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show that
    The results show that the light steel-framed with web perforation can decrease the heat transfer coefficient of the composite wall The parameters of this steel structure is as follows: 4~6 rows of slots are recommended,the length of slots is 70~80 mm,the width of slots 2~3 mm,the distance between them in the transverse direction 6~9 mm and in the longitudinal direction is 20~30 mm.
    The results show that the optimal usage of cement is 467kg/m3,and the 90-day's compressive strength is 88% of concrete,which cast in air. The dimension of steel tube has prominent influence on experimental result.
    Test results show that gradation 1 and gradation 4,gradation 2 and gradation 3 have the similar performance of frost resistance; the frost resistance coefficient of the former is about 40% when the cycle of freezing and thawing is 50 and the coefficient of the latter is still larger than 70% when the cycle is 100.Besides,the former is much smaller than the latter and the frost resistance coefficient decreases with the increase of cycle of freezing and thawing.
    Results show that GCL1-D has good foaming performance and the bubbles with a maximum diameter of 1.0mm are fine and stable.
    The main influencing factors on the CCMP conversion ratio are examined. The experimental results show that under 700 r/min stirring rate,reflux temperature 92 ℃,V(OH-)/V(CCMP)=5∶1,10%(wt) of alkali solution concentration,DMF 15%~ 30%(wt) against to CCMP,20%~25%(wt) better,the reaction time 6 h,the conversion ratio of CCMP can reach over 95%.
    Equal dimension GM(1,1)? polynomial fitting are all applied for the prediction for the total amount of coal in this paper. The results show that equal dimension GM(1,1) is applicable and its precision is better than the traditional method of polynomial fitting and ordinary GM(1,1).
    The results show that the average recovery rate was 98.01%,97.43% and RSD=2.75%,2.83% respectively.
    The results show that the concentration of major salts and the phytohormones in MS medium affect the germinative capacity of the embryos and the suitable medium is 1/4 MS + KT 0.5 mg/L;
    The results show that the environmental temperature affects the load-carrying capacity of the strengthened RC beam to a certain degree,and the details are:(1) when the CFLs are in the thickness of 0.1,0.2,0.3 and 0.4 mm,the cracking loads of the strengthened beams respectively increase by 5.37%,10.46%,15.9% and 20.94% at a temperature increase of 30K;
    The results show that the pulse width and the pulse chirp affect the spectrum of the ultrashort pulsed cosine-Gaussian beams seriously. The spectrums of the ultrashort pulsed unchirped and chirped cosine-Gaussian beams are given,which draws a conclusion that the broad spectrum width is the original reason for the spatial singularity.
    Results show that 12C6+ beam irradiation can improve tansfection efficiency of AdCMV-GFP on murine melanoma cell B16 in a dose-dependent manner.
    The results show that the Al-1 active aluminum oxide is of good effect on adsorption and desorption in treating the wastewater.
    1,3-Dipolar cycloadditions of C82 (C2v) with N-methylazomethine have been studied at the PM3 level, and their mechanism and regiochemistry were investigated. Calculational analyses of these reactions show that 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions of C82 with N-methylazomethine follow a stepwise mechanism and these reactions are exothermic.
    The results show that CPVC and SBS must be dissolved with a two-step process,SBS must be dissolved after the dissolution of CPVC.
    The results show that dumping contaminated dredged material caused a certain degree of degradation to the quality of the seawater in 90s,which belonged to the second level,and it maintained the good state in recent years,which belonged to the first level.
    The tested results from the IBM xSeries X206m show that it can improve the efficiency of around 20 times compared with the results of the Domain-free technology.
    在IBM xSeries X206m服务器上测试结果表明,与不用Domain技术测试比较,可以提高20倍左右的效率.
    Tests results show that for infected hosts,the false positive was reduced from 85 % to 12 % and the average delay time of normal connection requests was shortened from 95.4 seconds to 5.6 seconds by using new methods.
    测试表明,在主机感染了蠕虫后,新方法将误报率从85%降低到12%,对正常连接请求的平均延迟时间从95.4 s降低到5.6 s.
    The simulation and test results show that under the power supply of 3.3 V,the circuit has the gain of 117 dB and low quiescent current of 15 μA.
    结果表明该比较器在电源电压为3.3 V时,增益达117 dB,总静态电流仅15μA.
    Simulation and experiments results show that the full information time-frequency methods can greatly improve the nicety and reliability of rotating machinery fault diagnosis.
    Experimental results show that the system has a better tracking performance,CE1 series cylinder can be applied in the general industry scene and it is also suitable in the modulation servo positioning system development.


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