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visual space
    Sense of Reality of TV News and Visual Space
    The Study on Form of Visual Space in Graphic Design
    Design of visual space is the use of modern design sense, also is a key link in the application performance, and it easily overlooked important issue in contemporary art and design.
    Simulation research on visual space distortion of rotational-stereo based micro measurement system
    With Micro die of microfluidic chips as the researching object, measuring the 3-D size of micro die as the goal, the research introduced the rotational stereoscopic vision theory to the measurement of MEMS components and developed a 3-D measurement device for micro die of microfluidic chips, thoroughly researched the rotational stereo measurement technology, the visual space distortion theory of micro visual space and calibration method for micro optical visual system.
    3 . The visual space distortion theory of micro visual measuring space was researched.
    The simulation results described a general law of 3-D visual space distortion in micro visual space and provided a theoretical evidence for the generation and rectification of actual distortion in visual space. Meanwhile, it provided a theoretical analysis basis for optical visual measuring or monitoring.
    1. The author introduces the transfer mechanism among digital memory, display media and visual space, the distributing characteristic of time redundancy in view of theoretical analysis and experimental verifying, indicates the bottle problem and its causation of high articulation multimedia FPDs development, then dissertates the construction of the space-time mapping topology architecture that cast gray scale matrix in space to a gray scale scanning space-time plane.
    1.从理论分析和实验验证的角度介绍了图像存贮区、显示介质及视觉空间信息传递机理与时间冗余分布特征,指出了多媒体数字存贮型平板显示器在向高清晰度发展时的主要瓶颈及其原因所在; 阐述了将空间的灰度存贮矩阵平面映射到灰度扫描时空平面,以构建FPD灰度扫描的时空映射拓扑架构的过程和原理;
    Part four studies the visual space of TV image and addresses the issue of the exploitation of TV image space.
    Absurd expression of spatial illusion is the embodiment of absurd combination of subjects in visual space and that of oppositionand mixing of real space and illusionary space.
    The form of second space manifestations and thinking of expanding in Graphic visual space is the focus of this paper.
    On the other hand, a servoing control equation from the visual space to the task space is established using a visual Jacobian matrix. This equation can control the robot movement and implement the tracking of feature point.
    文中还利用视觉雅可比映射矩阵 ,求出了视觉空间到任务空间的伺服控制方程 ,利用这一方程可以控制机器人的运动 ,完成特征点的跟踪。
    Through the reappearance of visual space and green space, landscape design is to arouse people's psychological reflection by resorting to the existence of landscape and through visual sense.
    (5) Benton visual retention test showed that cardiac surgery with CPB significantly affected visual memory and visual space.
    Theoretical divergences in study of the process of cognition processing on the part of children with reading difficulty are most prominent in quarrels between fundamental cognition processing and advanced cognition processing and between phonetic processing barriers and visual space cognitive processing barriers.
    阅读困难儿童认知加工过程研究的理论分歧 ,主要表现在基本认知加工和高级认知加工之争与语音加工障碍与视觉空间认知加工障碍之争两个方面。
    Up till now, Western psycholinguistic and cognitive-psychological studies on the issue of reading barriers largely focus on the relationship between reading barriers and phonetic awareness, visual space cognition, work memory and metacognition.
    语音意识、视觉空间认知、工作记忆和元认知与阅读障碍的关系的研究 ,目前已成为西方国家从心理语言学和认知心理学角度对阅读障碍问题研究的热点。
    Factor analysis showed that perceptual organization (PO) related to visual space and freedom from distractibility (FD) related to attention persistence in NLD group were obviously lower than those in control group (P<0.01,P<0.05). These findings further supported the above-mentioned results.
    因子分析表明 ,与视觉空间功能相关的知觉组织因子和与注意维持功能相关的不分心因子明显低于对照组 (P <0 0 1,P <0 0 5 )。
    Being one form of symbols in visual space design, figure design plays a role of linking information andpublic cultures. Therefore, we should carry out researches and explore more symbolic features to have moreknowledge of it so as to use the principle of semiotics more accurately in plane design.
    Results: Man surpassed woman on some ability of language and the capacity of visual space.
    结果 :男性在某些语言功能、视觉空间能力上优于女性 ;
    Results:Man surpassed woman on the ability of language and the capacity of visual space.
    结果 :男性在某些语言功能、视觉空间能力上优于女性 ;


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