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    Absence of restriction:the pitfall in the USSR regime——Chen Du-xiu's ponders over socialist democracy in his late years
    Dynamic analysis of distribution patterns of the spiders in a cotton field by pitfall traps
    Award and Pitfall:Corruption during Gradual Transition
    Carabid beetle was selected as bioindicators and pitfall trapping was used as sampling method for animal biodiversity evaluation;
    How to avoid falling into the pitfall "Huang Zhongxi' s law" again?
    5. Spider sub-community structure was observed by the method of pitfall trap.
    5 地面埋陷阱法调查Bt玉米对蜘蛛亚群落的影响结果表明,Bt玉米田中蜘蛛类群组成及优势种和对照没有明显差异。
    The result indicated that the structure of spiders sub-community in Bt corn field is stable according to that the Shannon-Winner diversity index and evenness index are bigger, the dominant index is lower. 6. The movement of arthropods in ground between Bt corn field and the control was monitored by mean of pitfall trap.
    6 用地面陷阱法监测地面爬行性节肢动物在Bt玉米田和对照田间的相互迁移行为,结果发现,始终有一定数量的地面爬行性节肢动物在Bt玉米和对照玉米田之间相互迁移,主要为捕食性天敌和非靶标害虫。
    Its basic theory is divided into affixation theory, globe systematic theory, comparative pitfall theory, exclusive theory, trade protectionism theory and nationalism theory.
    Ninth, paying attention to the technology pitfall.
    To ascertain the influence of thin bed-series response on seimic reflection by making forward and inverse seismic modelings using log data is an effective method for avoiding “seismic pitfall
    Dlilling into other blocks means failure or dropping into a pitfall.
    Six kinds of pitfall were known after the overall analysis of seismic sections across wells and the drilling data of 165 wells that penetrate Carboniferous-permian systems on 24 structures in east Sichuan, and the pitfalls are analysed respectively.
    Three experiments were made in this paper to control the BASIC programming's quality. 1. Using the "CHAIN" command to make the programme modelling. 2. Using the "Error pitfall" technique to make the programme robustness.
    Community structure of carabids and spiders in agricultural landscape was investigated by pitfall traps in suburb of Qianjiang city ,Hubei Province from June to October, 1995. The results indicate that 5 landscape elements have significant role in preservation of carabids and spiders.
    Italso discusses the pitfall in residual velocity analysis and realizes the function of along--layer fixed--point real--time interactive establishment of velocity distributionmodel.
    探讨了剩余速度分析中的陷阱; 实现了沿层定点实时交互建立速度分布模型的功能。
    It can efficiently differentiate lithology from gas-bearing reservoir in high-impedance horizon and avoid pitfall in seismic lithologic interpretation by introducing AVO analysis method and using AVO-characterized response formed by Poisson's ratio difference of different lithology.
    引入 AVO分析方法后 ,利用不同岩性泊松比差异所形成的 AVO特征响应 ,可以有效地区分地震高阻抗层的岩性及含气性 ,避免了地震岩性解释上的陷阱
    Taking as the main subject the pitfall effect on resources superiority and transform model of resource based economy as the main subject, firstly, the article discusses the economics characteristics of resource type economy, analyses economy crux of resource type region and the essence of resource based economy. Secondly, it goes further into the two basic models on transform development of resource based economy;
    本文以资源优势陷阱效应以及资源型经济转型模式为研究主题。 首先讨论了资源型产业的经济学特征 ,剖析了资源型区域的经济症结及区域发展隐患 ,揭示了资源优势的陷阱效应和资源型经济的本质。
    (2) There may be a pitfall of marginal cost increased by degrees on the field of periphery functions of the government, and it is a rational choice for the government to transfer the periphery function to NGOs.
    Third, we should strengthen the consciousness of cost, avoid government pitfall.
    In the aspect of the external reasons, because of the strong outer dependence of the Latin American economy, the worsened international economic environment frustrated the export of the Latin American countries. Therefore, they had to make up for the former loan by borrowing new loan, and fell into the loan pitfall.


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