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    Projects accepted and supported in 1999 in division of materia medica and pharmacology NSFC
    Projects accepted and supported in 2000 in division of materia medica and pharmacology NSFC
    Projects accepted and supported in 2002 in division of materia medica and pharmacology NSFC
    The electronics radiant technology in the domain of pharmacology——a new antitubercular preparation
    Prospects of Molecular Marine Pharmacology
    Conclusion This successful model is useful for the study of biology and pharmacology of human disc cells.
    Clinical Pharmacology and Aquatic Materia Medica in Pharmacal Treatment and Prevention
    Ethno Pharmacology and Development of New Drugs
    Reflections on improving the effectiveness of pharmacology classroom teaching
    In this monographic study, are the group of results of complementary study concerning to the ethnopharmacology, pharmacognosy, medicinal resource, numerical taxonomy, geographical distribution, chemo-ecology of rare elements of material medica Emblica Urinaria, phytochemistry and anti-neoplasm pharmacology of Chinese Phyllanthus.
    In recent years, the idea of nanometer has been permeated into many fields such as mechanics , pharmacology, biology, physics, chemistry, electronics, mechanics, materials science, and so on.
    Because of inherent high sensitivity, simplicity, a broad range of analytical applications with simple instruments, chemiluminescence(CL) has been received considerable attention in several analytical fields, such as bioengineering, pharmacology, molecular biology, clinic medicine, and environmental chemistry.
    Firstly we carried pharmacology experiment. Calcium chelator(EGTA) and calcium channel blocker (LaCl_3 and Verapamil) were separately injected into wheat leaves before inoculation to study their effects on HR.
    The design principle was discussed from pharmacology view and the pharmacology effect of venlafaxine was emphasized.
    The thought of Taoist dietetic life-nourishing develops gradually along with the maturation of the thought of early Taoist medicine-taking and the Chinese medical pharmacology.
    Controlled release of medicine is a new important direction of the modern pharmacology, the carrier used in the drug delivery usually is polymeric material.
    Use of physico-chemical phenomena is a good way of improving existing surfactants and creating new ones for use in pharmacology and biotechnology.
    This paper concisely analyzesthe cause and background of its spreading abroad, and further generalizes its deep and profound influence upon Japanese Kampo Medicine into the following three points: first, it helped to bring aboutthe Japanese "herbal surge" over 200 years, in which Wakam Pharmacology had an overall development;
    The ecological characteristics of kendyr including the abilities of stress resistance of drought, salt, high temperature, fightingwind-drift sand were analyzed, and the current studies of kendyr of botany, ecology, fiber, biochemistry, pharmacology were summarized. In additional, new suggestion of studies and practice on multifunction industrialization of kendyr was put forward.
    本文分析了罗布麻耐旱、耐盐、耐冻、耐高温、抗风沙等生态特征 ,概述了罗布麻植物学、生态学、纤维学、生物化学和药物学等方面的研究现状 ,提出了罗布麻多功能产业化的研究和实践的新建议。
    The light-scattering method of photon correlation spectroscopy for measuring the dispersed suspensions of sub-micron particles is discussed, and its applications in biology, microbiology and pharmacology are introduced.
    讨论了光子相关光谱 (PCS)技术的原理和测量过程 ,介绍了光子相关光谱方法在生物工程、药物学以及微生物领域的应用


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