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    Investigation on Surface Trapping Effects of GaN-Based HEMT
    Mutant Library Construction by Using of Promoter Trapping in Magnaporthe Grisea
    利用启动子陷阱技术(Promoter trapping)构建稻瘟病菌(Magnaporthe grisea)突变体库
    1. New promoter trapping vectors pEGFP-HPH and pCB1003-EGFP have been constructed which possess the marker hygromycin gene and a promoterless eGFP gene;
    The density of interfa-cial states depends upon the hole trapping process. In the range of 1×10~(10)to 5×10~(11)cm~(-2)·eV~(-1),the midgap density of interfacial states is proportional to the density of holestrapped Interfacial states introduced by irradiation cannot be annihilated by injectingelectrons.
    辐照引进的界面态和空穴被陷阱俘获有关,在1×10~(10)~5 × 10~(11)cm~(-2)·eV~(-1)范围,禁带中央界面态密度正比于被俘获空穴的密度. 辐照产生的界面态不能由电子注入加以消除.
    The behavior of the trapping centers in B~+,P~+,As~+ implanted SiO_2 layers of MOSstructure has been studied after high temperature annealing.
    The predominance of hole trapping was affirmed by 662keV137Cs γ -ray scanning on the detector.
    Ba-sed on the assumption of the exponential distribution of the gap state density,we obtained the characteristic temperature T_t,the trapping parameterNt (both discribing the gap state property),and finally the gap state density N(E)from the non-linear I-V curve,The value of N(E_F)obtained inthis way is about 2x1O~(15)/cm~3,ev.
    按隙态的指数分布由超线性 I~V 曲线确定出描述隙态的特征温度 Tt 和陷阱参量 Nt 从而测得 N(E),我们得到 N(E_F)约为2×10~(15)/Cm~3·ev.
    The low frequency noise of Hg_(1-x)Cd_xTe(x=0.27) photoconductors which has 1/f spectrum, is presented. The values of S_v/V~2 of various samples are found to vary with the applied electrical field. These results show that the noise is due to the trapping effect.
    The electron trapping at high-field and detrapping in thin thermally nitrided silicon oxide (SiO_xN_y) films are studied in the present work.
    The effect of electric field modulation on OCRS (Oxide current Relaxation Spectroscopy)has been studied based on single trap charge trapping model.
    本文用单陷阱电荷俘获模型研究了电场调制效应对氧化层电流弛豫谱(Oxide CurtentRelaxation Spectroscopy)——简称 OCRS的影响.
    It is possible to get 29% efficiency by reducing wafer thickness and employing light trapping technology.
    The trapping energy of dislocation caculated from difference in the trap parameter between bainite and sorbitic is 28. 1KJ/mol.
    A new dielectric loss peak was found near by 2MHz at room temperature for the sample in the absence of Bi2O3, the corresponding electron trapping level was about 0.18 eV, it was considered that the loss peak resulted from intrinsicdefect Zni .
    Trapping effects of the compensated shallow level dopants(P,As,Sb)in strained p Si 1-x Ge x layers at low temperatures are studied.
    Charge trapping in the tunnel oxide is an intrinsic failure mechanism associated with E 2PROM.
    The doping of 4- could increase the photographic sensitivity of the silver halide emulsion indicating that it was a shallow electron trapping dopant. When the doping amount was between 3.1×10-1—3.1×10-9 mol/g emulsion,wherever the dopant could be doped in any region of the grain the photographic sensitivity of the silver halide emulsion increased.
    Narrow band gap heterocycles and aromatic rings, such as benzothiadiazole, benzoselenadi~azole, 4,7 dithien 2 yl 2,1,3 benzothiadiazole, thiophenes and anthracene in less than 50% of molar ratio in the copolymer were incorporated as a trapping center.
    与咔唑共聚的窄能隙单体 ,如蒽 (ANT)、噻吩 (Th)、2 ,1,3 苯并噻二唑 (BTDZ)、2 ,1,3 苯并硒二唑 (BseDZ)和 4,7 二噻吩 2 ,1,3 苯并噻二唑 (DBT)在聚合物中含量小于 5 0 %时成为陷阱中心 .
    An experiment was designed to investigate the effects of the surface trapping processon the sheet resistance of the AlGaN/GaN film.


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