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mined-out area
    All things conspired towards the suggestion that the radon-exhausting from mined-out area should be applied widely in uranium mines.
    In this paper, the design principle and selection of main structural parameters of F-602 pneumatic cable thrower are presented. The calculation procedure for its undergound use and the technology to drag the Scraper cable in the room-and-pillar stopes by this machine without personal entrance into the mined-out area are also described.
    The reason for the variation of radon concentration in the mined-out area is made clear, the method of prevnting the radon contamination of in-take air current by changing the ventilation pressure as well as the condition of pressure distribution is suggested, and the effective result accomplished in mines by using these methods is also noted.
    Based on practical falling and filling condition of mined-out area in the steep seam and taking the caved debris filled in lower goaf as elastic foundation, the mechanical models of elastic foundation wall are founded.
    In the paper, according to the simulation theory ,physical model of nitrogen injected process of fully mechanized top-coal drawing in mined-out area in three-dimeations is designed based on test result, thelaw of nitrogen migration in the goaf is analysed and found out,finally,through a practical example,the conclusions are verified.
    The landslip above mined-out area is a rock-moving type in underground mining.
    The lateral activities of mountain body above mined-out area are different from the deformation and failure(landslide) of general slope and the strata overlying of mine area.
    The deforming-cracking mechanisms of strong pulling-apart in south-north direction, weak pulling-apart in east-west direction ,and anticlockwise rotation on the horizontal were been recognized after analysis of distribution of coal mined-out area, geopressure action on the roof, and rock body fracturing and deformation in last twenty yea's in this article.
    The determination of location and range of mined-out area by using Radon measurement method, according to the analysis of the geophysical and geochemical characteristics of radon, is discussed in this paper, and the satisfactory result was obtained when it was applied in Zhangcun coal mine.
    The data from engineering digging and monitoring are analyzed systematically and some laws of coal cinder composition and its filled extent are correspondingly charac-terized with geopressure distribution in the coal mined-out area at the bottom of Lianzi’ aidangerous rockbody in this paper.
    Also abandoned shaft and mined-out area repaired can be used for depositing waste slag from mine itself and other industrial waste to mitigate a contradiction between waste site and cultivation land.
    Tieshan tunnel of the Bapeng road is located in Daxiang of Shichuan province with the total length of 2 099 m. The tunnel passes through coal mined-out area K17-1,K21 and K24. The deformation,cracking,alteration and falling occur at the secondary lining at the station of K140+527~608 due to the influence of mined-out area,underground water and other factors,which do harm to the traffic safety,and must be cured.
    巴彭公路铁山隧道位于四川省达县境内,全长2 099 m,其主要穿越K17-1,K21,K24煤层采空区,由于受煤层采空区、地下水及其他因素的影响,致使K140+527~+608段二次衬砌出现开裂、错台、掉块,危及行车安全,必须进行工程病害治理。
    In the Xishan section of Shizishan Copper Mine, a very big continuous pillar remains unrecovered in the extremely large mined-out area left after many years of mining.
    Through analysis of the current filling condition of the mined-out area in the upper part of Woxi mineral field and based on the different characteristics of different filling methods,a fresh and effective filling method was designed and adopted i.e.supplying filling materials through drill-hole,which kept the mined-out area from hidden trouble against safety.
    通过对沃溪矿区采空区及充填现状的分析 ,综合各种充填方法的特点 ,设计出一种行之有效的新的充填方法———钻孔充填法 ,解决了沃溪矿区上部空区处理不到位、安全隐患大的问题。
    A large amount of solid waste is made,and mined-out area and waste land is great deal. The main task and difficulty in environment management work is land reclamation and management of land use for disposition of solid waste in mine area of non ferrous in the new century in Guangxi.
    有色金属业固体废弃物排放量大 ,采空区和废弃地多 ,有色金属业矿区土地复垦和固体废弃物处置用地管理是广西跨世纪发展的环境管理工作的重点与难点.
    It is the most important research for west coal mining presently to control the derived dynamical disasters of large scale mined-out area.
    The formation process and the distribution status of the mined rock cracks are simulated by using the simulated experiment with the similar material. The evolvement laws for the crack network of rocks in caving zone,fractured zone and bent zone of mined-out area are studied.
    利用相似材料模拟试验模拟采动岩体裂隙的形成过程和分布状态 ,运用分形几何理论研究采空区冒落带、裂隙带和弯沉带岩体裂隙网络的演化规律。
    The mined-out area originated from the application of open stope method should be treated by back-filling,caving or supporting when its volume or area reaches a certain quantities.
    空场采矿法所形成的采空区 ,当其体积或面积达到一定数量之后 ,应使用充填、崩落或支撑等方法进行处理。
    Shaodong gypsum mine has been excavated for many years and its mined-out areas have not been treated. Up to now its mined-out area has reached 1.05 km 2 and its mined-out volume 3.71 million m 3. The roof stability parameters of the mine's mined-out areas is calculated.
    邵东县石膏矿长年开采且采空区未经处理 ,总采空面积已达 1.0 5km2 ,采空体积 3 71万m3 。
    Studying on regulation of "three zones" distribution of mined-out area is the basis of predicting spontaneous combustion of coal.


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