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financial power
    Along with the development of the market economy, China's entry WTO, as a big agriculture province with limited financial power, Xinjiang is faces with the agriculture construction adjustment, being faced by conversion from traditional agriculture into modern agriculture, it needs to be supported strongly by finance, the request changes of input mode and emphases, renewing agriculture financial input idea, enhancing the efficiency of financial input .
    随着市场经济的发展,中国加入WTO,作为一个经济落后、财力有限的农业大区,新疆正面临着农业结构调整,由传统农业向现代农业转换的过渡时期,在此过程中肯定需要财政的大力支持。 这就要求我们改变传统的财政体制,按照公共财政要求转变财政职能,在WTO 框架下更新农业财政投入观念,转变投入方式,合理安排投入结构,突出投入重点,提高农业财政资金的使用效率。
    On the Influences of County Financial Power Turning in to the Peasants Burden
    The key limitations of Chinese army insurance system are that fixing position to system is not clear and definite, and setting categories of insurance is not complete, and setting insurance level is comparatively low, and management efficient is not high. And put great emphasis on analyzing the deep level reasons that lead to the system defects, which are include the inertial of system practice, the influence of department benefits, the influence of government financial power, and the problems of insuring consciousness.
    The ways to guarantee rural public goods provision under public finance systems are: (1) The most important idea is that we should emphasize on both financial power and efficiency.
    (4) Establish a perfect community finance mechanism, and enhance the financial power and material power to support the community construction.
    With the further development of GIS, the demand of spatial data becomes more and more urgent. A great deal of repetition capturing brings not only large waste of manpower and financial power but also different means of spatial data .
    Along with the development of the market economy, China's entry WTO, as a big agriculture province with densely populated and limited financial power, Henan province faces to the agriculture construction adjusts, being faced by conversion from traditional agriculture into modern agriculture, need to be supported strongly by finance in the process.
    Because it is a chance, the developed countries are increasing input on manpower and financial power for the competition in the field.
    On the one hand, the system does not need to ask for the help of the expensive instrument again, that is, in the general laboratory can proceed the recombination of plasmids in bacteria, save the financial power, and expand the application.
    The government policy leads to support with financial power;
    It lowers the people labor strength, and reduces the waste of the material and the financial power which is given rise to by artificial supervision and control, at the same time, increases the measuring accuracy, and avoids the deflection which is caused by the artificial reading data.
    Government purchase of management is to pass the plan and organizes, control, encourage with leads etc. link to moderate the manpower, material resources with the financial power resources, attain every kind of target that government buy betterly with the period.
    The using of public information process system is not only possible to save a large number of manpower, material resources with financial power, but also possible to effectively solve the problems of the “bottle-neck” of dates. The error of the statistics and the work efficiency of P.E teachers, and become an important standard for P.E teachers to improve their work method.
    In early period automobile side impact safety research repeat test primarily is adopted, automobile structural crashworthiness, occupant restraint system and performance test depend on experiment and experience, this demand a very long research period, it also demand a lot of manpower , material resources and the financial power, even if such, the result that repeat test got is also uncertain ideal.
    Our country is being placed in the development with high speed, many fields need to be invested, being but it is limited by the shortage of the government financial power, nation can't satisfy the demand of the investment in each one.
    The financial right, is "financial power" and power that accompany with this mutually, the depiction considers value and power synthetically, match the modern property thought and the content of the modern finance.
    In the process of investigate, it must throw in advance the certain manpower, material resources and the financial power to realize the purpose of investigate, however, because of the sparse resources, the budget of handling a case investigate department of serious missing, the developments budget of the public security official’s organization, material the budget, administration transact the budget with educate to train the budget supply to can not get to guarantee.
    Along with the position of training promoted continuously in the enterprise HRD, Many enterprises spend a lot of manpower, financial power and material resources in order to build and perfect training system as soon as possible.
    The reform of budgeting which leads to redistribution between financial power and financial resources of governments , affects some governments' gained interests directly , so it is impeded seriously since the beginning .
    Accurate cost estimation and effective cost control can accumulate financial power and strengthen competition ability of software enterprise.


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