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breeding practice
    In addition, breeding application ways of female parthenogenesis in dwarf and abortive wheat were analyzed and discussed from genetic theory and breeding practice.
    In breeding practice,sterile line D64A had been bred with D64B.
    Early generation stability is a special genetic phenomenon in rice breeding practice.
    Cluster analysis results of RAPD agreed with known pedigreeinformation to a certain extent while that of SSR were well reasonable and highlycorresponded to parentage, field data and breeding practice.
    RAPD的聚类结果与系谱亲缘关系具有一定的吻合度; 而SSR的聚类结果与系谱追踪具有较高的吻合度,与田间资料和育种实践也相符。
    In this research , by using of genomic in situ hybridization (GISH) , random amplified polymorphism DNA (RAPD) technology and three specific SCAR molecular markers, the author analyzed wheat hybrid generations carrying the desired genes that were resistant to take-all, BYDV and/or powdery mildew, and developed some alien chromosome addition and translocation lines that were important in breeding practice, and some specific molecular markers that could be applied in marker-assisted selection.
    The technique of low energy N+ ion beam implanting developed recent decade years, catched wide attention for its advantage over the conventional radiation breeding practice.
    低能重离子注入技术是近十几年发展起来的一项崭新的育种技术,由于它不同于常规辐射育种的优点而受到广泛的关注。 虽然低能重离子注入技术在植物遗传育种实践中取得了明显的效果,但就其诱变机理尚不十分清楚。
    Breeding practice manifested: to a certainty bound use large genetic difference parents to hybridize and breed always can get good breeding effect. So counter to the characteristic of these materials, selected that which with fairly far genetic relationship to apolegany, seed selecting excellent filial generation.
    It can be directly applied both to breeding practice and to modern genetics analysis such as molecular marking and so on.
    The potential value of the temperature sensitive male-sterile rice to theoratical research and breeding practice was discussed.
    The inheritance and breeding practice of Tai Gu nuclear male-sterile wheat were summarized in this article.
    Several key techniquesm in wheat breeding such as breeding objectives, breeding methods, progeny selection testing and good strains breeding were discussed. According to the breeding practice, relevant measures were put forward.
    Therefore, the non-staple bivalent frequency may be an important criterion for evaluating the hybrid strains, which is of the key significance in breeding practice for such agronomic character as fruit-bearing rate.
    The significance of the results on rice breeding practice and RFLP-based gene mapping were discussed.
    The feasibility of inducing parthenogenesis of dwarfing sterile wheat with chemicals and its application value in wheat breeding were discussed from angles of genetic theory and breeding practice.
    The breeding practice reviewed that receptor parent should possess some characteristics ,such as powerful seedling growth habit ,loose branches, big bolls ,according to the characteristics of Bt germplasm donor.
    The selection,improvement and utilization about principal Heterosis Groups and Models in Maize producing areas have been discussed Moreover,by considering the successful experence and the breeding practice,advice and proposal about the comprehensive utilization of principal utilized,local and exotic Germplasms were given.
    according to maize breeding practice of high yield and draught endurance .
    本文依据自己的育种实践 ,对耐旱丰产玉米育种的几个问题进行了讨论。
    According to the experience of adaptability breeding at home and abroad and the wheat breeding practice of drought resistance,the breeding technique and appraisal method of winter wheat with drought resistance,saving water and high yield were studied and discussed in the article.
    根据国内外适应性育种的经验 ,结合我们多年小麦抗旱育种实践 ,对培育兼具抗旱节水和高产冬小麦的育种技术及其评价方法进行了探讨 ;
    In breeding practice, two methods such as higher temperature or higher temperature with higher moisture pretreatment can be utilized to quickly recognize mist endosperm appearance, and can use the marker to conveniently eliminate low amylose materials in early generations.
    育种实践中可采用高温烘干和高温保湿预处理两种方法来快速识别胚乳云雾性状 ,并以此作为标记 ,早期特异性剔除低表观直链淀粉材料
    By using the analytic hierarchy process,the maize variety can be evaluated objectively and comprehensively and the result is suitable to the production and breeding practice.
    其综合值能客观全面地评价参试玉米杂交种 ,结果基本符合生产和育种实践


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