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a double
    Herein,this paper reports a double luminescent layer white OLEDs with a structure of ITO/CuPc/NPB/ADN∶TBPE(15 nm)/Alq3∶DCJTB(15 nm)/Alq3(35 nm)/LiF/Al.
    METHODS A single oral dose of 300 mg roxithromycin of test capsule and reference one was given to 20 healthy volunteers respectively in 2 divided groups in a double cross-over,controlled study.
    方法采用双交叉、自身对照的方法,20名健康志愿者分成2组,分别单剂量口服受试胶囊和参比胶囊各300 mg,于规定时间点取血,以HPLC法测定血药浓度。 结果受试胶囊和参比胶囊的ρmax分别为:(8.71±3.07)和(8.74±3.66)mg.
    2. The author designed and realized a double CPU sub-machine station system for the field control of the electronic jacquard.
    In this paper, the EPR g-factors for Co~2+ ions in II-VI semimagnetic semiconductors ZnX(X=S,Se,Te) are studied by means of a double spin-orbit(SO) coupling parametric model and a semiempirical molecular orbital method.
    采用双自旋 轨道耦合参数模型和半经验的分子轨道法研究了Co2+离子在Ⅱ Ⅵ半磁半导体ZnX(X=S,Se,Te)中的EPRg因子.
    Objective To establish a double wavelength ultraviolet spectrophotometry method for determining the piperacillin in compound injection.
    目的 利用双波长紫外分光光度法测定注射用哌拉西林钠 舒巴坦钠 (1∶1)中哌拉西林的含量。 方法 采用双波长分光光度法。
    The effects of structurally-specific carboxylic acids such as monocarboxylic acid(HAc), dicarboxylic acid (tartaric acid), tricarboxylic acid(citric acid), tetracarboxyllic acid (EDTA) and their sodiuiru potassium carboxylates on the crystallization of calcium oxalate (CaOx) were investigated in silica gel with a double diffusion technique.
    A double winding stepping motor was used to drive the turning of the vehicle, which can guarantee the welding gun could aim at the center of welding seam during the process of welding, and let vehicle have the function of seam-tracking.
    A double buffers scheme is used in the client end of the VOD system, it adopts two buffers to manage the media data processed by the client, one is used to receive data and the other is used to render data.
    Based on the ANSYS software, a double heat source model was adopted to deal with three-dimensional finite element dynamic simulation of hybrid weld. A finite element geometrical model was established corresponding to the hybrid welding temperature field, and simultaneously appropriate mesh was plotted.
    Investigations has been made to examine the posibility of producing potable water by direct filtration in a double layer (anthracite and sand) filter.
    using a double cell scheme: in front of the equilibrium cell, setting a presaturation cell filling with pure solvent to minimize the losses of solvent in the equilibrium cell.
    This system is a double μP structure which is benefitial for sampling, proccess controlling, data processing and typing in real-time.
    A simple method to determine the refractive-index grating phase shift versus the intensity distribution pattern in a photorefractive crystal and the third-order susceptivility's phase of a nonlinear medium with a double phase conjugate interferometer is explained theoretically.
    A double titration method is used for such active oxygen content in the peroxyacid as well as its hydrogen peroxide content.
    In this paper the EPR parameters g for Co 2+ ions in Ⅱ-Ⅵ semimagnetic semiconductors ZnS and CdTe were studied by means of a double spin-orbit (SO) coupling model and a molecular orbit. The calculated results show that the contribution from the ligand Te to the EPR parameter g can not be neglected because the ligand Te possesses large SO coupling constant and strong covalence.
    Ning A6”,a double low(low erucic,low glucosinolate)cytoplasmic male sterile(CMS) line of rapeseed was bred from the double high B.napus CMS(MICMS) with the so called“synchro selection method”,i. e. selecting for fertility and quality at the same generation,after a consecutive backcross with double low lines.
    Compared with the internal bracing systems of retaining for the deep foundation pit in the basement of certain mansion in Fuzhou,the advantages of retaining the construction of the foundation pit with the system of a double ring,a double layer and boring grout piles lie in its better stability,less displacement,larger site area and lower project cos t. It solves the problems of complex planes of the basements with soft soil foundation,small working site and the retaining close to another building.
    This method uses pH 9.8 borax buffer solution as the flow power, the mixed solution of BTDAB and OP as the reagent to inject. Samples in an alternating way with a double flowing roads, cadmium and mercury form an orange red complex with BTDAB, respectively, which can be detected at 520nm.
    该法以硼砂 -氢氧化钠缓冲溶液为载流 ,BTDAB和OP的混合液为试剂流 ,采用双道流路 ,交替注入样品 ,在 52 0nm波长处 ,检测反应生成的橙红色络合物。
    Methods:The bone-mineral contents of 794 healthy people lived in Lanzhou area were determined by a double energy X-ray bone densimeter. Their general bone lost rate and average per year bone lost rate were calculated according to their age segments. The results were compared with those obtained from Beijing area.
    方法 :采用双能X线骨密度测定仪测定兰州地区 794名健康人骨矿含量 ,按年龄段计算骨总丢失率及年均丢失率并与北京地区相应数值进行对比。
    A practical instrument is developed for quickly checking out the ground point of a 10 kV power line The feature of the instrument is to use the earth point of 10 kV power line to emit harmonic component of 5 times to the surrounding with the highest proportion, if a double T filtration network is adopted, the harmonic source of 5 times is checked, the earth point of the power line is found out
    研制出了一种能快速地检测出 1 0 k V电力线路接地点的实用仪器。 该仪器利用 1 0 k V电力线路接地点向周围发射 5次谐波分量比例最大的特性 ,采用双 T滤波网络 ,检测 5次谐波波源 ,找到线路接地点。


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