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    Influence of The Weir Height on the Hydraulic Characteristics of the WES Weir
    The experiments are carried out with wave height ranging from 10cm to 20cm, wave peak period ranging from 1. 0s to 2. 0s and the relative clearance of the model ranging from 0.1 to 0. 4. The properties of the time series of the wave impact pressures on different shore connecting conditions are investigated.
    入射波靶谱为Jonswap谱,入射波H1/3分别为10、15和20cm,谱蜂周期Tp分别为1.0s、1. 2s、1.5s和2.0s,码头面板模型距离静水面的距离s和入射波H1/3的比值s/H1/3分别为0. 1、0.2、0.3和0.4。
    Based on the Boussinesq module in MIKE21 software system, distorted models of different distortion ratio under the main condition of refraction or diffraction are established and the numerical simulation of wave height distribution in the harbours of different distortion ratio models are done by the similitude relationship of the wave movement.
    Two Methods for Determining the Orthometric Height with High Accuracy
    Comparison of three commonly used methods for calculation of design wave height
    Wave height collection and test system in hydrulic model ship navigation and its application
    Measurement and Analysis of Ionospheric Virtual Height With High Precision
    Similarly, it could be concluded that parametric model and probabilistic model have been used for studying breaker energy loss of irregular waves on the basis of detailed analysis of the existing achievements concerning wave height distribution, wave breaking probability and wave spectra transformation of irregular waves in surf zone.
    在不规则波方面,将已有的研究不规则波破碎模型分为两类:参数法和概率法。 本论文详细归纳了已有的不规则波破碎带内波分布、破碎概率及波浪谱在破碎带内的变形的研究成果,通过物理模型试验分析,给出参数法中所需要的破碎带波分布和破碎概率。
    In the dissertation, the changing law of wave height before and after the breakwater and the pore pressure in it are discussed, also the details of the velocity of the whole flow field are described.
    The results of the statistical analysis of data on tweeks from December 1975 to August 1978 at Beijing (Geomag. Lat. 29°N) are summarized as follows: (1) virtual height is about 85 km during the day, and 100 km during the night;
    The limits of free disch- arge for the five cases can be expressed as follows: 1.For a two dimensional weir,P/H≥2/3~(1/2)-1≈0.15 where P is the height of the weir crest,and H is the head on the weir.
    五种堰型的溢流条件如下:1.二元堰顶抬的堰比为 P/H≥2/3~(1/2)-1≈0.15;
    The analysis shows that the probability density of wave surface amplitude basically corresponds tonormal distribution and that of mean wave height approximates Rayleigh distribution.
    The parametric studies have been carried out at a range of ratios of wave height in front of paddle to water depth Ho/d from 0. 1 to 0. 3, with water depth/wave length ratio d/L from 0. 124 to 0. 219. Wave height, wave pressure distributions along the channel and velocity fields are obtained for both absorbing wave maker and conventional wave maker.
    In addition, according to the intense correlation of the Bouguer with height and four kinds of formulas, the gravity value at the top of Zhumulangma peak is estimated to be 976980×10 -5 m·s 2 with mean error 6.5×10 5 m·s 2 . The result can provide the necessary data for determining precisely the geoid and orthometric height of Zhumlangma peak.
    其次,根据Δgf与程相关性极强(关联度达0.96~0.97)的特点与4种有关的公式,有效地推估了珠峰顶上的重力值,该值为976980×10-5m·s-2,其平均误差为±6×10-5m·s-2。 这一结果可为精确确定珠峰的大地水准面和正提供必要的数据。
    The Dachaoshan hydropower project has adopted the flaring pier stepped dam face and bucket combined energy dissipator in its design, and the prototype observation of overflowing hydraulics under the design water level was carried out in June, 2002. The streamwise pressure, bottom flow velocity and aeration over the 4 steps along the stepped dam face were measured, and the data on operations under a dam height of over 100m and a per unit width discharge of 165m3/s were obtained.
    This article analyses the average height of wave, the energy of wave, and their changeable rules with Froude, distance and frequency.
    The conclusions are: 1) Models of wind-wave height (H) versus wind speed (v) , wind fetch length ( F) and water depth (d) are different in the littoral zone and in pelagic zone,but they could be expressed as where a1-a8 are 0.217456, 1, 0.15 , 0.6, 0.09, 0.6, 1.0,0.0052 in pelagic zone respectively.
    Na centroid height reaches a maximum value in August, which is about 1.4 km higher than the yearly average value (91.2 km);


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