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hierarchical structure
    A Multiple-Objective Group Decision Making Method with Hierarchical Structure
    Design of an Expert Control System with Hierarchical Structure
    Stepped hierarchical structure reflected methods of information processing and decision, combined advantages of centralized control and decentralized control, and met the requirements of system control,management and operational control of single unit.
    Hybrid Electric Vehicle Based on Intelligent Hierarchical Structure Control Strategy
    Application of the"hierarchical structure model formatted through fuzzy similarity relation"based on Remote Sensing Information--Spatial distribution of exploring types of mountain land resources
    On the Hierarchical Structure of Intelligent Finance and Accounting Information System
    Multiple Models Adaptive Control Based on Hierarchical Structure
    This paper uses the hierarchical structure and fuzzy theory to solve the real time coordination control problems of traffic trunk roads.
    By introducing a (decoupling) vector, a bilevel programming problem is decomposed into independent optimization sub-problems, which are easily solved at level 1 of a two-level hierarchical structure.
    The hierarchical structure of LC avalanche is described by an exactmaster equation.
    At last, with the consideration of traffic signal control in an isolated intersection and the concept of composition-coordination of a large-scale system in system engineering, a two-level's hierarchical structure in urban traffic time control was proposed. At the first level, cycles and splits of the traffic lights were determined by means of fuzzy logic controllers;
    Beginning with the distance measure of fractal space, it is proved that the formation of fractals corresponds to fuzzy similar relation. A fuzzy similar relation can be rebuilt to fuzzy equivalence relation, a fuzzy equivalence relation come into being a cluster of general equivalence relation, furthermore, a cluster of general equivalence relation form a hierarchical structure.
    On the basis of analyzing Multi-agent technology thoroughly, this paper establishes a mapping of work piece and manufacturing equipments to a series of agents, and builds up four dynamic models of manufacturing system: domain based hierarchical structure, topology of cascading agent structure, proximity relation structure and bus-based network structure. This paper also illuminates the function of agents in these models and the mechanism of these models.
    Considering the merits above of the T-S Fuzzy Model, one kind of hierarchical evolutionary programming is proposed in this paper to train model configuration and parameters by changing chromosome into the hierarchical structure including controlling genes and parameter genes.
    4The hierarchical structure coding scheme is used in our EDS model firstly which really make the topologic construction and the parameters of the wavelet network evolve at the same time.
    In the thesis the influencing factors of the road network scale are analyzed comprehensively ,and structure model is builded on the model technology of system engineering, then the hierarchical structure model is established.
    By introducing a decoupling vector, a bilevel programming problem is decomposedinto independent optimization sub-problems, which are easily solved at Level 1 of atwo-level hierarchical structure.
    Including,(1) Connect the characteristic of short-supplied area of water resource, make out four targets including flood protection, water supply, environment, society, give out different evaluation indexes, and build the multipurpose overall evaluations hierarchical structure model.
    Using the large scale system optimal theory and the decomposition-aggregation method, a LP-DP model with two-level hierarchical structure is presented in this paper. It can be used to allocate runoff in space and time optimally.


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