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    Feldspar corrosion and secondary pore formation in the Upper Paleozoic gas reservoir, Ordos Basin
    Lithologically, the content quartz is lower than those of feldspar and detritus, and the cement is dominated by clay, which gives the feature of low compositional maturity and low textural maturity.
    The sandstone types of the Chang-2 and Chang-6 are almost the same: primarily arkose and lithic arkose, whereas content of matrix in the Chang2 sandstones (av. 4.6%) is lower than that of in the Chang-6 sandstones (av. 5.2%).
    It is showed that: the Chang 4+5 and Chang 6_1 reservoir rock types are mainly as clastic feldspar sand and feldspathic clast sand;
    They mainly consist of sandstone,in which quartzarenite and litharenite are dominant and arkose is lack.
    More attention has been paid to the report of hydrocarbon from E 3 1、N 1、N 2 1 clastic rock reservoir in Yuejin area, Qaidam basin, northernwest China.
    通过 15口井近百个铸体片的鉴定及压汞数据的分析 ,对跃进地区E31、N1、N2 1碎屑岩储层取得如下认识 :①长石砂岩、岩屑长石砂岩、长石岩屑砂岩为主 ,成分成熟度和结构成熟度均较低 ;
    Mineral containing montmorillonite formed order calcium feldspar scale whose molecular formula is Ca(Al 2Si 4O 12 ).
    蒙脱石矿物在各种质量浓度的碱溶液中都生成有序钙长石垢 ,其分子式是 :Ca(Al2 Si4O1 2 ) .
    The Adsorption of HAPM ( M=1.5×10 7, HD=26.5% ) from solution in brine ( TSD =6 492 mg/L) is investigated on a typical Daqing reservoir core, on quartz, potassic feldspar, and plagioclase feldspar as its main matrix minerals, on kaolinite, illite, and chlorite as its main clay minerats, and on various mineral combinations of equal mass ratio at 45℃ and static conditions.
    实验研究了一种典型的大庆油田砂岩储层岩心 ,岩心的骨架矿物石英、钾长石和斜长石 ,粘土矿物高岭石、伊利石和绿泥石 ,等质量比的各种骨架和粘土矿物组合在 45℃、静态条件下对聚合物HPAM (M =1.5× 10 7,HD =2 6 .5 % )的吸附。 HPAM溶液用矿化度 6 492mg/L的模拟地层水配制。
    The porosity of the reservoir sandstones generally ranges between 8% and 16% and the mean values of permeability is 1.970× 10 -3μm, indicating a low to moderate porosity and low permeability of the reservoir sandstones.
    储集岩的孔隙度一般为 8%~ 16 %,渗透率均值为 1.970× 10 - 3 μm2 ,属低中孔隙度、低渗透率储层。 储渗性主要受方解石、硬石膏、长石含量和粘土矿物的影响。
    The SiO2 forming secondary quartz mainly came from the transformation of dissolved clay mineral in clastic feldspar.
    Three end members on the classification triangle chart are quart (Q), feldspar (F) and rock debris(R).
    分类三角图的三个端元是石英 (Q)、长石 (F)、岩屑 (R)。
    The sandstone that has Q>75% is quart sandstone, which has Q<75% and F>R is feldspathic sandstone, which has Q<75% and R>F is lithic sandstone.
    Q <75 %的砂岩分两类 ,即长石砂岩类 (F >R)和岩屑砂岩类 (R >F)。
    contracted neck throat and slice-shape throat are dominated, fine throat and upwards is 89% with higher throat sorting coefficient, low throat variance coefficient, pore structure of medium to preferable, which is beneficial to reservoir development.
    The reservoir is composed of fine-medium sandstones in Yingjisu area, Tarim basin. The components of sandstone are detritus(40\^86%~54\^43%), quartz(34\^79%~45\^45%) and feldspar (10\^68%~16\^82%). The cement content of of Carbonate and clay is 8\^9%.
    英吉苏地区侏罗系储层以细粒 -中粒碎屑岩为主 ,岩屑含量 40 .86%~ 5 4.43 % ,石英含量 3 4.79%~ 45 .45 % ,长石含量 10 .68%~ 16.82 % ,碳酸盐和泥质胶结物含量为 8.9% ,属低成熟度岩屑砂岩 ;
    Pores are closely correlated with sandstone fabric, and are more easily generated in medium grained sandstone where feldspar content is high(>37%) and cement content is low(carbonate<50%).
    孔隙与砂岩组构密切相关 ,孔隙更容易产生于长石含量高 (>37% )、且胶结物含量低 (碳酸盐 <5 % )的中粒砂岩中。
    the reservoir porosity is closely related to the sandstone fabric,the pores being easy to be formed in the medium granular sandstones with high feldspar content (>37%) and low carbonate cement content (<5%) and the chlorite siliceous early calcite late calcite diageneses being the basic reason of forming good reservoirs in sandstones;
    in less 2 hours reaction, 8%HBF4 system will turn into weak acid and the main ions content is only 1/2 to 1/5 of that in HF or mud acid, after 12 hours reaction, HBF4 system has identical dissolving intensity to feldspars;
    8%HBF4体系在小于 2h ,体系显弱酸性 ,主要离子大小为HF和土酸体系中的 ~ ,12h后HBF4体系对长石的溶蚀强度基本相同 ;
    The consolidation in Fuyang Reservoir of Yushulin Oilfield is dominated by carbonate consolidation, the dissolution is dominated by the rock cuttings of feldspar and mid-matrix volcanics, while the metasomatism is dominated by albitization, its vitronite reflectance is 0.68% to 1.8%; the gradient changed with depth is 1.25%/km.
    Chang 4+5 sandstones of Yanchang Formation in Yanchi-Jiyuan area are mainly composed of platform-type and slope-type delta front sandbodies. Lithic feldspathic and feldspathic sandstones are chief rock types, of which the average content of quartz, feldspar and rock fragments are 24.7%, 43.2% and 10.0%, respectively, and metamorphic and igneous fragments are dominant constitutes, accounting for 88.0% of total fragment content.
    In this structure, the reservoir is arkose sandstone, and the porosity is 6%~16%, the permeability is 0.01×10~ -3 ~10×10~ -3 μm~2, pore throat median radius is 0.01~0.54 μm, the clay mineral concentration is 0.8%~ 6.5%, with the illite of 20%~90% and the illite/smectite of 4%~36%.
    该区块储层岩性为岩屑长石砂岩,孔隙度为6%~16%,渗透率为0.01×10-3~10×10-3μm2,孔喉中值半径为0.01~0.54μm; 粘土矿物含量为0.8%~6.5%,其中伊利石含量为20%~90%,伊/蒙间层含量为4%~36%。


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