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    The Modular Design of Hardware and Software for Measurement and Control System of New Generation of Simple AAS
    Then, I designed the reader of RFID system applied to electronic anti-forgery by the way of IP design based on MCU 89C51, co-designing the software and hardware of the reader.
    As far as designs of driver control layers which is based on MSP430f1222 system, the system includes mini-system of SCM, the coder signal treatment module, the joints potentiometer signal treatment module, A/D transformationmodule of pressure sensor, and all that software and hardware modules.
    Based on one type aircraft as a model,and based on many kinds of flight tasks to be finished by avionics,as well as on the functions and performances of control and management computer for airborne buses,in this paper such a control and management computer system for airborne buses is designed and its system feasibility is studied by integrated simulation tests in the laboratory,all of which provides a design base for the modulization and hierarchy design of airborne computer software and hard wares.
    Traditional method is to design all-inclusive software and hardware modules so the system is enormous and difficult to extend and improve.
    The design technique for different part of machine vision system is discussed according to its logical structure, and then the design of image intensifier reliability testing used machine vision system was turn to reality with the design technique's guidance.
    First, the structure of SDR and the physical-channel of TD-SCDMA are expounded, then software and hardware models of the terminal receiver, which use the SDR structure of wideband and bandpass sampling in IF (Intermediate frequency), are put forward.
    The paper also introduces the design of the high-voltage test and leak test instruments and the key unit circuit such as RMS measure, AD conversion, Hardware protect.
    Door Accessory Knowledgebase System comprises“infer machine”and“explainer”。
    Then, the following chapters respectively introduce the theory and design scheme of each software and hardware module which constitutes the whole testing platform.
    Then, the theory and design of hardware and software modules included in RLC measurer based on USB are respectively introduced in the following chapters in detail.
    secondly introduces the architecture,protocols stack and call procedure of H.323. then introduces KE1000’s design and implement, including mapping functions into hardware and software, hardware’s architecture design, software’s architecture design, and hardware’s distribution, as well as introducing the functions of hardware modules and software modules.
    323协议的体系结构、协议栈和呼叫过程等; 然后分析了KE1000的系统设计和实现方法,包括功能在软硬件中的划分、硬件体系设计和软件体系设计、硬件资源分配等,还包括软硬件模块的功能介绍,以及KE1000的一些模块的实现方法等。
    In addition, some basic issues of the wireless router in this system, such as hardware/software modules, user configuration and management module, are analyzed before certain considerations and several perspective methods are discussed and a system-level design scheme is well developed finally.
    The system includes mini-system of DSP, coder signal treatment module, Hall signal treatment module, FSR A/D transformation module and so on.
    In this paper, general construction and working principle of this virtual testing instrument are firstly discussed. Then, the following chapters respectively introduce the theory and design scheme of each software and hardware module which constitutes the whole virtual testing instrument.
    In the future, on the basis of the project research, it is more convenient to further increase the corresponding software and hardware modules, and enlarge it's function, according to the user's demand.
    Theoretical analysis and simulations indicate that the algorithm has good performance of detecting the weak line. After the segmentations of the software and hardware of the Hough transformation based on the maximum summation filter, the design of the software and hardware modules were completed.
    In the process, computing module, topology, bus protocol, arbitration mechanism, job scheduling of SoC system are abstracted and classified by function, communicated and scheduled in transaction level.
    2)提出了一种基于虚拟中间接口VMS(Virtual Middle Socket)的事务级模板仿真方法,该方法以简化软硬件模块细化过程和提高协同仿真速度为目的,通过接口通讯、数据转换和周期扫描的协同工作高效率的完成了事务级系统的功能验证和性能估算过程,为事务级的软硬件划分和功能映射提供了必要的反馈信息。
    finally this dissertation Expatiating on hardware and software designs of the dissipation factor calculating module .
    In this paper,the design theory of S/H ware module which forms the SMPS control module and the design scheme is discussed in detail.


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