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    Numerical simulation has consistent result with experiment.
    The field enhanced coefficient of the fixed arc discharge has been deduced from the experiment result.
    In order to have an optimal water level control,this paper gives the result of fuzzy controller and integralcontroller export in phase.
    A number of model cavities were made based on the experimental results and the simulations by Mafia,and the good result was obtained.
    In comparison with the stripping spectra method,multiple linear regression method needn't stripping radios,and the calculating result has relation with the counts in Cs peak only,and the calculating uncertainty is reduced.
    This paper describes the procedure of Gas gain uniformity measurement for ME1/2 Cathode Strip Chambers, a method of data processing and it' s result.
    着重介绍CMS端盖μ系统CSC ME1/2型阴极条室气体增益均匀性的测量过程,数据处理及结果
    The experimental result measured actually under the same condition according to two kinds of TLD, the former is lower by 10.74% than the latter, this indicate the influence obviously exists.
    Japan. Based on fitted result of a mathematical model, a fitted formula Z~(3,03)=39655.5+1.55(dR/dV_T~(-1)) and a fitted curve were obtained.
    The result shows that the cathodic process of cerium (Ⅲ) ion in the melt consists of two steps: Ce~(3+)+e~-=Ce~(2+) and Ce~(2+)+2e~-=Ce.
    τ2 is attributed to the lifetime of positrons trapped at the hydrogen bubble. The increase of τ2 indicates the growth of the hydrogen bubble, and the decrease of I2 shows the reduction of the hydrogen bubble concentration. The experimental result shows a microscopic mechanism that the hydrogen bubble produced causes hydrogen embrittlement.
    The result show: the risetime, FWHM and fall time of the single φ80mm × 800μm PIN detector is respectively 23,62,94ns; With the numbers of PIN detectors increasing, the time respond is slower; When the number of PIN detectors is six,the risetime,FWHM and fall time is respectively 40,306,652ns.
    实验测量结果表明:单个φ80mm×0.8mm PIN探测器的波形时间响应前沿、半高宽、后沿依次约为:23、62、94ns, 随着构成的探测器阵列的单一PIN探测器数量增加,阵列探测器的时间响应越来越慢,单一PIN探测器数量达到6 个时,时间响应前沿、半高宽、后沿依次约为:40、306、652ns。
    Preliminary result of developing 4π silicon-ball detector
    The result is satisfied with experiment and calculation.
    Compared with other methods, the result of the monolayer critical problem is quite closed to that of P3 or 54approximation.
    X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis show that the UO2 is major intermediate resultant of reaction and the final product is U3O8.The experiment of CO2 and U(UO2) is done and the result shows that there is a chemical process of dissociation of the CO2 in the reaction.
    XRD物相分析结果表明UO_2为主要的中间产物,最终产物为U_3O_8。 U(UO_2)与CO_2的实验结果表明反应过程中存在解离生成CO的化学过程。
    The computer simulation result for the chip of the FPGA on the CFCTL module and the test result for the CFCTL module PCB have indicated that the design of the CFCTL module accords with the timing standard of the VME Bus and the demand from the the Trigger System of BESIII.
    Together, the influence of each parameters of cavities especially the first cavity in bunching section on microwave performance of the cavities and on dynamic simulation result is studied in detail. Finally, a physical design scheme of C-band accelerating tube design is gained. The detailed design parameters and dynamic simulation results are shown in the dissertation.
    The result in simulative experiment show: the decontamination efficiency (DF) of directness coating method on the surface of metal was from 99% to 87% with processing temperature increasing;
    采用制备的导电可剥离膜进行了模拟去污实验。 结果表明:对于人工沾污的金属样品,采用直接涂膜去污时,随着处理温度的升高,去污效率从99%到87%之间逐渐变小;
    4. Numerical simulation using CFD software is believable for the better consistent between simulation and test result.


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