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    The mutation of fish breed by laser irradiation
    Full Utilized Wild Yak Genetic Resource and Breeding Yak New Breed——Qinghai plateau yak new breed "Datong Yak" breed match-series technology
    充分利用野牦牛遗传资源 培育牦牛新品种——青海高原牦牛新品种《大通牦牛》育种配套技术
    After integrated optimized, for sire line in sire breed, breeding benefit was increased by 127.03% and yearly genetical increase of integrated breeding value was improved by 49.43%, for sire line in dam breed, that was 119.95% and 47.79%, and for dam line in dam breed, that was 93.67% and 45.19%.
    综合优化后,父本父系育种效益提高127.03%,综合育种值年遗传进展提高49.43%; 母本父系育种效益提高119.95%,综合育种值年遗传进展提高47.79%;
    It is valuable in theory and practice to fuse inducible promoters to ornamental character (such as florescence and flower color) genes of chrysanthemum to study the expressing behavior, and to breed by transgene ulteriorly.
    W22 and W23 are the best materials in the 27 cultivals(breed lines), and they can be used to improve RMDF of other cultivars.
    27个品种(系)的机械损伤抗性可以依次分为差、较差、中、较好、好五个类群。 W22和W23可以作为育种中主要的机械损伤抗性来源。
    Molecular breeding is to breed new plant variety via improving or modifying genetic character of crop.
    But now, Biotechnology having large foreground in breeding means and the consummate organizational culture technology afforded powerful support for building virus free gene stock and transgene breed in grapevine.
    The result showed that, in the normal management condition, patrilineal breeds(J、 B) and matrilineal breeds (L、 D) were suitable for reproduction demands, and in 24 weeks old, the body weigh for each breed were as follow: J♂3434g、 ♀3392g, D♂3020g、 ♀2855g, LD♀2980g;
    It is the main task of the scientists to breed new variey of high steady yield and quality.
    Twelve blood bio-chemical index, body weight and size of Gansu modern meat sheep new population were determined, and blood bio-chemical genetics were researched in this study. Based on the study general behave of adaptability, heritability and developing ,Ideal individuals selected from hybrid F2 and F3 served as the traits of new breed population, which were used to culture new breed.
    The breed values of Cp AA genotype to them were -0.052 kg, -0.734 g respectively, that of Cp AB were -0.001 kg, 0.015 g, that of BB were 0.050 kg, 0.764 g.
    AA基因型 1 0 0日龄体重、日增重的育种值分别为 -0 .0 5 2 kg、 -0 .73 4g,AB分别为 -0 .0 0 1 kg、 0 .0 1 5 g,BB分别为 0 .0 5 0 kg、 0 .764g。
    The result showed that in irradiated swatch cells there are marked chromosome aberrances such as chromosome bridge, nucleus vacule and trail chromosome, there into, 4kγ-8kγ doses 60 ? Co-γ rays may be feasible doses to breed gladiolus.
    结果表明 ,与对照组相比 ,经过照射的样本细胞内具有染色体桥、核空泡化、落后染色体等染色体畸变现象 ,其中 4kγ - 8kγ剂量的60 Co -γ射线是较为适宜的唐菖蒲育种的照射剂量
    It is suggested that the innovation and application of polyploid germplasm, the isolation and purification of chimera types,enhancing breed efficiency with new technology, and the study in polyploid breeding should be paid more attention in the future.
    So breeding strategy of mutants of producing high yields cytidine is as follows: on the basis of using Bacillus subtilis as the starting strain,breed mutants which have CRDAE-6-AUr 2-TUr 5-FCr HAD-and so on genetic marks.
    According to general planning and marketable demand of the fine wool sheep breeding in our country,It took 8 years scientific and technical personnel of Xinjiang Agriculture Academy to breed Chinese Merino super fine strain under the lead of academician Liu.
    Interrelation and coordinatiln of agronomy and economic characters of summer sow cotton breed after cutting wheat
    A study on selection and breeding breed of Gongting chicken(Peking Oil-Chicken)
    Microorganism Breed Mutated by the Method of Low Energy Ion Injection
    Studying for breed u sing of Chrysanthmum tissue cultural technique


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