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    This paper discussed the design of maintenance outsourcing management system, including the system object design, architecture one and function one.
    The author, one of the principals of STUDY OF THE CONSULTING MANAGEMENT PROJECT BY SWOT, a subproject of the national subject THE ENTERPRISE DIAGNOSES TO BE APPLICABLE THE MEANS SETUP TO RESEARCH(NO:70161001, 2002-2004), an item supported by the Country Natural Science Fund, tries to supply, directed by the model which made by Problem-Group,some methods and tools of logic analysis for the generation of the consultingmanagement project.
    How should engineering colleges apply for National Nature Science Fund projects
    Supported by the State Natural Science Foundation Project "Formation mechanism and evolution processes of flood channels in the Changjiang estuary", this paper study systematically the formation and evolution, erosion and deposition, and features of dynamic sediment of flood channels in the Changjiang Estuary, and put forward a development model of the different flood channels.
    The guidebook of National Natural Science Fund Project in 2003 suggest that research on the index sign and evaluation system of medical treatment quality on the foundation of crowd health should be given the pecuniary aid as a very important project.
    The research of this article is from one of the national funded natural science subjects: the research of the organization habitual domains theory.
    A quickdetection method for global and local interference was developed and a suggestion of adopting theIso-Scallop method to obtain the optimum trajectory length was given. Case-based design technique is applied into the design process of agricultural machinery, with which
    Supported by the Natural Foundation of Shandong Province, the research topic of this thesis has been focused on the study of mobile robot localization and SLAM.
    This article is a subentry research of the Country Natural Sciences Fund Research " Research On Digitization Of City Road lighting" (Authorized Number 50378093) and Doctor Discipline Special Sciences Foundation Research"City Road lighting Safe Research" (Authorized Number 20050611007). It is for the purpose of consummating the road lighting theory and the design method, and provides a more scientific basis for the road lighting digitized system.
    The research project of the dissertation is the national natural science fund project. The main target of this project is to suppress the speckle of SAR or polarimetric SAR images.
    This paper's research work is an important component of the PAR method and a sub research'project of the Nation's Natural Science Fund Project "The Research of Applied Formal Develop Methods and Their Tools". This research's goal is to develop an auto program transforming system to transform an apla program to a C++ program.
    The thesis,which is a important part of the PAR method,is the important content of the project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China-"The research of a practical formal developing method and its tools".
    APLA-JAVA program transformer which this thesis researched is PAR method support tool. It is also one of keystone research content of National Natural Science Foundation of China.
    The research is from Fujian provincial natural science fund subject: "Computer & Communication Network Variable Structure Data Encryption and Security Research".
    The development of intelligent micromanipulator is becoming increasingly tiny and integrating, and accordingly the micromanipulators for assembling those components are required to have higher resolution and precision.
    本文是基于国家自然科学基金课题“智能微执行器系统的研制” (资助项目编号 69885001),同时也属于国家自然科学基金课题:“超声振动微切剖实验研究和系统研制”(60275031)的一部分,研究日益升温的并联微动机构特别是智能并联微操作器的开发和应用。
    sponsored by the Chinese nature&science fund project, "The research of Applied Formal Develop Methods and Their Tools",an auto program transforming system has been successfully worked out to shift any abstract programs described by Apia into another one recognized by most of the popular languages and operated directly by the target languge system.
    With the analyzing of the results of the cross experiment which was completed in the project "the compensating and comprehensive utilization of Jin Chuan slay and Jin Gang slay",its theoretic properties and misunderstandings during applications were anatomized.
    The work is an important part of task, study on heterogeneous catalysts of selective hydrogenation of a,- unsaturated aldehyde to a - unsaturated alcohol supported by National Natural Science Foundation (No.20266001). The unnoble metal Cobalt catalysts were selected in the reaction system. The study was both of theoretical significance of selective hydrogenation and practical significance of making full of abound bay oil resources in GuangXi province.
    As a part of project of National Natural Science Foundation of China - sea ice break and pile-up processes in front of semi-circular breakwater (50179003), this paper performs tests on ice-semi-circular breakwater interaction and ice force on the semi-circular breakwater at different ice velocities, and analyzes the effect of velocity and angle on ice forces.


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