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    The Experimental Research of Wave Loads on the Surface of Steel Cylinder Structures
    In order to obtain simultaneously and efficiently nonlinear wavetransformations in a harbor or coastal region, details of three dimensional flowaround structures and hydrodynamic loads of wave on marine structures,combining advantages of Boussinesq model and NS-VOF model, we unfolded thestudy of establishing Boussinesq / NS coupled numerical models.
    Dynamic triaxial tests are carried out to stimulate wave actions, results of which show that strength of silty soil is weakened under actions of cyclic loads and as a result of reduction of strength indexes the weakened silty soil tends to slide under the shearing actions of waves;
    The first part of the dissertation is laboratory experiment about the silty soils liquefaction from cyclic loads. Here the devices was designed by author himself and the cyclic air pressure was used to simulate waves.
    Based on the potential flow theory and making use of an open-sea Green's function with infinite images about side walls of flume, this paper presents theory study and numerical simulation about wave loads on arbitrary 3D objects in the flume in linearity frequency-domain.
    In the aseismic design of hydraulic structures, the hydrodynamic pressure on dams under earthquake loads is considered as an important load.
    A wave wall,an alternative means to seduce the quantity of fill,is widely used in the world,so this paper discussed also the methods of computation of wave loads on it.
    The results concerning fluctuating loads on orifice plates and diffusion chamber walls are given as well.
    Hydredynamic loads;
    The settlement test and lateral resistance test under static and dymamic loads are conducted for unburied pipelines and the results are compared with those from OTC 4067 and Finite Difference Method based on the analytical solutions.
    对半埋管道,首先进行了管道静置沉降试验,试验结果与国外有关资料进行了对照,并验证了以极限分析理论为基础建立的计算方法; 其次进行了管道侧向阻力试验以及往复荷载作用下管道侧向阻力及沉降试验
    Based on the existing calculation formulas,the uncertain factors in hydraulic calculation of flood drainage offtakes for small basin are analyzed,and the generalized resistances and generalized loads are analyzed and defined.
    基于现有计算公式 ,分析了小流域排洪沟水力计算中的不确定因素 ,对设计中的广义抗力和广义荷载进行了分析和假定 ;
    The wave pressure is one of important loads in sluices design. The calculating methods of wave element influence the magnitude of wave pressure.
    波浪压力是水闸设计中必须考虑的荷载之一 ,选择较为合适的波浪要素的计算方法 ,直接影响着波浪压力的大小 .
    The operation forms and influence factors of ice loads are expatiated in this article, and the primary formulas of ice loads on vertical picket in different countries' engineering criterions and advices are reviewed.
    Its aspect ratio of height to width is 8.49. Three parallel structural systems composed of the mega-structure, the reinforced concrete and braced steel services core and the outrigger trusses, are employed to resist lateral loads.
    Taking the frequent micro-moving of the ground surface and the normal combination of wind loads as the random ambient excitation of tall building,the identification of the low-grade model parameters for tall building is obvious.
    Based on the analysis of current situation and destroying patterns of the structure,this paper explores the weakening mechanism of soft soil under dynamic wave loads and criteria judging the structural destruction from the distribution of ground stress and relationship between static and dynamic stresses under wave actions,and in combination with dynamic tri-axial tests of soil.
    The pressures on the bottom of slab are measured by pressure transducers and hydrodynamic loads acting on the pile are measured by a four component balance.


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