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    If the procedure exports the data to excel program,which uses its powerful function on statistical analysis,it can solve such problems.
    Based on Directshow,a system is developed using MPEG-4 and DSP group truespeech (TM) encoding algorithms in visual C++6. 0. The system implements video and audio real-time capture and preview and saves them as an AVI file.
    采用Windows平台下的DirectShow组件技术,以及MPEG-4和DSP Group TrueSpeech(TM)视音频压缩算法,在Visual C++6.0开发环境下实现从摄像头捕捉视频,从麦克风捕捉音频,并将视音频数据压缩后合并输出到AVI文件。
    Translation in India: From Cultural Export to Cultural Contention
    Two Approaches for Outputting Data to Excel in VB Database Programming
    Ways of Realization in Outputting OLE Objects to WORD Documents Under VFP
    The Way of Outputting Data From VFP in WORD
    3.Simulation system CUMGROW1.0 was developed in software of Visual C++ 6.0, in the system, user can set parameters by himself to run the system, the result can be show in list or in graph.
    3.应用Visual C++6.0开发出计算机模拟系统CUMGROW1.0,在系统中用户可以自行设定模拟参数,运行结果可以以数据列表、图表等方式显示,也可以以表格的形式输出到文件;
    First, real time image system produces 3D image of virtual aircraft cabin, ant outputs to HMD.
    The main purpose is to improve quality of video wall system's output, and let the output part not to depend on the costly import devices.
    The thesis is one sub-item of machine vision system, is aimed to study the application of image processing and recognition technique in vision system, and to fit curvilinear equation. Then , computer communicate with DSP controller through COM communications and DSP control two stepping motors to realize cross motion and longitudinal motion.
    2) Use VBA technology to read blocks information and output them to extent data files.
    The features of the amplifier are:(1)The rangeof output voltage to the microelectrode is±50 V.(2)Stray input capacitance canbe compensated within the whole voltage range.
    其主要性能如下:(1)输出到微电极的电压的范围为±50V。 (2)在整个电压范围内能对杂散输入电容进行补偿。
    The experiential frequency piont or not. At last, values of K_P, C_V, C_S and design values of 1~4 optimal curves are output to a soft disk or printed out with a printer.
    LED screen has been applied widely,but it is complex that images edited by computer are transmitted to LED screen.
    高亮度 LED屏幕越来越多地被广泛使用 ,但是从计算机上编辑画面后输出到大屏幕的过程比较复杂。
    They output data in notes document to excel and create word object in notes.
    This chip is AT89C2051 produced by ATMEL Company. The chip converts binary into BCD code, and the information puts in LCD, displays the correct data.
    Based on Directshow,a system is developed using MPEG-4 and DSP group truespeech(TM) encoding algorithms in visual C++6.0.The system implements video and audio real-time capture and preview and saves them as an AVI file.
    采用 Windows平台下的 Direct Show组件技术 ,以及 MPEG- 4和 DSP Group True Speech(TM)视音频压缩算法 ,在 Visual C++6 .0开发环境下实现从摄像头捕捉视频 ,从麦克风捕捉音频 ,并将视音频数据压缩后合并输出到 AVI文件。
    By using class of object-oriented approach and OLE technique of VFP6.0, the general print report class of exporting data to excel is realized.
    When the belt running-away is detected by the switch, an alarm or trip signal will be given by the chip processor, which will be transmitted to the control center after code modulation and through power carrier.
    When the plug is in,the controller plug receives motion control instructions through the serial port and converts them into control pulses or control levels of the single-shafted or double-shafted step motors with the help of the embedded single microchip.


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