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frequency scanning
    Characteristics of Frequency Scanning in the CW Ring Dye Laser
    The frequency scanning range of the cw ring dire laser has the maximum value △λ_(s max) and the minimum value △λ_(s min).
    连续波环形染料激光器的频率扫描范围存在着最大值△λ_s max和最小值△λ_s min。
    (2)Prototype struclural test was carried out on the large scale shaking table. Natural vibration behavior and damping ratio of the structure were obtained with frequency scanning and parameter identification.
    (2) 在大型振动台上进行原型结构试验,通过频率扫描得到结构的自振特性,同时通过物理参数识别求出结构阻尼比。
    It demonstrates the general project of vehicles mutual moving-state detection and control system, which use a frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar with the antenna replaced by a frequency scanning array as the basis of detecting sensor.
    The PLL part, made of PD, Loop Filter, Voltage Control Oscillator, is the key circuit of the system to produce steady and continuous frequency scanning signal.
    The system is controlled by a computer which the singlechip is connected with basing on ISA bus interface, and consists of wafer measurement and separation. The frequency measurement system adopts pi-network most transmission method to measure the electrical parameters of the quartz crystals, such as the frequency, the energy and clutter, moreover, it applies direct digital synthesizer(DDS) to produce the wishing frequency scanning signal and stimulate π network, so as to get the resonate frequency, autoeciousness frequency, activity and so on;
    In chapter3, construct the basic system of weak signal detection, and this base bring forward the approaches that use an array of chaotic oscillators to realize frequency scanning. And consummate this detection theory.
    A new method, MPR frequency scanning technique, is used to characterize the film-on-substrate system. The numerical multiparameter estimation is performed using the frequency response of MPR signals.
    Q scan,a qualita- tive analysis method,is analogous to velocity scanning or frequency scanning.
    The DOA -finding system dealed with in this paper requires that the localoscillator has high frequency scanning speed and low phase noise .
    Conduction oscillatory frequency scanning(OFS)on systems obtained under different peptizing rate,the results show that there is conspicuous difference under lower frequency and no difference under higher frequency.
    This paper introduces a PLL frequency synthesizer BU2614 combined with a special radio module CAX1019S and a MCU AT89C51, which can realize the FM tuner. The tuner can realize multiple functions, such as automatic frequency scanning, locking, and displaying etc.
    介绍了一种锁相频率合成器 BU2 615 ,结合专用收音模块 CXA10 19S、单片机 AT89C5 1能实现 FM调谐器 ,该调谐器能实现频率扫描、锁定和显示等功能。
    This paper elaborated the measuring system based on ISA bus interface, using the method of π network to measure the electrical parameters of quartz crystal wafer and direct digital synthesizer(DDS) to produce the wishing frequency scanning signal and stimulate π network We can get the resonate frequency,activity,clutter and so on;
    阐述了基于 ISA总线接口的测量系统 ,采用 π网络法测量石英晶片的电参数 ,使用直接数字频率合成器( DDS)生成期望的频率扫描信号并激励 π网络的方法 ,获得石英晶片的谐振频率、活力、杂波数等电参数 ;
    First, the theory of wavelet neural network was introduced. Based on neural network learning method of BP algorithm, the wavelet neural network was applied into alternating current magnetic filed non-destructive testing system based on frequency scanning technology. The useful data of fkws were compressed by abstracting relevant weight factor and the scaling parameter that is forming wavelet base, as well as associated translation parameter.
    Frequency scanning in the subsynchronous frequency range is performed to calculate the subsynchronous electrical damping characteristics of the unit under subsynchronous frequency, thus the influences of various excitation systems, in which PSS is not equipped or PSSs with different input signals are equipped, on electrical damping characteristics of unit are analyzed, and the effects of parameters of PSS on electrical damping are also researched.
    通过频率扫描计算发电机组在次同步频率下的电气阻尼特性曲线,从而对各种励磁系统在无PSS以及装设不同输入信号的PSS情况下对电气阻尼特性的影响进行了分析; 并分析了PSS参数对电气阻尼特性的影响。
    It is a property for practical application as a frequency scanning antenna since it ensures a stable radiation pattern with little distortions while beam is being scanned.


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