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    From May to October 2000, the carabid beetles in the habitats of woodland, field margin and crop field in Dongbeiwang agroecosystem in Beijing were investigated by pitfall traps, and the temporal and spatial structure of carabid community was analyzed.
    20 0 0年 5~ 10月在北京海淀区东北旺实验基地 ,采用陷阱法对林地、农田边界和农田 3类生境共 14个处理的步甲进行了取样 ,并在此基础上分析了不同生境和不同季节步甲科昆虫群落的动态分布特征 .
    The analysis shows that public companies can design some cash stream pitfall throgh controlling dealing metters and using related trade.
    案例分析研究表明 :如果上市公司通过控制交易事项或是利用关联交易 ,则可以设计一些现金流陷阱
    In 1996 and 1997, a carabid community and its fluctuation were studied by the pitfall method in the salinity transforming area in Quzhou County, Hebei Province, China.
    This paper finds an inevitable set of solutions for the pitfall configuration use combination of color-chain in quantity and position, therefby it makes up the defect of Kempe Proof.
    Spiders in cotton fields of Hebei, Yongnian were studied with pitfall traps between November December, 1994. 8 species, which belong to 8 genera of 5 families, were found in research fields.
    利用陷阱法在 1 994年 1 0月到 1 1月间对河北省永年县棉田的蜘蛛进行了调查。 共采集到 8种蜘蛛 ,隶属于 5科 8属。
    This paper puts forward from a lesson paid for with failure by "Juren" Group: only by carrying on the effective operation acconding to their own condition combined with the external environment can enterprises avoid the pluralized "pitfall", thus achieving the desired goal.
    从“巨人”集团的失败教训中提出 :企业只有根据自身的条件结合外部环境的状况进行有效的运作 ,才可以避开多元化的“陷阱” ,达到预期目的。
    The west’s long-term dependence on the natural resource makes the west’s economy development sink into the natural resource comparative superiority pitfall so that the west’s economy falls behind the east of China. This will reduce the rate of the whole economy system development after China enters WTO.
    The thesis tries getting rid of the natural resource comparative superiority pitfall by reconstructing the value concept in order to raise the economy development rate and realize the coordinate economy development between the west and the east.
    motorius. In the study, pitfall trapping method was used to compare attractive efficiency of 4 baits(candy, fish, meat and seed of C. motorius)and 2 no bait controls (water and 3% formaldehyde + water) to the ants.
    This essay is on a P2P software monitoring model based upon catalogue service which can supervise the catalogue service through such technique as database replication and Obscure matching based on multi-,and as a result we can ,on one hand, position the publisher of harmful file and take certain measures to prevent the spread of dangerous file, and on the other hand we can also position the extractor of these files through setting pitfall and network monitoring and thus take corresponding measures.
    文章提出了一种基于目录服务器的P2P软件监管模型,通过数据库复制、多关键字模糊匹配等技术实现对目录服务器的监控,从而对有害文件的发布者进行定位并采取相关措施,防止有害文件的传播; 通过设置陷阱和网络监听技术对有害文件的提取者进行定位并采取相关措施。
    wheat/corn-cotton,alfalfa-cotton,and cottoncotton ecotones. It showed that:(1) There were significant differences among averaged number of species and averaged number of individuals per pitfall trap during the whole survey period. There were 13.3 species in average in cotton field adjacent to wheat/corn field,which was more abundant than that in cotton field adjacent to alfalfa(10.4 species) or cotton field(11.7 species).
    Spiders were investigated Using "pitfall" in the apple orchard, peach orchard and their field margin, and were identified 8 families, 19 species initiatively in the district. The dominant families were Lycosidae, Philodromidae, Thomisidae and Gnaphosidae.
    Although three type of evaluation method such active mound,baiting and pitfall trapping were available,the hot dog baits was recommended to be used in efficacy evaluation and occurrence monitoring and pitfall trap was suitable to data collection of ant community.
    The spatial distribntion patterns of the spider community in a cotton field were surveyed by pitfall traps and analyzed by five aggregated indices,power law of Taylor and regressive relation by M*_test.
    Spiders were investigated Using "pitfall" in the peach orchard and its two margins in Laiyang hilly area,and were identified 9 families,21 species initiatively. The dominant families were Lycosidae,Philodromidae,Thomisidae,Gnaphosidae.
    用陷阱法对莱阳丘陵区的桃园及其两条边界定点调查,初步鉴定该区游猎性蜘蛛群落有9科21种,其中主要成分依次是狼蛛科(Lycosidae)、逍遥蛛科(Ph ilodrom idae)、蟹蛛科(Thom isidae)和平腹蛛科(Gnaphosidae)。
    Spiders were investigated using pitfall method in the apple orchard margin,and were identified into 8 families,18 species initiatively in the area. The dominant families were Lycosidae,Gnaphosidae,Philodromidae and Thomisidae.
    Spiders were investigated initially in every habitat Using pitfall and eye survey in the hilly land,and the result showed,Pardosa astrigera C. L. Koch (Lycosidae;Pardosa) mainly acted at filed margin,irrigation canals,macadam road and slope before the end of the May and its numbers was more than that in the orchard at the time.
    用陷阱法和目测法对丘陵区各个栖境的星豹蛛Pardosa astrigera C.L.Koch(Ly- cosidae:Pardosa C.L.Koch)做了初步调查研究,结果表明,星豹蛛5月下旬前主要在边界、沟渠、碎石路和斜坡处活动,而苹果园中相对较少。
    By means of pitfall traps and qua-drat,the spider community in barley-field,which were near the Shahu lake in Wuhan City,were investigated from November in 1998 to May in 1999 and from November in 1999 to May in 2000. The results showed that the spider communities from 1998 to 1999 were composed by 44 species of 11 families,but from 1999 to 2000 they were composed by 59 species of 14 families.
    分别于1998年11月到1999年5月和1999年11月到2000年5月间,在位于武汉市武昌区的沙湖边,使用样方和陷阱法系统采样,研究了裸粒大麦田的蜘蛛群落结构。 研究结果显示,1998~1999年麦田蜘蛛群落由11科44种蜘蛛组成,1999~2000年麦田蜘蛛群落由14科59种蜘蛛组成;


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