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fillet weld
    According to the mentioned above, elastoplastic analysis for fillet weld under torsion is performed by using the general finite element software - ANSYS in the paper, at the same time, corresponding three damage experiments for fillet weld are carried out.
    1. The relation between stress intensity and strain intensity should be taken as that between stress and strain for fillet weld.
    2. The position of damage section of fillet weld under torsion closing with the connection side between fillet weld and steel member differs from that obtained by traditional method.
    3. Value of torsion for less than the size of fillet weld height of small-opening fillet weld is the same as that of corresponding closed fillet weld.
    4. Because closed fillet weld is affected by connecting member and the distribution of the interior of fillet weld, the dangerous point of fillet weld is on the longer side and varies with ratio of the longer side to the shorter side.
    And the welding connecting of them are advised to use slope butt weld that are fully welded, but when the double-sided fillet weld is used, they should be design on equal strength.
    On the basis of an analysis of the loading of shiphull fillet welds, this article indicates the strength which every kind of fillet weld should have.
    This paper briefs the fractures of fillet weld of manhole reinforcing plate in react ion tower of thermal cracking plant and its repairing welding.
    This paper presents a statistical analysis of fillet welds on the basis of raw data collected at home and acquires a safety index β of fillet weld con- nection.
    The design equations in the revised edition of structural Steel Des- ign Standard GBJ17-86 which consider the transverse and longitudinal fillet weld separately are proved to be adequate.
    说明修订的钢结构设计规范(GBJ17~86)对连接采用的折算方法是合适的; 对正面角焊缝、侧面角焊缝分别处理也是合理的。
    After building a boiler with fillet weld connecting furnace tube and tubeplate, the practical stress and temperature measurements have been carryed out near the weld on the boiler.
    This paper describes five problems in welding qualification of ASME Code product. These problems concern the relationship between WPS and PQR; Welding qualification for fillet weld and groove weld;
    The joint shapes suited for CO_2 welding are designed Under which weld quality is still assured but the groove angle and size of fillet weld are reduced. By ways of these the productivity is increased and cost decreased.
    This paper introduces some mothods of ultrasonic detecting, defect size measurment and the discussion on the result for the pipe connection fillet weld of the middle temperature.
    Based on the available test data in China, this paper analyzed the ultimate strength and reliability of fillet weld connections for the deduction of their safety factor implicitly used in the past design.
    From which the reliability indexesβ and resistance partial safetyfactors of fillet weld connections according to probabilistic limit state design procedures have been determined. It is shown that the results are similar to the calculation method for fillet weld connections adopted in the code for design of steel structures(GBJ 17-88).
    进而定出其按概率极限状态方法设计的目标可靠指标β值及抗力分项系数,与新修订的钢结构设计规范(GBJ 17—88)规定的角焊缝计算方法大致相符。
    It is also proved theoretically that the deduced method for fillet weld connections meets the requirement of the probabilistic limit state design procedures.
    Equal strength Conditions between fillet weld and steel tube is derived in the accordance with the properites of force, strength condition as well as actual forced area of the fillet weld in the ball joint space frame. This article can be considered as a development and a supplement of the current critorion and refrerence.
    The bottom node of a cylindrical metal tank consists of bottom shell course, fillet weld and annular plate, and the strength design of the bottom node is of great importance to the whole tank.
    For the correction of fillet weld,M0 is used as the bending moment in the junction between bottom shell course andfillet weld, which is the critical point for secondary stress correction.


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