coincided with the result of [5].
    The result shows that the frequency of the beam is effected by the different combination of initial deflection and initial pressure.
    The result shows that this influence can be ignored under certain conditions.
    The result shows that there is singularity of ln(A/r) for the strain field.


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