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blue color
    The results show that the Tp of DSC curve reachs 85°C and the hide powder becomes dark blue color under the following condition: dosage of ginipin is 5% of dried hide powder, pH value is 7·5, tanning time is 24h.
    It exhibited red color at oxygen concentrations of less than 0.1 % and rapidly turned blue color while oxygen content reached 0.5 %.
    Kang Shuchun:New Economy with Blue Color Created by Network
    The sensitivities of macula fovea color threshold detecting method for patients in early stage were 62.12%(red color), 75.76% (green color) and 72.2% (blue color).
    In pH4 solution,iron (Fe~(3+)) can react with chrome vazurol S (CAS)and the color of the reacted solu tion changes from yellow to blue color.
    There were 269 clones of 5′ PCNA Lac Z′ fusion plasmid selected first by the blue color on X gal plate and then by hybridization with a 5′ PCNA probe.
    type Ⅱ,only AB positive,AB-PAS that represent pure blue color,containing acid mucoitin;
    Ⅱ型 ,AB PAS染色呈蓝色 ,含有AB阳性的酸性粘多糖 ;
    Absorption of visible light by Fe 2+ -Ti 4+ at 565 nm is the factor causing beautiful blue color, while black color results from Fe 3+ absorbing visible light at 442 nm. Coloring experiments were carried out to remove Fe 3+ as well as retain and add Fe 2+ and Ti 4+ , which prove to be successful.
    认为Fe2 + 与Ti4 + 对可见光 5 65nm的吸收是使蓝宝石产生美丽蓝色调的原因 ,而Fe3 + 对可见光 4 42nm的吸收是使蓝宝石呈黑色的原因 ,并在此基础上进行了以消除Fe3 + 、保障并增加Fe2 + 和Ti4 + 为宗旨的改色实验 ,取得了较好的效果。
    The iodine element in the salt with iodine on sale is in the existence of IO - 3; however, IO - 3 can be reduced into I 2 by I - in acid medium. The produced I 2 can be titrated by Na 2S 2O 3 standard titrant, with starch as indicator, titrating until the blue color in the solution disappears, then the amount of iodine in the salt with ioeine is obtained.
    市售加碘盐中的碘素主要以IO-3 的形式存在 ,而IO-3 在酸性介质中能被I-还原成I2 ,生成的I2 再用Na2 S2 O3 标准溶液滴定 ,以淀粉为指示剂 ,滴定至溶液的蓝色刚好消失为终点 ,从而求得加碘盐中的碘含量 .
    By adjusting the thickness of the NPVBi and Alq 3, in the device with the thickness of 30 nm NPVBi and 20 nm Alq 3, a good blue color purity of electroluminescence, of which the highest luminance is 708 cd/m 2, and the maximum luminous efficiency is estimated to be 1.13 lm/W, respectively, is achieved.
    通过调节NPVBi与Alq3 的厚度 ,获得了色纯度较好的NPVBi蓝色电致发光 ,最高亮度为 70 8cd/m2 ,最大流明效率为 1.13lm/W。
    Taking roughly 105°E as the boundary in the map, its eastern part of the China mainland is characterized by low gradient (blue color) background, appearing belt-shape structure of medium and high gradients as well as linear structure of gradient difference border.
    Blue Color ECD Has Wide Applieations
    Do you like blue color?
    9.3% surface reflectance is obtained through stopping etching when the blue color is appearing on the surface, which is lower than 15.7% reflectance of SiO2 layer ARC.
    30% of male gametophytes in the vegetative growth clones showed blue color after staining. About 5% of regenerated young sporophytes showed blue spots of which the area was about 0.1% to 60% of total surface area.
    幼孢子体中有5%左右不同部位染有蓝色,面积从0.1%到60%不等,提取DNA,用特异性PCR引物扩增得到与阳性对照一致的特异条带,空白对照和阴性对照没有相应条带,进行PCR-Southern印迹杂交,得到了阳性结果,从分子水平证明了 LacZ 基因在裙带菜中实现了稳定表达。
    4.The correlation between red color value and N content in plant's leaves was negative, the same as togreen color value. The correlation between blue color value and N content in plant's leaves waspositive.
    Most natural flowers display blue color because of FS'5'H gene expression.
    In 30% Me_2CO, 1N HCl medium, ferrocene reacts easily with Fe(Ⅲ) to form ferrocenium cation, which dissolves in water developing a blue color (with a reddish fluorescence).
    yellow and white color can't be distinguished at an altitude higher than 3,980 metres above sea-level: blue color can't be distinguished above an elevation of 2,640 metres, the rate of incorrect discrimination at a distance of 120 metres being 72.7 percent at this elevation and 78.8 percent at an altitude of 3,980 metres above sea level.
    对黄、白色在海拔3980米时出现错辨; 对蓝色则从海拔2640米以上开始产生错辨,尤其在距离120米处错辨率达72.7%,在海拔3980米距离为120米处错辨率达78.8%.
    This paper provided a recording liquid for ink jet recording system or for writting tools, in which the recording agent——phthalocyanine dyes has an excellent solubility in a liquidmedium containing water and a water-soluble organic solvent, these dyes can produce an ideal blue color and is less liable to cause clogging at the dischargng oriffice.
    以酞菁环为母体研制的系列蓝色染料,具有色调纯正、物理性能良好、在水和水溶性有机溶剂中有优良的溶解性能。 用这类染料所配制的蓝色记录液长期放置不会产生沉淀。


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